Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Tumpuan ...

Hish banyaklah kisah with animals
Ada lipan dan cicak koben hutan

Dulu juga...
Ada yg nampak si belang dan si kumbang

Then burung pula...
Tak kisahlah burung bersarang di tingkap
Burung putus kepala kena kipas
Burung bawah katil
Burung dalam washing machine
2 tahun lepas kelawar di porch
Eh! Ada lagi ...burung melekap di bonet

Cicak hutan ikut pi kerja dan balik kg pun ada gak 😱😅😂...

Kucing pun macam2...
Kucing beranak di backyard
Kuving beranak di porch
Kucing mati berulat
Kucing kencing, berak dan muntah di porch
Kucing rosakkan pokok bunga
Kucing makan pegaga
Kucing ajaib menyelinap masuk dan jatuhkan barang dan koyakkan langsir
Anak kucing balik lemari mencakar di malam hari termasuk semut, lipas dan cicak eh...
Terbaru yg ini 😱😱😱😰

The actual size is bigger

Tulah kisah haru pagi Selasa
Yg dah lewat pi ofis lagilah lewat 😰
Sampai office macam haywire
Then off I went for lunch at the cafe with colleague
Sometime it is good to spent time with other people during lunch break instead of eating alone in office and too focus on work

Then a colleague need help in decoration
We spent one hour to complete a set of it
Later off I went to the clinic, withdraw money, bought long thumb tack for deco and jajan in the rain 😰...

I got 5.30pm appointment
Doesn't matter if I have to repeat everything
But next time please come together with others
Yup..many things to do ...
A report is not useful without a product

I only went home after done with my maghrib prayer...

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sick: allergic lagi ...

Gara2 makanan dan degil tak kawal makan...
Hah! Hadaplah kan...

Hari Rabu ...
pi makan gulai ayam+sambal bilis for lunch
and laksa +karipap sambal for dinner
Malam tu dah siap2 makan adezio
So pagi khamis oklah sikit

Tapi pi makan mee goreng+sambal for lunch
and nasi arab for dinner
Malam tu dah ambil ubat lain
Tak berani nk ambil adezio

Pagi Jumaat as expected rashes on certain parts of my lips and around mouth 😅 ...
Lepas tu tak sedar diri pi makan daging for lunch
And satay for dinner

Pagi sabtu pulak
Pi makan mee kari yg dibeli on Tuesday for brekky and dinner
Maka makin teruklah allergicnya
Udah dagu pun kena gak...

Hari Ahad
Makan telur hancur pedas for lunch and dinner
Lagilah naik rashesnya...

Hari Isnin
Makan kari ikan merah dan sayur tumis
Tapi pelik after that pun ada rasa itchy...
Sayur tu ada rencah ayam kot...

Malam tu I had sambal tenggiri
Pun macam tak ok je...

Hari Selasa
Coz tak larat keluar pi beli food di cafe
Hmm...tak insaf gak
Pi makan sambal ikan kembung

Petang tu barulah pi klinik
Doc kata allergiclah tuh..
Even spicy food boleh buat allergic
Dialah antara mangsanya 😅
Anyway mmg doc pesanlah elak le makan penyebab allergy tu...

I risau gak kok fungus ke apa kan
Doc kata klu fungus ni berakarlah...
Suka tempat lembap...
So elaklah the oily cream...
better jgn pakai antifungus coz it will make the infected area darker once its healed.
Cucilah muka bersih2 sebelum wudhuk tu katanya dan lap properly...
I like this doc very much
She is very positive, friendly and manja

Anyway  for my allergy doc prescripted me with cetrizine and ubat sapu...

Monday, October 29, 2018

My weekend+1day: Food and Movies

Well, that was how I described my weekend 😅...

On saturday
I had mee kari that I bought on Tuesday for lunch and dinner

On Sunday
I cooked plain sambal for lunch
Kept 3 quarter of it.
A quarter of it I add eggs.
And here was my lunch...

