Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Reminiscing the OZ days

Now is lunch hour
Since baru terkial2 nak ganti puasa
Maka duduk dalam ofis diam2
Need to complete online doc for tommorow

Since I got very short attention span
Mata melilau sana sini
Dan terpandanglah ....

Looking at these charms...
Reminiscing those up and down days in OZ
Ms Fairy bought the first three charms back in 2012 on spring 
and definitely loves the blooming flowers
And loves to take the pictures of them
However Ms Fairy did not remember where did she bought the fourth charm
In OZ or Malaysia?
It represents one of the important symbol for her PhD studies
O Allah...please grant her rizq to go there again and enjoy the breeze  of the beautiful ocean and the view of the moutains as well as the yummy fish and chips....

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