Monday, July 31, 2017

Dinner with banana fritters

Senang cerita pisang gorenglah kan 😁.

Cicah pulak dengan sambal kicap. Beli di Mydin jee...Now mode senak perut 😂😂😂.

Harini punya cerita konon nak rehat-rehat di rumah. Alih-alih teringat ada appointment dengan customer. Amboi! Kemain dia I lewat sikit terus dia hantar mesej. Dia lewat banyak kali buat muka poyo 😠. Due to certain circumtances and her performances,  I just met her for 5 minutes and set another appointment at 4pm.

Then, I prepared reference letter for someone. Hish susah gak ya. Tiba2 tengkuk tegang, kaola berat and hidup tak selesa. Balik rehat.

Later at 4pm I met my customer again. Meletop lagi....Harituh dah suruh cari B, tapi pagi tadi hanya tunjuk B1 kot...tapi B2 mana? So suruh cari B2 for afternoon discussion. Tapi bila discuss just cakap je...tiada any bukti catatan pun. So hadap, tanda dan catatlah. Once done with reference letter I got back to her. La...pi tunjuk A1 pulak, B2 sikit dan C2..Ok..bagus juga A1. Tapi takkan hanya satu A1, mana yg lain? Mana A2? Nak asingkan pun terkial2....confirm A1 hanya satu. Ok...So I suruh buat work plan dan tunjuk contoh. Bila discuss pay attentionlah. Bila I Tanya semula dia nampak lost dan jawab lain or dia tanya semula perkara I dah cakap. Dah ler No notes taken, not even asking me to slow down if I am too fast. Hah! Kan dah kena amuk...not focus and did not show any effort 😠😠.

Musim haji 2017

Terkejut apabila dihubungi oleh rakan pada hari Sabtu yg beliau masih berada di Malaysia. Beliau dan ramai jemaah terkandas kerana masalah pelepasan visa. Memang tiada sebarang berita yg keluar mengenai isu ini. Bila saya membuat carian di internet, yang ada hanyalah komen pada FB Tabung Haji. Akhirnya semalam barulah ada kenyataan rasmi dari pihak LUTH. Pasti ada hikmah disebalik apa yg berlaku dan semoga semua pihak mengambil ikhtibar dari apa yang berlaku.

Semoga semua jemaah mendapat pelepasan visa, dilancarkan perjalanan, dipermudahkan urusan dan diberi kesihatan yg baik untuk menjalani ibadah serta mendapat haji yang mabrur.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Plan for your future

My friend came to my office yesterday. Once done with the work discussion she told me she gonna attend a course about plants today. She has already planted 30 of that plants in her 7 acre land. It is part of her retirement plan in 8 years time other than producing fertiziler and contributing to charity. What else she wanna do...she is not into bussiness, she not into shopping and in 3-5 years time his sons may have finished study...I really impressed with her future plan. What about me? Any plan? Chit chatting with her is really a wake up call to me. I should start to have plan. If I want somwthing I should write it down and spesifically mention in my prayer like that famous blogger does. I really respect her with all that beneficial sharing.

Anyway...Then, I checked my trainee customer reports and sent my comments to them.

It has been a while that I had lunch together with friends. Normally I just ordered the delivery food and eat in the office or bought food and eat at my home. So, when suddenly I got the opportunity to had lunch with friends yesterday i really thankful and really enjoy it. I really miss all these. Last time we used to had morning break and lunch together.

Once back at the office, I checked a workshop paperwork. The problem with certain junior colleagues they have no respect towards their senior or superior. They just proceed on somwthing without any discussion or approval.

When it was already 5pm and my head felt heavy and I can feel tension at the back of my neck...Off I went home and having this cooling red velvet...

Sapi dapat nama

A friend gathered certain infos from the internet
And shared it in whatsapp group

I modified that infos
And added more infos from the internet
Posted in FB
with credit to that friend

Somebody took my fb post
Did not share it as my post
Nor credit to me
And positif...
People wont take it if my post is not good 😂😂.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Makcik kepochi

Tak fahamlah si kepochi sorang ni.

