Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Aku, durian dan bola

Lately asyiklah craving for durian.
Akhirnya jumpalah tadi.
Awatlah mahalnya...
Durian kampung RM22/kilo
Durian kahwin RM30/kilo.

Teringin punya pasal beli jugalah
Boleh bawa balik kampung
Pilih, kopek sikit and check
Tinjau macam ok
Total RM200

Balik berkobar2
Bila buka habis

Awat rope lembik benyek

Bila rasa
Awat masam

Patutlah peniaga tu kalut2 tutup semula durian tu
Dear abang dan kakak penjual
Korang rasa berkatkah jual buah begitu?
Dahlah mahal....
Jadi darah daging tuh

Oklah...jomlah kita tengok bola
Harap Malaysia menang menentang Thailand

Jika durian raja segala buah
Bola sepak khabarnya raja segala games

🎢🎢Ayuh Malaysiaku...
Hari ini...kita mesti Menang🎡🎡
Thanabalan, Jafri and team

Shafawi ekau jangan tamak ya
Adib be careful...jangan main ganas
Adam keep up your good defence
Eh...goal keeper and jafri acik suko nengok ko
Acik???? Kakaklah πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Update 10.30pm
Alahai...bolos sudah.
6 minutes left 😭😭😭

Biarkan sahaja

During weekend last 2 weeks I dah pesan pada NewOne, perlu pastikan kumpulan customer yg mana untuk package review  Logiknya yg lama. Tapi tak peduli. Khabarnya boss dah pilih siapa colleague yg terlibat untuk review. Logiknya mestilah yg pernah handle that customers group. Pun dah diingatkan.

 Tadi mereka ada meeting.
Tapi kenapakah colleague yg tak pernah handle that customers dilibatkan juga.
I just wonder why
- they did not take into account of my reminder.
- they did not involve me by considering my previous post.

I am really concern about this because any issue may cause the disapproval of the package. I love my unit...I do not want anything happen in the future that may affect both my unit and our customers.

Just let it be...
If they need my help they will ask for it
If anything happen ...it is not my responsibility anymore.
I have reminded them  several times.
However I am a bit regret...I should not said to colleague and staff that I am particular person.
It seems that I am trying to compare myself to NewOne and the boss.
So I should shut my mouth, eyes and ears.
Do not ever compare myself with others.
Our working styles definitely different.


Sunday, August 27, 2017

The melting cheese

Malam tadi siapa yang bertarung depan TV??
Huish...debarannya when watching football game..
Bukan hanya berdebar
Melihat pemain lawan yg cekap curi bola
Malah sakit hati
Melihat pemain lawan yg kasar
Dengan referee yg baik hati
Atau mungkin tertinggal kad seperti yg kecoh diperkatakan di laman sosial πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Thank you Thanabalan and team
Alhamdulillah Malaysia win this game..
Not just any game
Hopefully this can shut the rude and arrogant Indonesian mouths.
I used to stay with Indonesians in the same house or to share the same office while I was studying in land down under. Even some time we got different opinion but they did not act as whatever we  often see in the social media.

Enough about that....
Well suddenly I was craving for tomato and cheese toast for brekky this morning....

Can you see the melting cheese?

Blueberries are not my favourite fruit.
But I have been craving for it for nearly 2 weeks.
I wish I can add them in my overnite oat...

Tapi semalam tamak
Semua nak beli πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Due to watching NONA@TV3,  I have been craving for fresh fig as well.....Alhamdulillah my craving was fulfilled last nite

When my prayer is answered

On friday morning I sent the notice of action to the management office.
Unfortunately the officer did not read the letter properly
Anyway she told me again that the second party accused her of trying to theatened him yesterday. He used to be the big boss...He did not want to pay anything. But what about the cost that I have to bare for example the fuel to come back and forth there? She added in that she told him whatever happened not only become a financial loss to me but it will affect his property as well. The management will make the inspection and if relevant they will bear the costs. It seems her words made sense to the second party. The second party told her that they can made the inspection when his tenant his available. Currently he is at the main office. But refused to give his phone number. I smell something fishy. I know that based on his workplace he suppose to be around here not at the main office. Anyway, they have to tell me earlier for any arrangement since I have work commitment as well. Luckily this place is just around 5 minutes from my workplace.

Anyway the officer and the maintenance worker made inspection to my property. Definitely the source of  the damage came from the second party's property. The officer went to second party properties...Guess what? the tenant is there. But he is not the one who pay the rent. As what I suspected earlier they are working around here.

