Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Shopping on New Year

I ambil cuti hari Jumaat lepas
Plannya nak bangun awal
Dan balik kampung after subuh

Tapi malamnya tak larat nak packing
Nak kemas rumah pun tak larat
Sesudahnya awal pagi jumaat ...
Terkial2 lipat baju nan bergunung
Kemas dan sapu rumah atas bawah
Basuh baju lagi
Siap package tonton movie lagi
Sesudahnya bertolak balik kampung after 3 15pm
Alhamdulillah jalan tak sesak
Hanya slow dari USJ ke Putra Height
Tu pun sebab ada lori pecah tayar

Hari Sabtu pi Alamanda
Dah on the way baru risau kot slow traffic
Alhamdullillah lancar walaupun byk kereta
Plan utamanya nak beli skincare

Dalam setahun ni muka I tiba2 naik pigmentation teruk
Dark circle juga
Perlulah buat sesuatu
I used potato for Natural remedies
But need to use proper skincare as well
Menyesal pula dulu stop dermalogica
Then pi campur2 pakai
Ni nak try new brand pulak

Bila buat skin analysis...
Spot - 55 yo
Wrinkle - 51 yo
Firmness- 55 yo
Kulit muka tua dari usia sebenar
Luckily ada yg penyejuk hati
texture -31 yo

So inilah dia skincarenya 😍😍😍

Eh! Awat ada assecory/jewellery pulak 🤣🤣🤣
Just to reward myself as what the SA convinced me
It's been a while since I last wore my pandora
I just remembered about my collection when I saw my senior wearing hers three weeks ago
But when I tried to wear my bracelet I have to take out several charms 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Faham2 je la bila tangan makin montel
Anyway I feel happy when I wear it again
However it quite a hasle for me to fasten and open the clasp of the bracelet ...
So this problem justified the impulse buying of my new open bangle
But a bit dissapointed when on the next day I saw the price offered by the overseas PS is cheaper with RM145 difference.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Disaster at the end of the year ...

Hello there
Happy New Year
What are your new year resolution?
I have yet to write mine due to my hectic schedule and end year disaster...

On 5th december 2019
Someone made complaint that the water pump is not functioning

Accordingly I asked the technician to fix whatever the problem is.
It happened that the pump was awashed in the stagnant water and caused the blown motor.
Despite the doubt on how did it happened and why it suddenly happened after nearly two years,
I still have to pay nearly RM400 for the new motor.
I even asked the technician opinion if he should put the pump on higher platform or cover it from rain
But he said it is not nessecary.
Due to that I have reminded 'the people staying there' to be extra careful and be alert with stagnant water.

Guess what?
I got another complaint at end of December
Whenever they turn on the switch it will trip
Oh NO!!!! One after another
When I questioned them...
I cant believe my eyes when I read their messages...
The pump is awashed in water again....
How should I react when same thing happened twice???
After my reminder???
What a dissapointment with this could not be bother attitude....
They know that the pump is important
They will be uncomfortable if it not functioning
So why they just let it happen again?
Just because the pump is not belong to them?
They think I gonna pay for it
So who should bear the cost for this time?
Definitely not me ....
And dont blame me !!!

Here is another story...
Last time when people wonder about a particular available space in our unit
Without further a due I asked the relevant staff about it.
When certain people raised the issue last week
I told them about whom I contacted and what info that I got
Today the issue is raised again
Guess what?
Someone shared the info and her action without any credit to me ...
Thank you for doing this to me