Kalau you borak dengan org lain from 9-11
Just cerita hal you je lah
Tagihlah simpati
Walaupun beribu nasihat dan sokongan
Tapi you tetap macam tu gak kan
Sebab you melayan .....
Kalau dah begitu degil
Kenapa nak kecoh mengadu sana sini

Eh sukalah hati nak borak apakan
Tapi perlukah pi kecohkan masalah orang lain
Orang cerita dengan you
Sebab nak luahkan
Atas dasar percaya
Atas dasar you tu kawan or senior
Bukannya pi cerita dengan orang lain
Segala masalah yg you dah dengar
Segala masalah yg you kumpul
Masih tak insaf lagi ek
Apa yg seronoknya cerita pelbagai masalah org lain?
Orang itu dah kena tinggal dek husband?
Orang itu pula kena pukul dek husband?
Orang itu pulak husband takleh harap?
Takpelah kalau rasa simpati
Takpelah kalau sedar bahawa masalah mereka lebih berat dari masalah you
Tapi baguskah rasa gembira atas masalah mereka?

Satu lagi apahal you kecoh sangat pasal my post
Tak cukup dalam group
Di luar pun nak kecoh
Sesi hati ke hati ke you 😅😅😅?
Kalau I ni teruk sangat
You tu perfect sangatkah?
Awat tak cerita you demand macam2
Ganggu plan I walaupun dah diputuskan dalam mesyuarat?
Or kalau you nk sangat my post
awat tak calonkan diri?
Beri alasan pulak kan....
Cakap mmg senang
Tak berada tempat orang you mmg tak tahu
Kalau tak tahu hujung pangkal
Jangan tuduh macam2
Jangan ganggu my staf
My staff yg not highly educated macam you tu pun tau
I pun tak hingin dah
I pun tak laratlah 😅😅😅

Gas oh Gas

Nak buat ommelete for brekky
Keluarkan telur and cheese
Tapi gas habis 😭😭😭

Maka, reheat nasi himpit leftover jamuan raya ofis, leftover cekodok from tuesday meeting and tambah air ke kuah pecal...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I learnt my lesson

I was really upset this morning when the officer seems annoyed when I asked him about the letter.
Hello you are the one who did not reply my message yesterday. How would you assume that DONE means THE LETTER IS SENT? Don't you know who suppose to prepare and send the letter?

And when he sent me the copy of the letter....
Backdated letter?

Ok...keep Calm.
I tried to be cool while having the discussion with my customer. Hoping thaf I am not carried out my upset feeling in the discussion.

Ok...once done
Off I went to Bank rakyat.
Get the loan statement.
Paid the balance...
And guess what ...I have to climb up the stairs again to get the settlement letter 😠😠😠
Suddenly I remember that I have not change my atm card to debit card...
So just settled everything here in one go.

Then off I went to somewhere
But my mind is not with me
Still thinking about the morning issue
How dare the officer treat me like that
Thinking that I should made a complaint
Thinking what to write....
As a consequent I have done something funny and yet amusing 😅😅😅

No matter how sincere I wanna help
No matter how people say that I should stay and help
I should get the black white

If I feel something is not right, just tell them
No harm done in explaining my situation

I should fight for my right
Do not let people take me for granted
And must take the credit after my sacrification

Once back at home, I had really late lunch at 3.30pm

And later Sent message to the officer.
Even though during our conversation I was a bit dissapointed with certain of his responses,  I really grateful for his understanding and quick action...
So now you play my rule ok!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


When the time comes
I should go
I can be selfish and be free
No matter how desperate and impatient I wanna go
I know I have to stay
Even though no one force me to do so
And there is no black and white
I stay because I feel it is my responsibility
I just wanna finish the incomplete tasks
After all who gonna do so without any payment?
In fact all email/letters are still addressed to me
Moreover the officer stated that technically I have to do so
In addition the boss has warned us that this situation will be dragging...