Spicy scrambled egg and fried tempeh

On Monday
Barulah terhegeh kemas downstairs and washed my clothes...
When I was in rajin mode ...suddenly I got migraine attack 😰

I bought fish curry and veges for lunch.

For dinner I cooked sambal ikan tenggiri.
I just fried the fish and later cooked it in the sambal pasted that I prepared on Sunday.

Here was the list of my weekend movies and drama series 😅...
1. The cured
2. A stranger outside
3. Win a date with Tad Hamilton
4. The wrong bed: naked pursuit
6. Nerve
7. Viral
8.Lelaki kiriman tuhan
9. Cik Reen Encik Ngok ngek
10. She was pretty
11. Love by 10th date

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sumbat semua utk 2 hari

On thursday morning
As expected our ex staff told me that he have to prepare the budget 😅...
He was helping our clerk...
Hmm...when the boss is away and busy with his external work, he asked the clerk to do the budget
Then his allowance should be given to the clerk lah kan
Because she has to do the projection
As well as the budget...

I was really in awe with our ex staff kindness
He can be selfish when people did not appreaciate him
But of course that is not him...
Just ignore how the top people treated him
And help a friend in need

Later I rushed to my workplace for decoration task
Paste and move here and there
When working with OCD people
Everything should be done to perfection 😅😰

I had ordered food for lunch
But there was barely touch fried noodle in the meeting room...
And the office clerk invited us to eat it
So I just had that noodle for lunch
And keep my lunch food for dinner 😀

After lunch hour
I applied for the overdue claim
But...where is the hotel receipt?
They didnt give any 😭...
And I didnt ask them...
Ok think! Think...
How about agoda transaction?
Luckily found it in my email.
But...where is the e-receipt?
Where is the submit button?
Around 5.30pm I tried to chat with Agoda agent
Have to wait for a while 😰...
Luckily the agent responded to my message
After my explanation he sent me the e-receipt.
Alhamdulillah ...
Owh need to write  a show cause letter for the overdue claim.
Hope they accept my explanation and apology...

Owh! I received email for another list of committee member
Why they did not give it all together as requested last time?
I hate to do task repetitively where we can actually do it in one go...
Whatever it is just be positive...
They have their own reason kan

Once back at home
I had nasi Arab for dinner...

On friday
I reached office quite late
Then I submitted the overdue claim

I had this food for lunch

Then I had an appointment at 3pm
How la ???
Seemed like my customer is confuse
That is why she should come and see me regularly...

Around 4pm
The boss called me
He asked my opinion who should be in charge for the senior customers program...
Easy peasy lah...
Definitely the current and ex coordinator...
Eh! What???
You asked the ex staff to do the budget?
I heard it differently on thursday 😂😅

For dinner I had satay with its side dish

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Buatlah: Dia buat lagi !!!

On wednesday
I was late for 11am appointment
But after 1 hour no one showed up 😠
Hello if you missed your transportation do you know what is the function of handphone???
Seriously ???
after the drama of setting up the appointment now she mess with the punctuality 😠

Then I contacted the external evaluator for the evaluation agreement.
Yup there was an improvement
But certain plan were not implemented

After lunch hour I applied travelling claim for October and August.
Opps...the october claim cannot be submitted 😅 ...
Excited sungguh nak claim kan....

Later just imagined how furious was I when knowing that my boss went for external paid work 😠😠😠...
Hello...he asked me to help him to check the meeting report...
Only to find out that someone else represent him for the meeting...very important meeting.
I thought he has realised his wrongdoing for neglecting his main duties here...
But it happened that extra money is still his priority...
Was he lying last time?
Not involve in that particular part time job anymore....

Later when I accidently met my colleague
I told her I wanna discuss something with her...
I expressed my feeling of how dissapointed was I with the boss...
Little that I know that she also furious with him...
She has to be the representative for him for many meetings...
And the big boss also complained that he is slow in taking action
Habis tu big boss awat tak tegur our boss tuh
Why did you let him leave the office for part time work ?