However suddenly the officer said that all these supposed to be settled by me and the second party. 😠😠😠.  They cant do anything. The officer said normally it is easy to negotiate and be settled. But yeap....except this second party πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. I should find someone to negotiate with him. Hello...please  read my notice...the management should take action as well. The maintenance worker claimed that he can repair the damage from my property. Hello...it is only temporary solution. After all Why should I bare the cost which not came from my property? He said the damage is not that bad compared to other property where there was water dripping...Hello...you are the maintenance worker...dont you know that in the long run the condition will getting worse????

The officer kept on saying they cant do anything. I kept on reminding her to read my notice. If no one wants to cooperate then I will forward this issue to COB, tribunal and final one to court. You see I dont want to make it difficult but if people kept on could not be bothered then I should take further action. You see I am totally alone to face and fight all these. We are Malay, we are Muslim...how can people treat me like this. The second party is a senior citizen...how he can he treat someone daughter like this? does he believe in kifarah? Anyway Alhamdulillah the officer will contact the second party again.

Around 5.15pm I got a phone call from a lady. She said that her husband wants to talk with me. He asked whether the his tenant has came to made the inspection or not. Definitely not. To my surprise he said that he will bear the costs.

Then, the management contact me to come to office right away since the tenant is there to inspect the damage. But at that moment I was having discussion with my customer. Luckily they agree to wait for 20 mins.

So...finally he made the inspection.
Guess what......
this issue is something to do with his line of work
What a bless....
Alhamdulillah...he definitely the right person to make the inspection.
What is the verdict???
Actually the damage came from two source...
## from the second party's property
## the outside source
Therefore he gonna talk with both related party
## the second party
## the manager
Hopefully they can repair all damages ASAP
He claimed that the damage from the second party's property can be done within a week. Luckily he is staying there.

Allah listened to my dua
Allah answered my dua
I am so grateful....

I learnt something from this
#Keep making effort
#Keep making dua
#If you cant pray then do zikr
Ya AZIZ ya JABBAR ya Mutakabbir
My friend added in ...
Dont ever forget ...the power of sincere intention

That nite...I did the 20 episodes marathon of  moon embracing the sun...
But not the complete episode...
Just skip here and there...

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fighting πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Hari ini hari yang macam2

Terlewat 40 minit untuk bertemu customers
Bebelan juga untuk mereka
Or should I say amukan πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Then, kalut isi laporan customer
Printscreen, copy, crop, copy paste
But why it did not turn out as I want it to be

this stressful was cheer up by my early birthday present 😍😍😍

Pi pejabat pos
nak simpankan duit raya my nephew
Tapi tak beroperasi pulak

Pi jenguk satu tempat
Nilah akibat apabila orang tak nak beri kerjasama
Jenguk mailbox
Bil banyak tak dibayar
Ada bil lebih RM500
Kenapalah tak inform
Kenapalah tak bayar
Mentang2 bukan ko punya

Pi management office
bayar certain bills
Buat aduan
Lawak pulak bila staf tu yg bebel and hangin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Balik rumah
Rehat dan rehat
Sea games 2017 jugak

3.30 pm
Suppose appointment with customer
Tapi tak muncul
I did not want to waste any time
So I made a phone call to the goverment officer regarding my problem with the related party from hell and got the infos on what to do
Then I surfed the internet and preparing a notice of action
Customer kata nak datang 4.15pm
Pun tak muncul juga.
Akhirnya sampai after 4.30pm
Maka...menunggulah dikau
Aku nak siapkan suratku

Tiba2 my colleague complained that there was a change in her work
Pulak dah siapa yg ubah 😠😠😠
Hmm...what can I do?
I am not eligible to do anything anymore
Except giving suggestion to whom she suppose to refer to.
And as expected that person contacted me to get the clear picture πŸ˜….
What a relief when he willing to solve that problem

After 5.15pm
The officer from the management office contacted me
She told me that the so call related party from hell...
As expected he did not want to co-operate
He even accused her for trying to threaten him
She definitely did not do it
She just explained what are the consequences if he refused to cooperate
Worse..he asked her to deal with his tenant
But he refused to give their contact numbers
She really sound dissapointed
Just imagine what I feel as the affected party

Hello pakcik...
Don't you ever think that this problem can be settled easily and quickly if you gave your co-operation?
Why did you chose to make my life difficult?
The condition getting worse
and it may increase the related cost
Are you going to pay for my loss?
I am not your staff to be boss around
You asked me to do this and that
You asked me to use the proactive channel
And yet you did nothing in return
Are you happy and satisfy treating me like this
Have you ever heard of this....
"Whoever helps ease someone in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and in the Hereafter"
Do you know that you are denying my right?
I became the victim of your selfishness and stingy...
I believe the power of dua'....
"Beware the prayer of the opressed for Allah will respond to it"
I am my mother's daughter
But I am staying alone here
I have to face all these by myself
I guess you are the same age as my mother
I believe you got daughters and granddaughters
Have you ever heard of this

Dont you ever think that whatever you did to me may happen to you and love one as well?