But it has been going like this for more than a week
I am really tired holding two tasks
I am embarassed give any instruction
Who am I?
No matter what I can still survive
- do not understand
- think that I dont wanna go
- wondering whether I dont want to step down
- or the boss wont let me go
- accused that we refuse to give other people chance
- complaint about who should give the approval
- ignore and over rule me
- show their excitement without even care about my feelings (how I wish that I nominated all of them to the post...😈😈😈..really wanna see how they would react 😂😂😂)
- who cant hide their surprised seeing me still there
Hmm...when people do not like me

How I wish I can tell them that I have done everything that I could to prevent all these to happen.
But it did happen...
I have dicussed about this with the boss and the officer and I even reminded them at end of March, early June and early July
But it did happen....
I even reminded the officer again last week
On 21 july we both really furious...
What? The relevant department have not done anything yet ....😠😠😠😠.
Whatever happens who am I to deny it from happening?

But I have to keep on fighting!!!
With two phone calls to the relevant department today
And discussion with my boss
Hoping for their understanding
I can finally say I got what I want

But I can't hide the fact that I feel a bit dissapointed
That department asked when the term ended, blaimed the top for not available and suggested solution that burden me more
So I need to be proactive and proposed the alternative
However, the proposal should come from my boss 😅 officially.
The boss didnt say much, agree with my proposal and suggested who should take over....
He was happy to let me go...
After all I have done...
That it is? just like that?
Hmm .....
...when the one who should be responsible with all these chaos just wanna ease her work
...when the boss do not like you.....

Hmm....when everyone do not like you
Accept it!!!
Why bother to think about it when people do not even care about me?
 I should be grateful
My prayer is answered
So now...finally

Monday, July 24, 2017

Too late

While I was a coordinator for a program two years ago,  I have developed certain calculation  system using excel.

Last year I planned to develop it properly and registered it to get the copyright. I even planned to make as android application.

I have totally forgotten about it until something came up this weekend. Thus, I planned to get the fund to upgrade that system and collaborate with IT friend as well as to attend a special course on developing android application.

And tonite I really surprised and dissappointed to know that certain party has grabbed that issue immediately and just launched the similar system as what I planned yesterday 😭.

No matter how upset I was...I have to accept was not meant for me. Thing happens for a reason. Life must go on.

I learnt my lessons....
##whenever I am thinking of something I should do it ASAP to avoid any regret
##God punish me instantly if I did bad deeds.

Energy for tonite

Yup...these were my dinner to keep me energetic while preparing material for my customers TONITE...

This morning my day started  at early as 5am.
I have been struggling to prepare the evaluation report for senior customer's project for nearly a week. I only stopped writing it at to had lemang, sambal and serunding ikan for brekky

Then off I went to office. I had appointment from 11-12.30pm, had lunch and really focus to complete the evaluation report till 4.30pm in my cave 😉😉😉. Alhamdulillah I managed to send the report to the relevant party around 5pm.

Actually the deadline for this task was 7 july. But, I was too busy with many things or too tired that I just ignored it. Then, last week I got the reminder from the related unit that they has changed the deadline to 21 july. Ok...yes finally I managed to check the project report by friday 21 july morning. Then, I started to write the evaluation report around 2pm with the intention to finish before 4pm and submit it asap...Hmm...just in my dreams..I cant fininsh it even I stayed at office till nearly 7pm. So I have to bring it home and trying to complete the report that night as long as I can submit before 11pm....

When I nearly arrived home, I realised that I didnt bring nasi lemak given by my staff. When I arrived home...I was really shocked to find out that I have not bring the project report home 😭😭. So I have to go back to the office even thpugh it was nearly maghrib n my ofc floor usually seems scary....But this was really urgent.

Guess what...I did took the project report.  But I didnt  write the evaluation report...My friend's words made sense to me...It is already friday. The related unit can only process it on why bother rushing to do it that nite 😂😂😂.

Maka, nikmatilah nasi lemak rupanya telur basi

And this ice cream while enjoying watching My Sassy girl

On SATURDAY, I keyed it the work plan for end of year in the system. The funny thing I only realised that morning that I left out one of the colleague in the plan. This was not the first time even the coordinator have checked it 😅. As a consequence I have to rearrange certain plans.

