Monday, May 30, 2016

Jam dinding@Nilai 3

Awal bulan Mei, I meronda Nilai 3.

Seronok cuci mata

Kedai apa???

Lorong mana?
Entah ...tak ingat.

Jam packed day

Terpaksa cancel appointment with customer coz sibuk nak buat laporan mesyuarat/perbincangan utk projek baharu

Masuk mesyuarat sekejap
Kena keluar uruskan dokumen penilaian melibatkan other department
Officer kami pun terkejut bila dapat tahu mereka tak ikut prosedur

Lunch break
Sibuk buat surat lantikan

Kalut ada perjumpaan dengan outsider.
Membantu mana yg perlu.
As expected, a bit dissapointed with the person in charge.
Do not care?
I do not expect for perfect event, but pls do it properly...
Takkan every single thing nak tanya/beritahu

Menyambung tugas penyediaan dokumen.

Nearly 5pm
Terkejut bila second boss called tak benarkan I buat lebih tugas penilaian coz takut I tiada masa. Kami buat sama rata. So adillah untuk semua. Dulu I jadi mangsa coz tak diberi, so tak mahulah kali ini jadi mangsa dihalang  😭😭.
Mengingatkan dan kongsi bahan2 dengan rakan2.
Sedih one has courtesy to at least give a response to my messages/email.
Terkejut bila melihat food untuk pelawat.

After 5pm
Pulun cari bahan projek baru utk senior customer.


Some one called me to borrow my money.
Her son need a pair of shoes for his first day of work this wednesday.
Mampu kita kongsi
Part of my responsiblity to help people in need

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ubi rebus Ubi goreng

Iya buk...
Iya mbak...
Singkong dan sambal
Bukan singkong dan keju 😀😀

That was my breaky this morning while watching recorded korean series, I have a lover.....

Pagi ni memang agak liat nak bangun. Malam tadi I mengadap laptop menyediakan 1 minit mesyuarat, 2 laporan bengkel dan 1 catatan perbincangan dari 8.30pm-1.40am. Bila terpaksa boleh pulak stay up 😅😅😅.

Memang hari Sabtu yang memenatkan.
Around 11am off I went to monitor customers' presentation.
Then, I checked the condition of the venue for our coming visitors. The floor is dirty and I doubted when the staff stressed on that it has been cleaned by cleaner.
I checked the condition of other venue that has not been used for quite some time.
Then, I bought fattening food for lunch.

Pening dok membelek email mencari bahan-bahan.
Yg geramnya sekejap printer tak function.
Sekejap laptop hang.
Dalam proses penyediaan fail baru perasan ada mesyuarat yg tiada minit, ada bengkel yang tiada laporan.
😭😭😭 stresssssss
6 pm balik dan makan dan rehat.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Nampak tua

Pasrah je lah when someone said the above word to me this morning 😅.
Terkejut ada
Bengang ada
Whether he only made a joke
Or he really meant it
Perlu terima coz it's the reality.

Tu belum lagi when he see me wearing this.

Maybe from makcik to nenek looks huh?

Does the pic looks like the viral art prank? 😉😉

Pssst....the  glasses came with this hamper as well.
Rezeki jangan ditolak. Tu kisah semalam lah 😀.

As usual life at work is hectic. 
Meeting with trainees. 
Continue with yesterday disscussion.
Supervise the decoration task.
Preparing documents for next week monitoring...
Certain of it are no where to be seen
I have to go through all emails from august last year.
And print them.
A bit dissapointed when my colleague making decision without even consult with me first.
No progress update or report.
Sometimes I feel they just ignored me
Am I too concern?
Do not trust others?
Who should make a report to the superior?
Who should prepare a token for a visitor?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bila ada niat itu

Menu for break my fasting...

Tak kuasa nak rotate gambo 😂😂😂
Konon je air n fries...the big fat burger are not in the pic.