Ok...leave that for a while
Focus for discussion with the customer
She has improved a lot

After 6pm
Back to the internet surfing, studying terms and preparing letter
Ok....SMR2015...regulation 57, 59, 61, 63
New knowledge...
Notice of inspection-COB-Tribunal

I left my office just a minute before maghrib prayer call.....
Then off I went to photocopy the letter
The moment I arrived at the shop, I remembered that I left the photocopies of my IC there last 2 weeks. I have made a phone call to the shop but no one pick up the phone. So, I asked the workers there about it. Unfortunately they said I did not leave anything. Seriously????
So I remind him if someone ever used my IC, I will find them. Then only they claimed that normally they will throw anthing left by the customers.

Next I bought burger n chips for dinner
I planned to buy durian as well
Unfortunately there was no durian stall to be seen

At night
I just want to share
what I have been thru today
and my upset feeling regarding the related party from hell to my friend....
But she talked about sincerity, leaving the bad attitude and cultivating the good attitude
I know she got good intention
To let me be positive and be a better person
But in my condition it just make me even more upset....

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

There is no more talented Malaysian?

What an upsetting and shocking news?
Now I am watching MHI@TV3

The designer for Malaysian athletes outfit during the opening ceremony of KL Sea Games 2017 is Indonesian born and bred????

WASN'T IT BETTER IF the organizer gave this opportunity and chance to the FD students as well such as in UITM?
I am sure that the organizer have been planning for this KLSG2017 for few years...what a surprise if they never came out with this idea???


Please take note...
I am not against the organizer or KLSG2017.
But as MALAYSIAN I have the right to voice out my OPINION and DISSAPOINTMENT.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Solving mystery in the morning...

Good morning Malaysia!!!!
Macamlah satu negara baca my blog kan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pagi ni konon dengan semangat waja
Buat plan things to do
Nak check customers documents...
Saja nak pasang tv to just get sound
And sometimes to let my eyes get a rest

Alih2 sibuk dengan my CSI πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The Julius House:An aurora teagarden mystery
I suka sangat this kind of mystery
Ada ruang tersembunyi etc

Teringat masa kecik2
Suka sangat pinjam buku Siri Salma di library sekolah rendah
Sekolah menengah terjumpa my aunts' novel
Such as by ahadiat akasyah n siri bercakap dengan jin
Semasa matrikulasi baru kenal Mills&Boon
No more mysterylah kan πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Suka juga historical romance
Ada satu my favourite author
Lupa namanya...
Tak kuasa nak selongkar kotak bawah katil πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Baca juga novel by Barbara Cartland
But too slow

Anyway semalam sibuklah berkerastangan
Sebelum tu perlulah rendam tangan and pakai losyen supaya jari jemari lembut πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It was fun doing it
Once a while when we are doing something else out our routine...
Wei boleh bukak kedai tau πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Then I had Dinner with terung kicap and acar telur

Malam tu tontonlah
The colourful and superb
The Opening Ceremony of Sea Games 2017
Tapi pagi ni terkejut bila baca post one of my Fb friendlist
Katanya Sh***est...messiest due to transportation problem...
Syukurlah aku hanya nikmati malam minggu di rumah πŸ˜€.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Siapa punya tugas

Orang lain punya tugas
Kita yg pening

Dulu kita yg pi taklimat
Banyak persoalan
Nak info lama or baru
Second boss pun tak sure

Bila kita hantar emel pasal pakej
Cc pada second boss
Dia reply suruh beri briefing pd NewOne
How la?
Kita pun dah pening
Katanya NewOne yg akan pergi kursus
Tanya pada masa tu

Khamis minggu lepas
Kita pun dah beri sikit briefing pada NewOne
Still kita suruh confirmkan
Nak guna info lama or baru
Terangkan juga isu jika guna yg baru
Bahan2 ada dalam google drive
Boleh juga rujuk contoh dari produk baru

Isnin minggu ni
kita dah email bahan kpd Newone
Info lama dan dokumen dari second boss
Explorelah dan bacalah
Tak tahu tanyalah

Hari rabu...
Kita maklumkan juga kepada staf lain yg terlibat
Pasal ketakpastian dan info yg bakal timbul
Dia pun pernah hadir taklimat dulu
Tapi dia pi tanya orang lama pulak πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Kita terangkan lagi
Nilah akibatnya jika yg dulu2 tak buat
Pihak yg uruskan tak bertindak...
Pelupa atau tak peduli
Sekarang baru kecoh
Yang jadi mangsa I lah yg di tempoh peralihan
Atasan tak sabar nak singkir kita
Tapi nak khidmat kita
Pulak tu the NewOne macam tak kisah
Yelah orang ada masa tertentu je kan nak buat kerja πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Suka hatilah...
Cara masing2...

