Saturday, December 7, 2019

You gain some you win some

I shared the surprising wins of my customers
Yup customers...
Not customer
Happy and proud moment
After all the hard work and sacrifies

I got the news that certain people have already got the invitation for the pitching session
How about me and my team?
Does it mean we are not selected?
Or our application is rejected?
A bit dissapointed and down
Coz this is my first application
Finally, this it is?
After we have been waiting since early sept 2019?
If we do not have any project ...
Colleagues look down on us...
People from other unit call us lazy
And do not have any contribution
The top people labelled us as very poor people
But when we tried to apply
This is the result ...
So what else we should do

Last time
when I am all prepared with the materials
Suddenly I was appointed for certain position
That position made my life miserable
And I totally forgotten for the project application

This time
No matter I am not fully ready
I had to get a move
This is part of my job
And as career development
So I really made an effort
Almost gave up
But due to system error I managed to justify and submit my application
Unfortunately the what I heard today
No rizq in this
At least I have tried....
I have to accept whatever happens
And move on
I win some and lose some