Someone gave me kfc box for lunch. But I was fasting today. I packed roti jala, leftover from the discussion session. Suddenly I felt like to give it to someone...anyone. But once I got out the lift to the lobby there is no one suitable to give out to. Alhamdulillah rezeki mat motor at the porch.

Rasa happy bila tengok orang happy. 
Really make my day after a long, hectic and annoying day.

I attended a one day discussion session to prepare a document for our new project today...or should I say brainstorming session to find bombastic words and mission to find supporting data. After lunch break I made a call to someone at other unit asking for certain document. A bit annoyed when their unit didn't follow the procedure even though they need our service. The staff was so rude...didn't admit their mistake but blaimed me instead and gave lots of excuses. wonder he still at that post after 16 years. I have no intention to look down on others...hmm..that is the fact.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doa sahabat ...

Dah lama tergerak hati nak buat sesuatu.
Tapi saya tahu saya tak kuat.
Walau apa pun saya tetap berdoa
Selalu saya mencuba-cuba di rumah

Minggu lepas saya cuba lagi
Tiba-tiba esoknya saya dapat hadiah
Maaf sahabat, saya tak kuat
Tolong doakan saya

Waktu cuti, ku cuba lagi
Saya dah ada misi...bila akan bermula
Cuba separuh...
Teruskan yang penuh

Tadi I sentuh sesuatu milik sahabat lain
Tiba-tiba sidia berikan senyum manis
Katanya suka melihat apa yg ku pakai dulu
Ya, kunjungan ke rumahnya 5 tahun dulu
Aku pun tak ingat ...lama sudah
Lantas katanya nak belikan aku hadiah
Hadiah? Amat dialu-alukan
Tapi aku tak janji akan gunakan terus
Doakan aku sahabat...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bacang dan sambal hitam

Sedapnya lahai bacang cicah sambal hitam. Makan gitu je....for supper.

Untuk berbuka puasa I makan leftover food from sunday dinner.

Tu menu semalan. Harini pun dok mengadap food yg sama. Tapi for dinner lah... Tak larat nak puasa pula coz rasa sakit kepala, loya, mata nak terkatup, sakit perut dan badan bisa.

Hari ini memang busy. Meeting pagi petang. So many issues in the morning...Adakala kita bersuara. Adakala kita dengar. When people do not want to coorporate in doing something even though we have supported them...Keep on refusing..When the new comers/juniors do not have sense of belonging. When the boss express his dissapointment and frustation. Yup...sometimes I am in his shoes. Definitely I understand what he feels...Tengahari I sekolahkan ramai orang...opps...either colleagues, trainees or customer. Kalau tak faham gak..I dunno what to say. Petang...huhuhu..perkara yg nak dielakkan itu tetap terjadi...Sekali lagi I penyumbang masalah. Maka, pasrah. Harap diberi peluang...I masih belajar. Tapi tak puas hati why always me yg jadi pilihan..namaku special kot 😁😁. Later, I usaha cari dokumen sana sini demi nak bantu customer. Tapi kalau dia tak tahu nak bersyukur dan tak mahu tolong diri sendiri...setakat itu je la I boleh tolong. I pun banyak kerja lain. Around 6.40pm I rasa macam ada yg meninjau, tak sedap hati ...cabut balik 😅😅.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bila lambku rentung ...

Tu menu last nite ...
Rentung pada rupa, tapi rasa tetap ok. Cuma mgkin dah dekat sebulan dibeli, kali ini rasa perapan tu kureng ...Sayuran hijau tiada, so guna jelah saki baki carrot dan mushroom in can.

Tengoklah menu sarapan pagi sabtu tak sedar diri...
Leftover kfc fried chicken n pizza hut chicken drummet...

But the fried chicken was so fulfilling. I ended up eating the drummet for lunch. Yesterday is lazy day ....I didnt do anything except washing clothes and cleaning kitchen.