Mereka pi kursus
Second boss dah senaraikan apa nak buat to them
Malam ni baru them emelkan to me
Baru nak tanya rujuk fail yg mana??? 😠😠😠😠
Habih haritu I buat apa?
Adoila....awatlah tak study lebih awal?
Tanya lebih awal
Tulah benda tak penting n tak urgent didahulukan
Penting sangatkah nak impress kan orang atasan itu
Tapi bebankan orang lain di malam hujung minggu
So I listkan what to do
What are the issue?
Terus terbantut kerja I sendiri
Dok cari dokumen lama
Dok search new requirement (if any) on the internet
confirmkan dulu nak guna yg mana
Nak terus guna yg baru
Bila bertegas...barulah nak pi tanya
Tapi tanya itu je πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‘
Tak tanya pasal isu yg I dok ulang banyak kali
Bila I remindkan lagi
Terus tak reply...
Lantaklah...orang tak peduli
So esok jgn cari I....

Update 9.30am:
Tapi tulah bebel je lebih
Pepagi whatsapp mereka πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Replied their email and gave suggestion.
Marah marah sayang...
Coz i love my unit and organization 😍😍
And i pity my colleagues.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Semalam cari fail...
Bongkar sana sini
Gali situ sinun
Yang dijumpai ini..

Bukanlah begitu keadaannya
Tetapi di dalam beberapa envelopes.
Di dalam kotak...
Baki urusniaga terdahulu bersama customer 😁😁

Di kala dalam purse hanya berbaki RM9πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Kira punya kira
Ada RM212.00
Jom pi tengok Kau Yang Satu πŸ’–πŸ’–

Current addiction

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Jika tidak kita?

Adakalanya niat kita hanya nak membantu
Demi kepentingan organisasi
Jika tidak kita,
siapa nak mulakan?
Siapa nak buat?
Siapa nak menyampaikan luahan ex-customers
Kita pun segan....
Tapi kerana sayang organisasi
Kita buang malu itu

orang lansung tak fikir pasal kita
Singkirkan kita
Menafikan hak kita

orang ingat kita masih menyibuk
Buat tak peduli dengan saranan kita
Jangankan nak menoleh, angkat muka pun tak
Ya...kini kita tidak lagi wujud.
Tak kiralah junior, setara atau senior
Hanya seorang senior yg sengih melihat kekecewaan kita
Maka ku bersuara sekali lagi
Dia jugalah yg akhirnya membantu
Dia yg ke depan ke whiteboard
Tanpa diminta. .
Tqvm kakak....

Pengganti suppose conduct the program and know what to do
Kita hanya bantu sediakan paperwork
Tapi datang lambat, clueless what to do, tak baca bahan, tak tanya officer on certain things
So terpaksalah kita explain lagi
Bila kita keluar sekejap, orang lain mempengaruhi utk ubah something yg tak sepatutnya πŸ˜…
Bila petang tak muncul.
La...ada meeting tapi tak inform
Habih kami nak buat apa???
Terpaksalah kita bersuara
Kerana risau banyak lagi agenda
Tapi orang lain tak layan pulak 😰😰
Katanya dia tak boleh buat macam kita
Buat byk kerja satu masa
Prefer satu-satu....
Ok faham...tapi perlu buat juga jika urgent
Katanya beri dia buat
Kerana dia nak belajar
Jika tak tahu dia akan tanya kita
Ok faham...just do something when he wanna me to do it...
Otherwise just keep quiet
Cakap salah...dia tak suka diajar
Tak cakap salah...nanti tak capai kehendak organisasi...

Bila terserempak boss
kita terus tanya pasal bilangan customer baru
Dan luahan customer lama
Tapi katanya kita masih rindu dengan tugas lama kita πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…....
Adoi....kita nak jadi burung unta πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Terapi air

Good morning...
Now I am watching MHI@TV3.
Fedtri shared one good info just now about WATER THERAPY.
It is very beneficial to drink 4 GLASSES OF WATER in one go after wake up in the morning (before doing anything).
If we practise it FOR 3 MONTHS, with Allah will it may cure/heal various illness.
We will feel the miracle 😍😍😍....