Tengah sibuk bergossip
Lupa pula my 5pm appointment...
Hah!...It easier to meet several customers in one go...
Tazkirah sikit pasal setting an appointment...
One thing for sure...lack of effort
No supporting documents for their proposal..
So leave all that..
Just do what I ask them to do...
The main criteria are innovation and creativity..

I went home after maghrib prayer...
Alhamdulillah murah rezeki
My colleague gave me laksa and curry puff
So it became my dinner ...

Later that night I wonder why our ex staff asking me about new programme?
Why did he still interested with the new programme?
For his relatives?
Or is he preparing the next year budget???

Meeting, gossiping, printing, shopping...

What happened on Tuesday???
We got meeting at 9am.
We have to update certain docs to new format.
But it kinda ridiculous distribution ...
when I have to update doc that I never use
Whereas my colleague have to update that I frequently use

Definitely it was tedious to update the doc one by one
And we have to calculate the percentage to meet the requirement
But we really had fun
Coz with the right people 😍
And being makcik bawang juga 😂😂
Tu yg makan nasi lomak dua kali
For morning break and lunch 😅

The trouble new staff
Came late to the meeting
Only communicate with two people
And ignored the other seniors
So RUDE....

Banyak nak bebel
Ada je lah yg tak puas hati
Perlu luah
Tak mau jadi bom 😅...

Dengan customer pun tak puas hati
Kata nk jumpa Rabu
Bila set 3pm tak boleh pulak 😠
Awatlah tak inform awal2 masa yg dia available
Lack of common sense
The suppose to be 2 conversations became 7 conversations...
What a waste of time and very annoying...

Around 2.30
My colleague and I had to print certificate for our previous program and separate it according to certain unit.
It was good with OCD person where everything should be centred and proper
What a relief when we managed to complete everything after an hour
And submitted it to the office boy

Around 4pm I rushed to post office
To pick up this...

Tie dye my current favourite
Online shopping is very addictive 😉😉😉
Need to be strong to differentiate between need and want...
The staff said that he called me that morning but I didnt pick up his call
It has been 7 days so they have to follow the regulation to return the parcel to the sender.
Otherwise they will we in trouble during audit process...
I wonder why I did not receive any call...
When I checked the poslaju form...hmm...the last number is wrong 😅

I stopped by at the food court
To buy my favourite rice and mee kari
Owh currypuff as well...
Belilah lebih sikit...
Happy to see the security guard reaction when received the currypuffs...

Once back to office
I tried to sort the mess ...
Sikit2 lah...
Tak sempat la nak terus buat semua

Friday, October 26, 2018

Sick: Blood Test Again

On Monday
I had to rush from kampung to office
Bila dah terlewat
Maka faham2lah how ELITE traffic is....

Beria applied time off
For blood test appointment in hospital
Sekali sekejap je 😂😅
Pulak tu rasa macam senior citizen
Coz yg sama2 menunggu tu semuanya 60++ yo 😅
Tapi everytime buat blood test mesti tak sanggup nak tengok semasa dicucuk...

Singgah farmasi ambil ubat
Suppose jika ubat habis perlu datang on 3rd october...
Tak kuasalah kan
So just buat sekali harung

Tapi pharmacist mcm tak percaya
'Siapa nama"
"Ubat habis ke? dengan muka heran
"Maksimum 6 kali satu hari ya"
Hmm...nak je jawab
Memanglah dapat dua kotak yg nmpk byk isi
Tapi sekotak ada 6 biji pil je..
Cukupkah 12 biji untuk 47 hari?

Balik tu singgah kedai makan.
Bagus around 10.30am dah ada lauk.
Even dah orang makan nasi campur waktu tu...
Ambillah ikan bakar+gulai rebung+ulam.
Total RM11.50....