So, this morning I gotta lots of things to do. Checking my trainee work for 2 hours, washing clothes, cleaning my living room and dining area as well as the porch. Later, I got discussion with my trainee and went to check my friend's house and cleaned her porch.

And from 1-3.30pm I just lying down on the sofa. Too tired to do anything, pain in arm and I got headache.

Hope that I manage to mop the floor and fold my long abandon piles of clothes. Owh...update the document for new project as well.

Update 8pm:
Did I mop the floor?
Did I fold my clothes? friends came to visit 😅.
So will try to update the new project document.
Now kekenyangan mkn sotong+bihun+2 glases of mango n dragon fruit juice.
Lagi 1 jam Clever Malaysia.
Dissapointed to see the sabahan n malacca girl out of the competition.
So, really hope that those who never out of the competition will win...Mary and Jane? Not my favourite...but hey deserve it...they survive from the beginning to the end, not those who been out and back due to people voting....
Really clever or people choice???
Clever girl or Lucky girl?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rezeki hari hujan

Hari selasa lepas...ada orang hadiahkan scarf.
Then dah petang encik poslaju call to inform ada parcel...somebody hantar sambal you.
Kalut drive coz dah lewat n hujan...
Bila pi pekan, beli goreng pisang ...pun abang tu sedekah sikit katanya...

Sambal hadiah dan goreng pisang sedekah..

I do nothing

Last week on Wednesday, we got adhoc discussion with the boss due to certain decision made by top management for our new project. Yes, we need clarification on everything. It was tiring and frustating when we spent a lot of time doing something and have to change several things many times. Not only us but our colleagues as well...we need to focus on other task too.

The next day, I got another meeting....
After all my hardwork, someone said to me I am lucky to have one my colleague as a care taker for that new project. Hello...I didnt let her do everything. I do my part and she got her own part but of course I get involve in preparing certain documents in her part.

I have to attend a workshop on weekend. This time another colleague higlighted the work done by that colleague. Again....seems like I do nothing. Did she forget that main parts of the document has been discussed in our unit meeting. Do I need to spell out and make announcement to the whole organization that I have to stay up till 3.30am to check, make correction and update that someone document as well as prepare support document so that the boss can bring it to the top management. And had to ignore my part for a while just to focus on her part.

The funny thing was ....
1. when someone offered to help me and when I ask her for help, she complained that she done so many things already.
2. When someone offered to help me to set up a system to ease my planning work and later I ask him to do something, he came up with so many arguments. Instead of writing a long complaint email wasn't better if he just do that work. I feel grateful that I ignore his offer otherwise I will feel uncomfortable if we had arguments.

Self Reflect:
Just ignore what people say about and how they see you as well how much work you have done...
GOD knows....
Hmm...just let GOD evaluate us ....
Do not feel inferior when people smarter/systematic/faster than you...
Try not to dependant on others
Refuse certain help offer politely
Do what you should do...
Do not let other take fully in charge of something that actually under your responsibility.
Delegate task wisely.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Nak habis cepat

Bila nak cepat, ada je yg banyak soal
Awat datang lambat
Terpaksa ulang lagi

Bila nak cepat, ada je yang kecoh
Pertikai itu, pertikai ini
Habis kalau dah orang atas kata A
Sebaik mana kata BCD kita pun
Sebijak mana hujah EFG kita
Tetap mereka nak A
Maka daripada buang masa bincang dan buat B-Z
Buat jelah terus A.

Self Reflection for today:
I should be calm and patient.
Control my temper
Do not get angry easily
Explain things clearly and nicely
Justify my point properly
Do not ignore others
Take into consideration when people suggesting something
Practise the YES but NO politely
Listen carefully when people is explaining something to avoid any misunderstanding and argument
Get everyone involve not to burden certain people only
Try to do certain things quicky
Do not postpone my work
Do not too dependent on others
Show appreciation n give credit when people give cooperation

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sakit perut gigil-gigil

Asal nak cepat je, sakit perut pagi2 ...
Asal sakit perut, kena pi kerja cepat
Sakit pulak sampai gigil-gigil dan pakej dengan loya.
Nilah akibatnya bila makan PH arabiatta pasta n chicken wings and vitagen+chia seed and dried guava...