I memang tak larat minum banyak air.
Apatah lagi sekaligus gitu....
Setakat nak masuk dua gelad pun nak muntah...
Tapi I will try πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One happy tummy

After I had meeting with customer this morning off I went to the district council.
Alamak!!! I did not photocopy my ID. Luckily the officer have some consideration and just willingly photocopy it for me πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€. While I was waiting for the officer to settle everything I saw a notice "tiada khidmat fotostat disediakan". How lucky I am when people understood my situation and just helped me without being asked...Alhamdulillah.

Once done, I tolong secret recipe buka kedai πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and got this as upah 😍😍😍

For dinner I had this...

Yummy ....one happy tummy indeed πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

Oklah nak tido...nanti nk bgun awal nk buat kerohe la....

You better don't ask me

Yesterday I took a leave to settle something about my house at the district council...I had these for brekky...

Oh My God...one set was not enough!!!!

Even though I am on leave I still went to see my customers around 11am. Then off I went to photocopy the house documents and only got home around 1.45pm. I had this for lunch

 I suppose to go to the district council around 3pm. But, I was busy writing a blog post πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

Tapi nk berehat pun tak sonang. Kejap the new one whatsapp, kejap my colleague called me. The new one asked what he supposed to do during today's meeting...Hish! Hang tak baca surat or email ka???. So I listed down things to do for him in whatsapp.

Then another collegue contacted me to get certain documents. The new one didnt pick up her call. Funny right...juat few minutes before that he contacted me via whatsapp. Even the clerk made a complaint about him on his first week...didnt pick up her call and not even reply her message regarding urgent matter. Today I saw him at office in the afternoon. Then I called him using his office number...wah...so fast....where did he go. I just made a call to the clerk...you see he is in the office and having discussion with his customer...Why la...it only several second and pick up the call and listen. When he need me, he called me. When I need his help he just ignore me 😰😰😰.

Sometimes I want to help people, but sometimes when people treat me badly it makes me think  a few times...Sometimrs I even feel it just wasting my time. 

You see last two weekend, I have prepared packages for customers. So I asked my colleagues to check. Only two colleagues gave their respond 😠😠. So I asked this new one to instruct the relevant  committee to check and modify the packages whenever appropriate. Yes they have done that...but not proper. So on tuesday I told the new one about my opinion about it. He seems not listen to me and decided to follow the committee decision. So, I have to be firmed and explained clearly...one part of it is contradict with the regulation and another part will burden the customer. 

Last thursday, he told me his decision...you see exactly as what I suggested. But not a single thank you for me...Ambiklah...ambiklahh all the credit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

On friday while I was having lunch, he called me. He seems veey pushy even though I cant hear what he said. Ended up I have to went out of the restaurant. He asked my opinion which colleagues are suitable to do the consultation work. But again ...he didnt really follow my suggestion. 

Not only that he never replied my email regarding certain list of things to do based on senior customer meeting and docs to share with other colleagues. Lantak ko la labu....faham busy...tapi benda penting kot. I am not his secretary pun to remind him. Tapi tulah ended up he will still find and ask me kan...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

So yesterday he didnt reply my message regarding list of things for today meeting. Guess what? He called me while I was rushing to meet my customers this morning. Ok, he did what I told him to do. But he did not read the document properly. Kan dah pening πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. I suggested to him to bring out issue about task sharing with other unit. As expected he refuse to listen. Hish...a challenge to make him see the rational behind it πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. ....

Tommorow we got a program. I prepared the paperwork for that program. Even the materials for that program were mainly prepared by me. Last week I suggested to him that he should conduct that program and I will support and help him. But this week he did not ask me anything. I am really worried what will happen tommorow. I was a bit disappointed this afternoon to know that he discussed about it with the new colleague. Again...after all I what I have done people just ignored me huh....In this case I do not need any appreciation...but at least pls get me involve with it. I have been doing it from the beginning 😭😭😭. And suddenly people just wanna take it away from me just like that without even thinking about me....

Monday, August 14, 2017

Rezeki dikongsi

Hari jumaat lepas, rasa nak makan di luar.
Biasa ok je kalau makan sorang2 di Secret recipe.
Tapi kali ini rasa nak teman borak2....
Ajak kawan yg dah lama tak keluar bersama
Ada plan katanya...
Maka, macam pasrah nak pi sendiri
Tapi bila di main office terjumpa my close friend
Alhamdulillah she wanna join me...
I had thai seafood spageti...

Pic from here

Yummy...it was really to my liking.
The only drawback was the shrimps were obviously came from frozen pack.