Bila pi hospital
Jika tak berapa sakit pun boleh rasa sakit
So rehat kejap...

After lunch hour back to office
Dah boss suruh semak meeting report
Buat je la...
Boss banyak keroje lah tu kot
Kesian kat dia dan tak mau dia stress
dan selain for the sake of our unit
Kita tolong mana yg termampu
Jenuh edit/tambah sana sini
Call orang lain juga nak pastikan event yg dinyatakan betul...
Pelik pulak ada evaluation management tak dinyatakan...
Terpaksa trace tarikh several meeting for that
Agak2 mcm ayat kurang jelas, letaklah comment....
Alhamdulillah nearly 5.30pm it was done

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My weekend: Picnic and shopping

Petang khamis
Tiba2 rasa nak balik kg
Walaupun tau akan kalut pagi Isnin
So cepat2 informed boss

Pagi Jumaat
Walaupun cuti
Tetap pi Mesyuarat penting
After 12.30pm barulah pecut balik kg

Sampai rumah
Macam biasa ada barang orang lain in my room 😠
Bilik sendiri ada
Dressing table sendiri ada
Tetap nak guna bilik orang kan
Lantasku buang je his shaver in the dustbin
Our shared bathroom pun dinding berkulat
Kolah banyak bendasing
I malaslah nak guna bilik air di dapur pula

Bila pi dapur
Macam confuse
Lauk hari ni ke atau lauk semalam
Bila ditanya, disuruh makan je
Penat tanya banyak kali 😅

Petangtu pi Bekam di BBN
Jenuh cari tempat
Guna waze tapi dah pindah 😅
Tapi tempat baru di mana?
Bertenang dan google
Owh berdekatan bangunan kuning.
Tapi di mana?
Tiba2 ternampak bangunan kuning endlot depan tu...
Alhamdulillah jumpa

Tempat baru yg nampak menarik
Ada tukang bekam perempuan
Tapi ....
Tukang bekam macam tak tahu sangat
Maksud saya dia tau nak bekam
Tapi tak tahu pasal penyakit etc
Yang tukang bekam lelaki muda2 lagi
Nampak macam tak serius dan meyakinkan
Pulak tu cashier depan tu suruh minum air
Tapi takde gelas
Bila dah nampak
Disuruhnya si tukang bekam lelaki ambil gelas
Tapi sampai ke sudah
Tak sampai2
Dahlah I pening after bekam
So baiklah berehat dalam kereta
At least ada air 😅

Then nak cari churros depan Giant
Takde pulak 😭😭😭
Beli je nasi arab dan shawarma
Orang lain beli satu/dua je
Aku beli sampai 8
Tu pun rupanya tak cukup gak

Pagi Sabtu
Pi serambi ...sakitnya hati ai....
Dah macam kedai pancing
Macam tempat packing juga
Lagi sakit hati...
Tengok alas kain sofa serabut berjuntai
Throw cushion berterabur
Gubahan bunga terkeluar dari pasu
Tahi cicak tak payah cakaplah kan

Ok...kena keluar tenangkan fikiran
Tapi perlu tempat yg gembirakan budak2...
Konon nak pi dinosour Kingdom
Tutup dah 😂😂😂😂

Pi jelah Bagan Lalang
Sampai around 12pm
Tapi air surut ....

Arpund 2pm barulah pasang airnya....

Pagi Ahad
Sediakan sarapan dan bekal
Then jadi drebar jap ke PICC
Adoilah susah nak cari parking
End up parking luar  dan bawah 😅

Then pi Alamanda
Had lunch at TGI friday

Dan lepak at the bamboo aisle
While waiting for Aunty Anne cheese nugget...

Masuk Guardian cari Skinlab aloe vera gel, tapi terbeli ni 😂😂😂 ...

