Saturday, February 15, 2020

Cat, nasi kak wok, kepok lekor and me

Series of cat and me at home are nothing new
But at my workplace it kinda new

when I arrived at the office foyer
Suddenly the fierce looking kitten ran after my nasi kak wok πŸ˜…
A phobia me was really in panic mode
Just imagine I just stood still while swinging the nasi kak wok plastic bag away from the kitten
But definitely later I felt dizzy when I have to spin around when the kitten kept on chasing my nasi kak wok

The kitten kept following me wherever I went
So the series of chasing and spining happened several times
Then only I thought of swinging my handbag at it
No!!! I didn't hit it
Just to kept it stop from chasing my nasi kak wok
And even raised my voice to stop it
It even wanna follow me when I got into the lift
Again my handbag was my saviour

No one came to help me
They just laughing at me, smiling or just ignoring me
Hello this was not a joke
I was really upset
I guess they don't know people who afraid of cat do exist
It is called ailurophobia

In the evening
When I was about to leave the building
It happened again
This time the kitten chased after my kepok lekor
I acted fast and swing my handbag to it
And hurriedly left the building πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Friday, February 14, 2020


Sometimes  when we often pass through certain areas
We might not notice what have been there for so long
The same thing happened to me
There is a wall of Frame at our unit
The funny thing only two photos of us were hamging there which were taken 3-4 years back
And no one bother to add more photos nor take it down

2 years ago I thought of took it down
That is when the first new boss were in charge
After all it is not ok since I am not 'covered'
But later I forgot about it

End of last year we got another new boss
But still I forgot about it
Until early of this year
I asked the clerk to take the photos down
Due to the "cover" issue
But she could not do it
So I told her to do it later
Once again I forgot about it

Today a colleague told me
The new boss took it down
And asked the clerk to keep it
The clerk told him what I have asked her
And why I did so
Guess what the boss said
" Not because of that, This is my instruction"

So arrogant
Hmm when people at the top position
Sometimes they forgot themselves
Did he forget he was not the chosen one
Not even the candidate for that position
So he is totally not eligible for that position
But due to favouritism he is currently there
And very keen to be there
After all I know that the seniors do not prefer him to be there
I knew that he took his previous position for granted just to get more side income by overuling me
and later hidden plan with the ex boss
So you see previously he did something for himself
He may does the dirty trick again
Moreover just after 3 months in the position he is busy with the paid external work
And leave his main work to his strong supporters
Big money big money πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
So he get his salary, position allowance and external payment
Awal2 dah lepas tangan
Up to him

But when it involves me
I am not comfortable
I guess he did not like me
Why I said so?
First one he did not give me any credit for the document that I have prepared
Second one he did not appoint me as leader in any important program so far when the other so called 'senior" are appointed
Am I not good enough?
Do not know anything?
Anyway I ok about it
I got so many other things to do
The the third one
But that photos incident
Really made me piss off

And last one...
The ex colleague also upset with him
He forgot that the ex was the one who promoted him here ....
When one bites the hand who feeds one

Cekodok Rice cooker

For brekky this morning
I had these cekodok

Why rice cooker?
See my previous post 😁
Please ignore the ugly looking pot
Dengan kesan kunyitlah
Dengan kesan goresan pisaulah
Apa yg I masak dulu hah 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Reminiscing the OZ days

Now is lunch hour
Since baru terkial2 nak ganti puasa
Maka duduk dalam ofis diam2
Need to complete online doc for tommorow

Since I got very short attention span
Mata melilau sana sini
Dan terpandanglah ....

Looking at these charms...
Reminiscing those up and down days in OZ
Ms Fairy bought the first three charms back in 2012 on spring 
and definitely loves the blooming flowers
And loves to take the pictures of them
However Ms Fairy did not remember where did she bought the fourth charm
In OZ or Malaysia?
It represents one of the important symbol for her PhD studies
O Allah...please grant her rizq to go there again and enjoy the breeze  of the beautiful ocean and the view of the moutains as well as the yummy fish and chips....

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Trust yourself

As usual on saturday
No matter how long my to do list
I ended up doing nothing 🀦‍♀️
Except eat/IG/FB/TV/sleep
Adalah sikit dok study something
Tu pun terkial-kial
And brief discussion via whatsapp with my colleague about our trip next weekend

Last nite my neighbour gave me bananas

Since belum sesuai nak buat pisang goreng
I buat kerepek je la for my brekky
Goreng juga keropok lekor

Dah kenyang brekky
Macam ada bau pelik di ruang tv
Hangit? Gas?
So terus pi dapur
Dapur gas dah off
Takde pulak bau tu

After lunch pun ada bau lagi
Pi hidu ke dapur takde pulak bau tu
Pi hidu microwave bau lain pulak πŸ˜…
Entah2 ada yg slowly burning
Check suis and tutup

Nearly 9pm ada semula bau tu
Pi dapur lagi
Buka kabinet yg ada tong gas
Takde pulak bau gas

Tapi tak lama lepas tu hati tak sedap
Buka pintu kabinet lebih lebar
Dah pi hidu dekat2 tong gas
Ada bau pelik
Dan ada hissing sound
Kelam kabut
ketar lutut
Jangan panik
Jangan panik

Biar pintu kabinet terdedah
Nak buka tingkap tak sampai
Terpaksa buka pintu dapur
Nasiblah kalau jiran nampak my messy kitchen
Then baru berani pi tutup habis suis gas tu
Pulas ke atas terus
Selama ni dok biar je suis tu ke bawah
Degil dan malaskan
Kalau di kampung mmg kena bebel la
Bila dah settle masak
Perlu pulas suis ke kanan
So now rehat memasaklah
Until I can find someone to check what is wrong

Moral of the story
The moment we feel/smell/hear something is wrong
Trust ourself and act quickly...