I had to work on saturday. Really happy to see our customers happy face and excitement when they got their lunch treat....

And guess what ....bila kita kongsi rezeki dengan orang lain, tiba2 orang lain pula kongsi rezeki bersama kita. Alhamdulillah....the caterer sedekah kari siakap to us...ikan fresh you

Itulah lunch on sunday.

Petang tu teringin sangat nak gorpis...
Ku redah hujan lebat mencarinya 😁😁😁

Ahad kerojenya makan berat, junk food munching tido, tv dan tenet...Ko dah kenapa??? Keroje byk wei...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Calorie in Calorie out

This morning I went for 3.2km walk.
But I ate nasi lemak for brekky

Based on calorie counter...
I burned 150 kcal
But gained 400 kcal 😱😱😱

Hmm how to loose wight πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
The only good thing I feel fresh and light πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Friday, August 11, 2017

avocado and egg for brekky

Well this was my brekky yesterday

Today back to apple and natural yogurt, but without strawberry πŸ˜€.

Harini kena cepat pi office nak tunjuk bahan to colleagues and print for a program tommorow.
Tapi masih dok masih menulis blog πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Semalam pulun updating material for customer evaluation.
Then, listed things to do for the new one.
3.20-4.30 pm, I discusssed the list with him, reminded him of many things and showed him how to use the admin system....
Alhamdulillah...I managed to hand over almost 95% of the task to him...lega.
Habih tu second boss suruh beri briefing to the new one whevener I am available. Tapi apa yg terjadi I pula yg tanya bila nak jumpa, suppose yg baru dtg mengadap yg lama. Ni i yg terhegeh2 tanya n he even expect me to come to his office...new one busy sangat kot πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.
I pun dah malu dok send things related to work in whatsapp group...dah ada new one awat ko nyibuk lagi kan....but orang mana tau what exactly happened.

Once back to office, I got the response from the officer regarding my enquiry email last saturday. Since he and the boss just kept quiet.. so on thursday morning I sent WA message to him asking whether they plan to refuse doing anything about it or giving response....I was grateful that finally he replied my message. Even though he replied stating that he is preparing the official respond, it seems that they just wanna give respond without any further action....Anyway I am still hoping for the best and hope that I got my right....Amin.

I came across a quote yesterday... it is something like...
"Tak perlulah tertekan mencari jalan penyelesaian...solatlah, mengadu kepada Allah"....

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fikir mati

Siapa yang fikir begitu??
Bukan saya....
Memang sekarang jiwa kacau
Memanglah perlu fikir pasal mati

Tapi bukan disebut....
di kala rakan kongsi kegembiraannya
di kala rakan mendoakan kita mendapat yg sama

Tak cukup dengan itu
Perlukah menakutkan rakan yg pastinya gementar dalam gembira
"..harap tiada apa"
"Si polan tu dah dapat apa yg dihajati, tapi bermasalah juga"
di kala mengucap tahniah

Kalau betul fikir mati tak mungkin mengeluarkan kata begitu dan berperangai begitu....
Tak sukakah?
Jika tidak boleh menggembirakan rakan
Janganlah disakiti hatinya
Saya yang hanya mendengar turut sakit hati...


Good morning...
Let us have brekky

Sesiapa yg baca this blog mestilah realise I dok membebel berkeluh kesah pasal kerja. Maafla menyesakkan pemikiran uols je...Eh!tapi ada ke orang baca this boring blog πŸ˜…? Ada rupanya ...terima kasih ya kepada yg baca dan komen.

Actually I love my job. Biasalah membebel bila kerja banyak dan mengejar due date. Bila siap memang happy dan bila hasilnya baik memang berasa puas hati.

Tapi bila pegang post lagilah bertambah kerja selain pening dealing with people with different kind of attitude and behaviour.

Once it ended definitely I happy. Unfortunately it did not end as what it supposed to be and as what we have discussed. Definitely I feel unhappy, upset, unappreciated and all these totally unfair to me after what I have done. The most important thing it may affect the management procedure or may against audit compliance....To make it worse this top people just ignored my email and message regarding this issue since last friday. I called HR department yesterday...you see they still have not received any latest memo from my unit. What does that mean? They plan to totally ignore me?

If they do not want to consider what I have done, then PLEASE SAY SO...So I will try to accept it and move on. DO NOT ignore me. DO NOT give me silent treatment. Not only I feel dissapointed, I feel humiliated too. NOW what is THE MOST IMPORTANT is PLEASE RESPOND. That is why I am still thinking about it. I cant let it go.