Masuk kedai Jepun, tapi bukan Daiso rasanya...dan terbelilah silicone facial brush yg berharga RM5 gara2 terpengaruh tertengok mamat IG yg jual cucumber soap and serum tuh...

Punyalah setup Waze nak balik ikut Kota Warisan
Alih2 terikut juga jalan dalam ikut Dengkil tuh yg macam roller coaster mendaki menuruni jalan curam, byk selekoh tajam dan juga banyak bumper di housing area 😅😰😵😭
Luckily jalan dah dibaiki
But still stress while driving...

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Kari sotong modify

Sabtu lepas...
Semangat berkobar nak pi ofis
Nak lengkapkan fail
Dan cari report yg entah ke mana

Macam biasa
Plan ke ofis hanya tinggal plan
Luckily ada kekuatan untuk kemas dapur
Dan sapu downstairs
Selebihnya dipenuhi TV, FB, IG dan makan...

For late lunch
I keluarkan kari sotong RnR
Ambil sikit kuahnya
Panaskan in pan
Tambah serbuk kari dan low fat milk
Masukkan terung dan tomato
Bila hampir the veges hampir masak
Barulah masukkan sotong dan kuah yg selebihnya.
Akhirnya jadilah begini ....

Hari Ahad
Pun tak ke ofis
Around 10am teringin fries
Maka gorenglah...

Tapi sebelum goreng tu taburlah italian herbs, grounded garlic and cajun. Yummy...

Then, here was my late lunch...

Ikan tenggiri bakar dan suhun+tempeh+terung goreng...
Laju je I makan 😅😅😅

Malam tu sambil tonton ABP2018
sambil check documents bertimbun tu
Alih2 ABP yg tonton I

Ni antara movies astro yg I tonton that weekend..
Esther a sweet and creative 9 yo orphan girl but so disturbed and very manipulative. Dikatakan berasal dari Rusia dan ibu bapa angkat terdahulu mati dalam kebakaran. Dia diambil sebagai anak angkat oleh famili yg ada seorang anak lelaki dan seorang anak perempuan yg pekak dan bisu. Pelbagai insiden berlaku dan si ibu mula meragui Esther. Beliau dihantar untuk sesi bersama psikiatri tiba2 si ibu pula dipersalahkan kerana tidak berusaha berbaik dengannya. Si bapa juga lebih mempercayai esther. Apabila kisah silamnya mula terbongkar, esther membunuh sister di orphan home yg datang ke rumahnya. Malah, dia mengungut adik angkatnya yg menyaksikan pembunuhan tersebut. Dia juga cuba membunuh abg angkatnya dengan membakar the tree house. Abang angkatnya mengalami kecederaan kerana terjatuh ketika menyelematkan diri. Olehkerana terlampau marah dengan apa yg berlaku, si ibu menamparnya ketika di hospital. Akibatnya si ibu ditahan. Ketika si ibu tiada, esther cuba mengoda ayahnya dengan berpakaian sebagai wanita. Melalui penyiasatannya si ibu mendapat tahu esther bukanlah kanak2 tetapi sebenarnya seorang wanita berusia 33 tahun yg mengalami hormon disorder. Beliau seorang pesakit mental berbahaya dan ganas yg telah membunuh 7 orang.

2. A surrogate's nightmare
Angela a surrogate mother for her sister Shelley. Their mother was killed. Suddenly her chilhood sweet heart wants to reconnect in their relationship and keep on disturbing her He became a stalker and even installed a hidden camera in her room. He thought that her brother in law is her boyfriend and due to jealousy he killed him. He tried to kill her sister too and suddenly angela revealed that her sister is actually their daughter 😅.

3. Big Driver
After Tess Thorne a famous mystery writer is raped by a truck driver and left to die, she somehow manages to survive and makes it her mission to seek revenge.