Sampai je ofis, ingatkan meeting dah mula, rupa-rupanya chairman tak sampai lagi 😅😅😅. Apapun selamat menunaikan kewajipan.

Bila baca mesej dari trainee around 10am, rasa nak bertukar jadi singa ...Nak datang lepas rehat coz baru bangun. Kepenatan tak tidur malam kononnya. Ni company famili diakah?
7Pulak tu ingatkan sesi semakan telah berakhir. Rupa-rupanya masih ada lagi. Biaq pi lah tugas masing-masing. Tapi macam biasalah, yg tiada itulah yg dicari. Yang menjengkelkan yg tiada itu tak sedar diri....berlagak dan tiada rasa segan dan hormat pada boss. Bila susah, merayu-rayu. Adakalanya demand pun ada. Bila kami perlukan, bukan main berani meninggi suara dan berhujah.

Menjelang tengahari I sibuk dengan dokumen projek baru. Panic many things to prepare. Then, petang pula sharing session. Good info for our line of work. Later, a bit annoyed with someone when she seems to know nothing. When I delegate a job to someone I expect that she will manage it properly and get the latest update from the commitee if she is not available. Next, uruskan plan for next half of the year. How time flies so fast.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Soal Siasat

Ni menu selepas soal siasat pagi tadi....

Murah RM3.70 je.

What a day.....
Tak tentu arah ...
Orang tanya kita jawab
Ada yg tak boleh semak...lega...
Ada yg terkantoi...
Ada yg dia pun tak tahu nak tanya apa 😅😅
Terkabul doa nabi yunus dan ayat kelima al fatihah.

Tapi lepas tu terus takde mood nak buat kerja lain.

Pagi tadi kalut kemaskini dokumen dan buatkan untuk yg tiada. Dalam proses tulah tiba2 mereka nak tengok. Alhamdulillah cepat, sempat walaupun panik dan penat.
What I learnt today...
Sometimes we need to do things immediately once we suddenly think of it.
I hope everything goes well and smoothly.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Starving hungry

Jika tak makan tengahari, petangku jadi tak tentu arah. Makan bihun sup lepas mesyuarat pagi, memang tak tahan lama. Pandang keliling ofis....kismis dah habis, biskut butang dah lemau. Pi jenguk rak buku, ternampaklah si penyelamat ...

For dinner, pi melantak burger n pepsi. Lepas tu bising dah gumuks. Biasalah bila kerja nonstop n in critical phase, is my therapy...oppps.

My trainee ni memang menguji kesabaran sungguh. Haritu gilir2 ponteng tanpa MC. Minggu ni gilir2 MC pulak. Dah tau takde duit, pilah klinik kerajaan, ni pi klinik swasta 😠😠😠...Senang ek dapat MC.

Bila I sampai ofis, I tengok dia tiada
Kononnya pi toilet
Bila I jenguk 30 min lepas tu
Kononnya keluar cari wallet tercicir
Bila I jenguk lagi
Katanya pi klinik pulak, tak sihat...
Dapat MC
Bersabarlah duhai hati
Lantaklah tak kuasa nak fikir
Kalau ko memang tak sihat
Harap ko cepat sembuh
Kalau ko tipu
Ko tunggulah nanti...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Semuanya nak cepat...

Bila brekky beehun, maka makanlah ni for lunch

Luckily bawa bekal, otherwise memang tak sempat keluar. Working nonstop from 8.50am-6.50pm.

Asal nak cepat, PA I bermesyuarat
Asal PA bermesyuarat, I nak cepat
Habis bila kerja I nak siap???

