Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just don't know why...I'm so bored today eventhough I got so many things to do. Serba tak kena pun ya juga...mcm takde semangat pun ada. Tu yang tetiba nak ber'blogging'. Anyway, while waiting for the bus to school today, I managed to snap really nice view at the bus stop. I'll upload it later

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My first entry on 09.09.09

09.09.09...19 Ramadhan ...what a beautiful date and day to start my blogging. Suddenly I just don't know what to type here. Of course it's really exciting reading other people blogs..about their life, family, hobby, interest etc. But, when you are the one who have to write your own blog post..hmm kind of blur. What is the reason I start to blog ? Well, becoz of 'kek lapis'. Funny isn't it what is the connection. Well, this past few weeks I craving for this layered cake and definitely I have to surf the internet looking for the recipe. So, I end up surfing from one blog to another blog looking for the simplest recipe as possible. Since then I'm quite addicted to read people's blog and hook up for certain really nice blog, not only because of their cooking but also how they live their life. So, here I am..........with my new world of blogging.

After two days 'ponteng sekolah'(not really...buat kerja kat rumah lah), I went to school quite early today. I waited for 8.40 am bus ...well it seems the earliest time to school during this fasting month. What a record !!! Back to school, mulalah keserabutan melanda. Suddenly I got confuse with the constant value that I should use. Different literature with different value. So, I went to see one of the lecturer. He was really helpful. So, I used ME to evaluate the constant and convert it to suitable unit. Then, my sv asked me about the abstract..he asked me to explain the symbol used in the equation. Alhamdulillah, after this correction he satisfy with my abstract and in fact he said "It's now really good". He..he...previously he said "I THINK it's good but...". Can you spot the difference he..he.

So, engrossed with my ke..I decided to get back at 4.30. I'm waiting and waiting for the bus, it's only showed up 35 minutes later. I was freezing..eventhough it's already spring but it's still cold and combining with the strong wind it made me shivering while hugging my napsack. Once back at home it's already 5.25pm. What a record I managed to cook asam pedas in 15 minutes time..just 4 min b4 break my fasting. Alhamdulillah.....