Saturday, October 27, 2018

Meeting, gossiping, printing, shopping...

What happened on Tuesday???
We got meeting at 9am.
We have to update certain docs to new format.
But it kinda ridiculous distribution ...
when I have to update doc that I never use
Whereas my colleague have to update that I frequently use

Definitely it was tedious to update the doc one by one
And we have to calculate the percentage to meet the requirement
But we really had fun
Coz with the right people 😍
And being makcik bawang juga 😂😂
Tu yg makan nasi lomak dua kali
For morning break and lunch 😅

The trouble new staff
Came late to the meeting
Only communicate with two people
And ignored the other seniors
So RUDE....

Banyak nak bebel
Ada je lah yg tak puas hati
Perlu luah
Tak mau jadi bom 😅...

Dengan customer pun tak puas hati
Kata nk jumpa Rabu
Bila set 3pm tak boleh pulak 😠
Awatlah tak inform awal2 masa yg dia available
Lack of common sense
The suppose to be 2 conversations became 7 conversations...
What a waste of time and very annoying...

Around 2.30
My colleague and I had to print certificate for our previous program and separate it according to certain unit.
It was good with OCD person where everything should be centred and proper
What a relief when we managed to complete everything after an hour
And submitted it to the office boy

Around 4pm I rushed to post office
To pick up this...

Tie dye my current favourite
Online shopping is very addictive 😉😉😉
Need to be strong to differentiate between need and want...
The staff said that he called me that morning but I didnt pick up his call
It has been 7 days so they have to follow the regulation to return the parcel to the sender.
Otherwise they will we in trouble during audit process...
I wonder why I did not receive any call...
When I checked the poslaju form...hmm...the last number is wrong 😅

I stopped by at the food court
To buy my favourite rice and mee kari
Owh currypuff as well...
Belilah lebih sikit...
Happy to see the security guard reaction when received the currypuffs...

Once back to office
I tried to sort the mess ...
Sikit2 lah...
Tak sempat la nak terus buat semua

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