4. Extremely loud and incredibly close.
A boy embarks on a journey to find out the secret behind the key his late father left behind. He still trauma from the lost of his father during 9 11 tragedy and feel guilty for not answering the phone when his father call him several times and left the voice mail. He found a key in the broken vase and there is a name Black written on the key's envelope. So he made a very intensive searching for Black hoping to know what his father keep for him. He finally found out that the key is not belong to his father but actually belong to Black. Casts: Tom Hank and Sandra Bullock

5. The stepchild
Plagued by fragmented memories of her father's murder, ashley suspects her father's  friend is guilty. But only to find out later that her loving and caring stepmother is the killer.

6. Indiscretion
A steamy psychological thriller. Veronica, A politician wife had a brief affair with a troubled young artist. This man keep on infiltrate her life and accidentally killed her husband. To cut the story short veronica wins the in the election. When she visited the young artist in the prison the truth is revealed. She manipulated the artist and made him as a scapegoat in her political ambition.

5. The Grudge 2...only half duration 😅
An evil spirit locked in a house is unleashed when the house is burnt to the ground. Those who come to that house will be haunted and get killed.

6. Shut in
A widowed child psychologist  becomes convinced that the ghost of her young patient is haunting her and bedridden step son. But later only to find out that her step son is not as what he seems to be.

7. The Bachelor next door
A newly engaged couple are pleased when a handsome and friendly stranger moves in next door, but he is not what he seems. He was her her secret admirer while she was in college.

Eh banyaknya I tonton.
Tu tak termasuk 3 episod akhir Bahagia bukan bidaan 😅😅😅....

Friday, October 5, 2018

Bila berhenti di RnR

On thursday morning
I scrambled through previous reports
To prepare for the outside meeting
Then off I went for outstation

For the second time I was late
I arrived 2 minutes before the meeting started
And did not manage to see their boss first
That was still ok
But I cannot brain when the staff brought me to the wrong venue...
After the long walk from parking lot
And after climb up the stairs
Only to find that no one is there
Didnt she know where it suppose to be

Then, I had to go back to the parking lot
And drove my car further up the hill
I was really nervous while driving because the path is very narrow and steep ....
Luckily the meeting have not started yet
Alhamdulillah the first session meeting went well
Better than the previous one...
I mean on how they conducted the meeting
They really make full use of the recent technology
And even how the attendees participate
But the input should be improve
However the second session meeting quite a dissapointment...
Yup...when people do not show effort to improve after my comments and suggestions...

I was really starving hungry on my way back
So I stopped by for lunch at the RnR
Definitely I had the nasi arab set...

The lamb is tender and yummy
But next time I gonna ask for more gravy...
Owh! I packed this kari telur ikan

And kari sotong as well....

Hmm...what else?
Terayaki chicken popia too 😂😂😂

Not only that....
I bought these too 😅😉😍

I was craving for jambu madu as well
But the price is ridiculous...
RM1 increment within one month?
From RM15/pack or RM28 for two packs
to RM16/pack or RM30 for two packs
Cekik darah sungguh

Once back at home
I just had a rest
Due to migraine 😵....

Did not know how to react
Shock, confuse or feel funny
When the boss, HOU sent message to me at me
Asking for the audit time frame
It just around the corner
And he didn't even know about that
Who is the boss?
Who suppose to know about this?
This is the result of  letting others doing ALL  the work...
Yes...a leader should/can delegate certain task to the staff...
But he should take note on important things if not fully involve and in charge...

Selfie dan Ambil tahu

I got several appointments from 11-12.50 today.

I was touched during the last appoinment
##1 when the senior customers shared her financial tips with the junior such as money allocation for neccesaties and leisure, joining drop ship to get extra income, saving money in ASB and even giving money to parents.

##2 when she said the first tips was suggested by me previously

##3 when she wanna wefie with me coz she is happy when someone is caring about her...

I know many people do not like me
Due to my character and the fussy me
As well as my arrogant look 😅
But of course there are certain people who ACCEPT me as I am....
And SEE what my intentions are
And take note on my suggestion...