Later I need to update the work plan for the three quarter of the year. It was not that easy...before I can really update it I have to make calls to several colleague asking for their previous work, changing plan for them and even certain of them need to handle two new tasks. A bit frustrated when one of the colleague strictly say no...she refuse to accept that task, argued that not in her job scope...seriously??? Our committe have made the decision that everyone should able to do certain basic tasks. She even produced manual for that tasks but for different customer. Luckily I managed to coax one of the younger colleague to accept the task 😅. What a relief once done with the plan update, task entry and send it via email to the relevant party and committee....

My activities on SUNDAY are out of my weekend routine....put rubbish outside and cleaned the porch around 7am, had early breaky and hand washing clothes. And suddenly my lazy sunday feeling came 😅😅😅, sleep, ig, fb and tv. That explained why I didnt prepare the report.

Psst...I cooked this for lunch.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tak faham

Memang tak faham
Kalau orang yg tak faham turut beri komen
Yang tak pernah ambil peduli pun kecoh
Yang bukan ahli pun nak tunjuk hebat berhari-hari
Seperti biasa hanya dia sahajalah hebat dalam semua
Lagi tak faham
Bila mereka turut menyalahkan
Ya...masing2 dengan pendapat masing2
Nak tunjuk jaguh jangan sampai menghina

Keliru pula
Bimbang jadinya
Hari ini kita dengar pendapat pakar
Ok...yang disalahkan itu tak salah
Cuma perlu penambaikan penyampaian, penerangan dan pelaksanaan.
Perlu ingat apa yg nak disampaikan itu untuk siapa?
Si penyampai atau penerima?
Gayanya untuk penyampai ....
Ok...bukan salah yg di atas
Cuma penyampai perlu berhati2 membezakan
Bagaimana pula dengan apa yg dirujuknya?
Itukah masalahnya???
Dan terbongkarlah sesuatu...
Baru ku tahu siapa antara penyedianya...
Panas punggungkah kak?
Lain kali jangan curi customer saya
Eh!!! Ke situ pulak 😅😅😅

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Syukur apa yg ada

Selama ni rumah jiran kiri memang tak berpenghuni. Walaupun rasa takut dari segi keselamatan tapi aku rasa lebih privacy. Tapi ketika bulan puasa I dapat tahu dah ada pemilik baru. Alamak! Terus rasa tak seronok. Lagi rasa tak seronok bila 2 minggu lepas katanya nak pasang something between our house. I am ok as long as tak blok my view n make my house dark.

I ada berangan to buy that house since it got large area. Tapi owner pernah cakap tak mau jual. But once it up on the advertisment I have already got something else. Memang tak mampu lah. Memang bukan rezeki I. So bersyukur dengan apa yg ada...

Tadi dapat tau rupanya this man got this house at low price. Terkilannya lahai.....Tapi kena sedar diri. I tak mampu dan tiada ilmu in bidding house grateful with what I have and enjoy it 😀....

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Duta Domino Pizza

Jumaat lepas dah order pizza+drummet

Semalam order pizza yg sama + spageti pula.
Kerapkan membelinya...
Boleh jadi duta domino lah kan 😂😂😂
Kena up sikitlah kan
Selalu dapat free kaya bread tu je...
Konon beli pizza utk tenaga stay up siapkan kerja.
Tapi pi terbang ke korea pula 😁.

Akibatnya hari ini pi ofis kalutlah...
Perlu siapkan bhn penilaian utk mesyuarat petang
11am -appointment with customer
Hmm...kalau tak mau beri kerjasama
Pesan byk kali
Gertak pun ada
Buat kita macam tunggul
Dah la sakit kapla
Better tinggalkan je