Last nite, I sent message to the new one to do my  own investigation. But, he was on the way from outstation. Once he responded he told me that the management was talking behind my back and planned to ignore me. Seriously??? They really have no heart....Luckily it was only a dream πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
You see termimpi-mimpi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Hoping that the dream will not becomes the reality..I am still hoping and praying for the best....

Ok..here is what I gonna do. I will wait till next week. If still there is not update I will talk with the employee association and ask for his opinion...I will fight for my right if there still any opportunity and space to do it....Then, I will stop, accept it and be in hibernation mode.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Left group

On saturday
When the new one is having a rest
When the representative spending her time with her family
I have to check a document
Made my comments
Gave suggestions for further actions
Attached relevant documents for reference
Even searched material from the internet for them

On sunday
I spent the entire afternoon to clear my office
Prepared 2 plan package for customer at night
Both in BM and English version
And guess what was the comment from the second boss?
He wanted me to name people to update the first document.
Why me?

I done so many things for the sake of my unit
But what the new one and representative did?
Take advantage on me?
I have to be firmed
So I listed what I have done
and listed things to do for them
Hope them understand
I may sound unsincere and look very calculative...
But at least I have done my part
And I know that I did not get credit and paid for the things that I did not do....
If people did not treat me badly I am sure that I won't be talk and act ike this....

Today I had my final says with the whatsapp group
To thank and apologise for everything
And hey look who would reply?
The third boss the first who did so
Followed by the second boss
Ok leave it for a while
 I had meeting with customers at 11am
When I checked my messages
The boss did not say anything to me
The same goes to the officer
Not like what he did to the other colleague who are in the same position as me
He added the new one in the group
So why should I stay anymore
People do not need me anymore

Once back in my office
I could not hold my tears
I could not believe that people treated me up to that extend
Denying my right...
Did not reply my email about my right
Did not reply my private message
Not even gave response to my group message
The more I think about it
The more I sobbed
Till  i feel sick
Am I that bad???
Do not deserve anything ?
At least the pm from the boss to thank me for the so call excellent service calmed me a lil bit
But still no response for my right....

But I have to move on...
Tried to ignore it...
No matter how bad people treated me
I still have to do my duty to the best of my ability
Because that is me
Attended a meeting as representative at 2.30pm
Shared the infos with colleagues
Updated and released the third quarter year plan
Hoping for their understanding for the latest changes which are out of my control...
And definitely I left the office as the clock ticking to 7pm.....

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Macam terhegeh-hegeh ...

Due to something happened on 3/08/2017, I feel really upset but at the same time I feel happy because finally it is over. I feel upset because I just knew it from my friend's screen shot and it is not as what we have discussed. After all I have done, finally they treated me like that????

 I can't focus while driving to the hotel by using waze as a guide. Alhamdulillah I safely arrived. At the reception no matter how shocked I am with the hotel rate and beyond my budget...I just checked in because I am too tired to find another hotel and really need a rest to calm me down.

 I can't believe that the relevant officer just ignore my messages...I was really stressed. I called my boss secretary but she didnt pick my call either her office number or private number. So, I called the HR department. Guess what ??? they never got an updated version of the memo. Hmm miscomunication at our unit????

 Then on friday I rushed driving back in the heavy rain to the office to ensure I arrive while it is still office hour. Once I arrived, there was no letter about my status either in pigeon hole or at the clerk.

I went to see the officer and asked what has happened. He said that the new appointment is depend on the admin office. But I said that I have called the HR department and heard their side of stories. They didnt receive the latest memo. If they receive any new memo or by phone message they will definitely discuss with their senior officer.

 I just uttered everything that I wanna say. I feel ashamed with everyone..how I gonna hide my face because for certain period of time I just asked them to do many things even though I am nobody due that email. That email was not proper as well. There even friend texted me to know what exactly happened.

 I just could not hold my tears. I know it is not profesional but I have been keeping it for two days....

He seems shocked and guilty. He even asked what can he do the clear the damage? He offered to send email to everyone and explain something. But that was not exactly happened that I have to remind him everything. I am the one who played the role, who took the iniatitive by contacting the HR previously and suggested somebody else to take over my task.

 But unfortunately what has happened really humiliatwd me and I feel ..persecuted. I really sincere to help them and do not expect any payment but at least give me some consideration on what I have done for the past 3 weeks...went home late, didnt go out at all during weekend to make plan etc...Is it fair for me? And not only that someone got all the credit and payment even though he didnt do anything.

 He suggested to write an internal memo regarding my status. I just be firmed and rejected his suggestion. I asked for the memo from the administrative office. When he asked about the date and period...then only I knew that he didnt do anything about me even though we have discussed via whatsapp or phone. Tak faham ropenyer or sengaja tak nak buat.