Asal nak cepat, ada tugas baru pula
orang atas nak cepat
Kalau nak cepat, mintalah awal
Bukannya pagi ni minta, esok kena bentang
Habis, bila I nak tido???

Asal nak cepat, colleague tak beri kerjasama
Buat tak nampak emel
Yang nampak emel...
- request macam2
- tak baca arahan
- tiada common sense
- berkokok di WA ...memang ratu
- tak faham atau mengada-ngada
- dah pesan, pun berkokok lagi

Asal nak cepat, kena tumpu pada trainee
Geram pasal terhegeh-hegeh
Tak boleh terima banyak arahan
Kena cakap satu berulang kali
Dah siap, baru boleh mula tugas lain
Takkan hari-hari I nak spend masa nearly 2 jam
- beritahu apa yg perlu dibuat
- ingatkan apa yg diselesaikan
- semak kerja dia
- baiki kerja dia
- suruh dia update depan mata I

Asal nak cepat, ada yang ambil kesempatan
Banyak alasan
Versi pertama takde, ok dah suruh letak
Versi kedua pun takde, ok komen lagi
Versi ketiga...ok ada. Tapi bukan dlm dokumen utama 😠😠😠😠.
Versi pertama tiada kriteria, dah pesan masukkan
Versi kedua, apa bezanya dengan terdahulu?
Versi ketiga, ...4-5 perkataan je?
Perkataan, bukan ayat?
I had enough
It is up you
You are responsible for your work

Asal nak cepat, printer rosak!!!
Bukan satu, bukan dua, tapi TIGA !!!

Sekian luahan ....
Aku tak kira, aku penat, aku ngantuk, aku nak tidur
Sejam bangun semula.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Teringin fries

Tadi kat ofis dah terbayang-bayang nak makan fries. Tapi bila pi kfc driive thru terbeli snack plate huhuhu...Antara fries dan whipped potato, semestinya fries la yang I prefer.

Lepas tu tetiba teringin nak makan kuah rojak/cicah. Tiba-tiba terbeli bihun.

So here is my tamak dinner....

Nilah akibatnya bila I didnt take proper lunch. Setakat biskut mana cukup....
So faham-faham jelah bila membeli dalam kelaparan.

Hmm... ginilah nasib...
Dikala orang cuti hujung minggu, I sibuk ke ofis. Sabtu pi...ahad pun pi.

Walaupun berat nak bangun dari sofa, perlu gagahkan diri juga ...kemas dapur dan basuh baju. Then, keluar around 10.15am. Tapi pi beli nasi kerabu dan lauk dulu. Ingatkan nak buat lunch, tapi bau nasi kerabu sangatlah tempting. Tak pasal-pasal jadi brunch 😂😂😂. Kononnya, ada appointment dengan senior customer around 11am. Tapi gara-gara jalan sesak, dia sampai sejam kemudian. Takpelah sempat lagi I baca her proposal. Adoi...banyaknya nak dibaiki, dia pun serba serbi tak tahu selain tak terfikir dan kurang usaha. Saya faham dia ada banyak masalah...masalah rumahtangga, tiada kereta buat masa ini kerana terlibat dengan kemalangan, kereta adik yg dipinjam pun kena gesel...Kasihan, one after another incident. Kami berbimcang dari 12-1.45pm.

Then, I kalut kemaskini dokumen, sediakan lampiran dan ubahsuai agihan tugas. Akibatnya after 5pm baru sampai rumah. Konon, malam nak buat kerja...hmm...tapi puan sofa melambai-lambai pula.