Pi beli food
Hampir sampai kereta
Tiba2 lori ais parking sebelah
Aku parking senget
Driver parking lurus
Camna i nk keluar
Yg hangin
Dah nampak I
Tetap nak parking situ
Dah cakap nak keluar
Buat tak tahu terus buka pintu lori
Kalau dia minta maaf I ok
Ni tak 😠😠😠
I hamunlah
"Saya nak keluar, cepatlah"
Katanya nak cepatlah ni
Tapi kena tunggu dia keluarkan ais yg cair
Ambil masa pula dalam kedai
Bila keluar buat tak tahu
Ku hamun
Dah la tak minta maaf. Kurang ajar!!!
Guess what dia sahaja berlengah untuk keluar parking
Guess what luckily I perasan...
Dia pi kedai seterusnya
Saja parking tengah jalan
How la I nak lalu kan
Dah la kalut
Luckily I parking dekat dengan lorong lain
Undurlah...then masuk lorong tu
Konon nak kenakan I kan
Niat jahat memang tak jadilah
Dapat dosa selain maki 😁

Balik ke gua lunch+sambung bhn penilaian
2pm kembali ke ofis
Dan berjuanglah menyiapkan bahan
3pm maka bermesyuarat walaupun lewat
After meeting, modify bahan
Then siapkan progress report for special room
Sedar2 dah nearly 6.50pm
So cepat2 balik ya....

Ok now nak rehat
Sambil tengok Biniku Ninja
Sat gi nak sambung kerja yg tertangguh

Dia orang berduit....

****Semalam 11 julai******
Ketika sesi lawatan dan perbincangan
barulah nampak segala yg tersembunyi
atau baru muncul
atau baru perasan
atau baru teringat

Rancang A
Mungkin jadi C+B1+B2
Budget RM2K untuk C
Tapi untuk B1 pun dah cecah RM3.5K 😭
Macam mana nak buat C
kalau B1 n B2 tak selesai

Pi cari yg di atas
Tapi tiada
Tinggalah pesanan
Jumpa pihak pengurusan
Minta no yg boleh dihubungi
Katanya mungkin tiada masalah
Perlu bincang
Siapa tanggung?
Dipesan jangan timbulkan nak kongsi

Bila dihubungi
Katanya informlah pengurusan
Dulu pun dia begitu

****Hari ini 12 julai*****
Jumpa pengurusan lagi
Ku khabarkan ada yg cadangkan buat aduan
Tapi tanyanya sudahkah atasan dihubungi...
Hmm...aduan itu cadangan atasanlah..
Ok faham...
Aduan sahaja
Tindakan sendiri
Tanggungan sendiri
Bila tak mau beri kerjasama
Baru mereka main peranan 😰

Ku hubungi yg diatas
Lampirkan semua
Tau apa katanya
Soalan dan Bebelan ....
Apa respon pengurusan?
Itu akibat kerja tak diawasi
Pengurusan perlu cadangkan
apa yg patut dibuat
Bila ku balas
Pengurusan kata tanggungwab kami
Dia senyap 😰

Semoga hatinya dilembutkan
Semoga ada jalan
Semoga urusanku dipermudahkan
Ya Aziz Ya Jabbar Ya Mutakabbir....
Ya Razak Ya Fatah Ya Wahab

****Update 13 julai*****

Late last nite yg di atas respon
I pulak patut report pd seller
Tak berkesan pi newspaper
Perlu proaktif bla2....

Since haritu dia kata pernah buat
So I tanya apa respon dan tindakan seller
Tau apa dia cakap
Tak cuba tak tau

Beginilah ya orang berduit
Orang senior
Sepatutnya semakin kaya semakin ada hati
Semakin senior semakin ada toleransi

Bertabahlah duhai hati
Kita ikut cara dia...
Ok pemaju ...
Ko tunggu aku datang
Walaupun aku tahu apa jawapannya
Takpe nanti ku tunjuk pada si atas ni

Aku masih berharap
Aku masih berdoa
Supaya dia faham dan boleh bertoleransi

Monday, July 10, 2017

Lempeng hangit Cekodok rentung

Well that were my brekky during weekend....
Propa je lebih ek 😄😄😄
Not that bad lah 😁😁😁

Lempeng pisang -banana pancake on saturday

Cekodok pisang-banana fritters on sunday

Banyak nak cerita.... laterlah.
Yang penting I am happy it was a productive sunday 😄.

Now dah 1.10am,  oklah nak zzzzz.
But how...mata segar bugar 😅😅😅

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dear friend ...