 And today I sent an email to him and my boss regarding this issue and hoping for their consideration for many reason especially when it come to management procedure. This time around I ensure there is black and white and make sure they do understand my intention with clear explanation.

But the drawback now it seems that I am bad, demanding and be calculative. Once I sent the email to them, I sent whatsapp message to the boss as well to remind him about the emel. Guess what! He didnt reply my message 😭😭😭....Definitely I feel ashamed, humiliated, dissapointed and sad....macam terhegeh-hegeh dan hadap sangat dgn the position. Well..if they just ignoring me and denying my right now...so please remember the hereafter.

I will try to practise what DI did...to be grateful in advanced.
I feel grateful for the boss and the officer read my email, understood my situation and make neccessary actions
 I feel grateful for getting the memo regarding my status as what it supposed to be from the administrative office this week.
I feel grateful that I can clear my name.

 I have done everything that I could to fight for my right and to avoid any issue in the future. At least I have no regret for trying. If thing still happened not as what I expected than I have to be strong, accept it, let it go and move on.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Terkilan dalam Gembira

Begitulah my feeling since this afternoon.
Kejap pasrah, kejap sedih
Kejap lega, kejap tak puas hati
Bila hak saya dinafikan....
Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama dan ganjaran
Maka jika benar ia berlaku...
Menjawablah dikemudian hari

For therapy kita shopping

Dan enjoy the sexy bathroom

and cooling and calming down soaking in the bath tub....

Percaya dan tast tu biar berpada-pada

Siapa ikut kdrama Queen of seven days?
Mesti dah naik menyampah with Lady Shin.

Masa dia kecik tiba2 dia tak mengaku, akibatnya si prince kena singkir kot.
Bila prince kembali, dia pi beritahu king yg memang nak prince mati.
Dah tau king tu kejam, tetap percaya dengan si King. Tapi degil tak ikut kata prince.
Terbaru...bila ada pemberontakan untuk guling kuasa king yg kejam, si prince suruh dia pi selamatkan parentsnya. Tapi dia pi ikut king bersiar waktu malam..
Parentsnya pun tak bertempat taat, dah orang tak benarkan keluar rumah, tetap nsk keluar jumpa king. Kan dah kena bunuh.
Akhirnya Prince jadi King, the old King kena desposed.
Lady Shin jadilah Queen.
Tapi dalam latest spoiler dia nak bunuh her husband the new king coz the death of her parents.
Tak cukup dengan itu dia pi lepaskan the old King.
Hmm...taat ke bebal πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

Yang aku sibuk bebel dah kenapa?
Tidurlah awal.
Esok nak out station 😁😁😁.
Tadi dah pulun clearkan yg serabut at master bedroom and guest room.
Then packing for tomorow.
Cuma belum susun stuff in working bag.
Alamak! I have yet to book the hotel.
Minyak tak sempat isi tadi.
Master card Bank Islam belum set pin
Visa card belum activate.
Kereta pun tak bersihkan and check.
Semoga semua urusan dipermudahkan dan dilancarkan perjalanan.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Penghujung yang serabut

Bila hampir ke penghujung ni, macam2 pula yg perlu dibuat dan banyak yg tak siap lagi sama ada tak larat atau kerja baru datang tiba-tiba. Bilalah surat yg ditunggu nak tiba???

Pagi tadi terlibat with award nomination. Penat je haritu pening kepala buat penapisan dan pemilihan peringkat unit. Rupa-rupanya sistem boleh kira πŸ˜…. Anyway, I am quite happy since most of the top candidates come from our unit. Harap adalah peluang for the next stage.

Then baiki pakej for customer both in BM and English. Thing happened for a reason. Eloklah I tak buat lagi last week. Alih2 semalam ada new changes 😰. Fenin nak buat...byk mengelirukan. Second boss tiada, so minta tolong his assistsnt to make enquiry. Tengah serabut tu, my friend called. So off I went to pick up her, had lunch together, sent her home and meet her family even though I got piles of work .....

Balik sambung keroje tadi. Siap sepsruh...Panggil the new staff to check the package in case something missing or calculated wrongly. Macam biasa...she sometimes seems lost πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

Minta tolong juga the coordinator to make the year end plan so that I can check it tonite. Pulak tu we got new email from the officer...tambah keroje lagi. Cepat2 check calendar...hah kenalah buat mesyuarat segera and cari pihak luar 😭😭😭

Tu tak masuk nak booking space, booking hotel and plan for outstation ..

Balik...kita makan dulu...

So sat gi pulun ya
Kalau tak tidurlah