Sekali lagi kena paksa diri untuk pi opis. Kali ini lebih awal around 9.30am. Rasa stress sangat perlu lengkapkan banyak fail. Atas meja berserabut dengan dokumen bertingkek-tingkek dan fail seboban. Printer I dan printer ofis buat hal pulak. Rasa nak give up je, pi lunch dan balik. But, definitely I cant do that. Maka, bawa bertenang...Siapkan fail jawatan tahun ini, diikuti fail tahun lepas. Luckily, my PA dah buat separuh. Dokumen yang tiada, esok je la tanya rakan-rakap sekapal. Then, konon nak lengkapkan fail utama... tapi mana boleh print utk dokumen yang tebal. Lagi-lagi carta organisasi pun I belum habis update. Esok je lah....Next, lengkapkan fail tugas pula. Panik sekejap ada dokumen tertentu tak boleh dikesan. Cari sana, cari sini...tapi entah ke mana. I cari di ofis lama pun tak jumpa. I cari semula dalam kotak...Alhamdulillah jumpa. I kemas juga book rack dan atas meja. Gagahkan diri lap meja dan sapu ofis.

Tu tak termasuk melayan my colleague yg muncul 3 kali ... masalah setting printerlah, formatlah...tak bawa pendrive lah...Hmm, memang betul berlaku atau nak raih simpati. I am sorry, I have to check your work thoroughly. I have been paid to do so and after all it supposed to be our responsibility to take care of our organisation reputation. Akhirnya, after 5pm barulah I dapat keluar dari ofis.

I got a long list of things to do tonite...Hopefully, I am strong enough to complete most of it, if not all.

Ya Allah permudahkanlah dan berkatilah semua urusanku....

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dokoh dan button @Nilai 3

Haritu minta facebook Online Seller untuk PM harga dokoh yg dijualnya. Dah 2 minggu senyap je. Ingatkan special sangat...hmm...melambak di Nilai 3 😂😂😂.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Meeting Rambling

Bila bermesyuarat maksudnya membuat perjumpaan untuk  berbincang dan membuat keputusan.

Bukannya hadir mesyuarat tetapi membuat kerja sendiri.
Bukannya hadir mesyuarat tetapi hanya untuk  makan dan mendiamkan diri.
Bukan hanya datang makan, sibuk berbual sesama sendiri dan lansung tidak menghiraukan orang lain yang kepenatan memerah otak mencari jalan penyelesaian.
Errmmm...lagi teruk lansung tak tunjuk muka.
Paling teruk utamakan kerja luar berbanding tugas utama. Kalau begitu berhenti kerja dan tumpukan pada kerja luar itu.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Keep quiet and Walk Away

Sometimes thing is better left unsaid.

Whenever there is disagreement
Silence is better
No further explanation
No matter how true it is
Do not stress myself
Do not overthinking
I can't control everything
Just walk away
And move on

Sunday, May 1, 2016

When to do list is only a list

Happy Labour Day....

Macam biasa sebelum bebel, kita tunjuk gambar food

That was food for lunch today. Moist grilled chicken+guacamole+grilled eggplant n carrots. That chicken was a leftover from my Kenny Rogers dinner 2 weeks ago. I just added the frozen ikea cream sauce as gravy for the chicken. I used limau kasturi instead of lemon for the guacamole..dah itu je yang ada...

What is the title of the post all about?

Well my initial plan was to do my evaluation task on friday night,  prepare certain documents and to complete my files in office in saturday morning and go back to hometown in the afternoon. However, I did nothing on friday nite. As a resut, I planned to do the evaluation task on saturday morning, postponed the office work to the afternoon and back to hometown this morning. But, it really hard to get up once I got stucked on the sofa. So, for today I planned to do house chores in the morning and go back home after zuhur prayer. But, once done with hanging clothes to dry, cleaning and tydying up my kitchen n fridge ...I stopped for brekky. Suddenly I found myself laze around watching recorded Maharajalawak. Finally I ended up planning to go back home tommorow. Feeling guilty, so I cleaned the living room and family area, sorting bills and receipts. After lunch, now I am back on my comfy sofa ....oppps....So, hopefully I am strong enough to go to the office around 3pm today and complete my evaluation task before going back home tommorow morning.