What a surprise !!!
When the time comes who are we to deny that
Yes...I admit I cried to hear about your good news
Not because I am sad that you will leave me alone
I am grateful that your efforts are fruitful and your prayers are answered...Alhamdulillah
This news
....remind me about the greatness of Allah
....give me hope
....inspire me to keep on believing, making effort and praying....

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Menu raya ke -7

Semalam lunch and dinner with sambal hitam dan telur


Semalam plan macam-macam. Tapi hmm....faham-faham je lah.

Adab beraya

Bila IG Post Chef Wan menjadi viral
Ramai yg beri respon
Ramai juga yg buat FB post
Ada yang setuju
Ada yang sebaliknya dan sentap 😅😅😅

Aku memang sangat setuju dengan chef wan
Jagalah adab ketika beraya

Luckily pengalaman aku biasa je 😁
Bila datang konvoi raya
"Rumah ko ni tak mau cat ke"
"Nampak berisi sekarang ya"
"Ko bila nak kahwin...memilih sangat"
"Mano daging eh...kerisek yo ni ha"
Eh ada juga yg pi alihkan perabut kami semata2 nak bergambar 😰😰

Bila datang bebudak beraya
1. Makan berterabur atas meja tu biasa, tapi yg tak tahan buang kuih bawah meja
2. Kalau dah kuih dalam balang dah habis, minta tuan rumah isi berulang kali
3. Bila tuan rumah jemput ke meja makan, pi sepahkan ruang tamu
4. Bila gaduh adik beradik, pi bergusti dalam rumah orang
5. Bila tuan rumah dah beri duit raya, simpan teruslah. Janganlah pi buka depan tuan rumah atau pi buang sampul depan pintu atau di halaman
Dan banyak lagi....

Pengalaman orang lain memang macam2...
Lagilah teruk...
Memang tak sangka ada tetamu gitu
Tapi memang urut dada bila baca komen yg sentap pasal anak2 😅😅
"Biasalah budak2...dah tegur dah bantai pun buat jugak"
"Dulu tu perangai ko baik sangatkah"
"Ko tiada anak ko mana tau"
"Budak cerdiklah tu...Kalau budak tu senyap je mesti sesuatu"
"Tak maulah marah2 anak...nanti hilang mood raya"
"kalau tak suka org datang beraya tutup pintu tutup pagar"
"Letak banner depan rumah ...dilarang masuk bla-bla...."
"Kunci je lah sekut raya dalam lemari sampai raya haji"
"Tuan rumahlah kena simpan barang elok2"
" tuan rumahlah yang kena tegur anak-anak kami"
"Perlu beri ruang kpd anak2 untuk explore"

Amboi hanginkah 😅😅😅
Terasa pedasnya cili tukah?

Ada ibu bapa yg doakan orang yg setuju dgn pendapat chef wan agar dapat anak hiperaktif 😠😠
Hmm...kalau dah parents sendiri EGO tidak boleh ditegur  dan mendoakan yg bukan2 untuk orang yg menegur, no wonderlah mereka bermasalah nak tegur anak masing2....

I am sure sekarang dah ramai ada autism/hyperactive awareness...
Takkanlah tuan rumah melenting kalau dah tahu ada anak2 istimewa gitu...
The issue now is we are talking about how parents deal with ill behaved normal kid while beraya!!!

Macam2 kan....
Yes kids just being kids
Sebelum menuding jari kepada tuan rumah dan nak mereka FAHAM
Sebelum menuduh tuan rumah tak ikhlas dan berpura-pura
Tanya diri kita dulu sebagai IBU BAPA....
Apakah kita FAHAM dan TAHU tanggungjawab sebagai ibubapa?

###Sebelum pi bertandang
Adakah kita KENAL anak kita?
Adakah kita telah PESAN dan beri PERINGATAN kpd anak2 sebelum pi bertandang?

###Semasa bertandang
Adakah kita PANTAU anak2?
Adakah kita PEKA dengan tindakan anak2?
Bila anak2 buat perangai
Adakah telah DITEGUR dan DITEGAH?
Bila anak2 terus buat perangai
Adakah kita beri pelbagai alasan untuk membiarkannya?
Bila teguran pun tak jalan
Adakah kita dah CUBA KAWAL mereka?
Adakah kita dah CUBA URUS mereka?
Apakah kita pernah fikir bagaimana nak mengatasinya?
Adakah kita pernah usaha supaya perkara yg sama tidak berulang lagi?
Bila anak-anak ambil hak orang
Bila anak-anak pecahkan/rosakkan barang orang
Adakah dah MINTA MAAF?
Bahagiakah hidup jika orang TAK MAAFKAN, TAK HALALKAN dan TAK REDHA????

Ya cakap memang senang
Tak lalui tak tahu
Tapi jangan lupa anak tu tanggungjawab ibu bapa
Amanah yg perlu dijaga sebaiknya
Ya masing-masing ada cara sendiri
Tapi Sayang biar bertempat
Supaya tidak merosakkan hubungan dengan pihak lain
Agar tidak menyesal pada masa hadapan
Agar tidak disoal kemudian nanti

Silalah jaga tindakan/kata2 masing2
Selain didik anak masing-masing sebaiknya
Pendidikan bermula dari rumah....
Ya rumah kita, bukan rumah orang lain tau
Kita yg corakkan kain putih itu
Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya
Jangan tunggu jadi lemang
Layanlah mereka sebaiknya
Jika perlu tegur, tegurlah dengan diplomasi

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Gery biscuit for raya?

Pernahlah dengar pasal biskut ni.
Akhirnya hari Rabu lepas terjumpa 😀.

Sedap juga.
Tiba2 teringat crackers+cheese dip in woolies land down under.
😅😅😅....sorrylah I cannot move on from my life there. The mixture of fun and painful 4 years of my life 😢😍.

You all masih berayakah?
Masih di kampung?

I went back to my home on thursday. I could not stay longer in my hometown since I just lazed around doing nothing except sleeping, eating and FB/IG 😅😅 regardless of my long list of things to do. Starting from assessing proposal and report, preparing for customers evaluation, checking documents for customer's temporary exchange, transfering data for my substitute, up to travel claim etc.

While I was taking bath suddenly I felt deep in my heart that I dont want to go. Even my mum said she wish that I can stay in kampung till saturday. But I have to be strong...lots of work to be done.

Once arrived here, I went for groceries shopping. Cari juga bekas kuih berdulang tapi sold out. Luckily I remember that I bought Avon food container that still unopened in my office 😅. Oklah tuh.

Balik rumah menghadaplah cheezy wedges and this

Then marathon tonton recorded My sassy girl and Queen of 7 days. So tang mana konon nak kemas rumah dan buat kerja ??? Setakat basuh towel je 😂😂😂.

Hmm ...hari jumaat barulah nak kemas dapur sikit, kemas upstairs, basuh baju dan bersihkan porch. Well...guess what? Petang I tanam pokok rambutan you 😅😅😅...gula batu. Harap tak kena timbus dengan batu kerikil macam last time 😅😅😅. Macam busy ek....idok le...busy marathon Hero seorang cinderella. Tiba2 rasa bosan menontonnya. Selain terbaring due to migraine ...patutlah pun my twin muncul petang tu.

Around 4pm kot ada org press the door bell. Alamak ada tetamukah? How? Nak keep quietkah? Rumah sepah and nothing to serve. Rupanya ada road construction worker minta air. I kan baru balik. Manalah ada stok air. Lagipun biasanya I masak air bila perlu je. Lainlah kalau ada filter. Bila pi dapur I campurkanlah air dalam jug kettle and water container. Cukuplah kot utk sebotol 1.5liter. Tapi bila I tinjau the construction worker has left. Rasa bersalah pulak 😰😰.

Pagi ni I had this for breakfast.

When I was looking at the front of my house,  I notice my neighbor planted mango tree in front of my house not in front of their house..hmmm...why they wanna block my view not theirs??? Then, I kemas downstairs, check customers's proposal  and bleach my old telekung. Now, I having a rest while watching Dia Semanis Honey the musical.