Tuesday, July 25, 2017


When the time comes
I should go
I can be selfish and be free
No matter how desperate and impatient I wanna go
I know I have to stay
Even though no one force me to do so
And there is no black and white
I stay because I feel it is my responsibility
I just wanna finish the incomplete tasks
After all who gonna do so without any payment?
In fact all email/letters are still addressed to me
Moreover the officer stated that technically I have to do so
In addition the boss has warned us that this situation will be dragging...

But it has been going like this for more than a week
I am really tired holding two tasks
I am embarassed give any instruction
Who am I?
No matter what I can still survive
- do not understand
- think that I dont wanna go
- wondering whether I dont want to step down
- or the boss wont let me go
- accused that we refuse to give other people chance
- complaint about who should give the approval
- ignore and over rule me
- show their excitement without even care about my feelings (how I wish that I nominated all of them to the post...😈😈😈..really wanna see how they would react 😂😂😂)
- who cant hide their surprised seeing me still there
Hmm...when people do not like me

How I wish I can tell them that I have done everything that I could to prevent all these to happen.
But it did happen...
I have dicussed about this with the boss and the officer and I even reminded them at end of March, early June and early July
But it did happen....
I even reminded the officer again last week
On 21 july we both really furious...
What? The relevant department have not done anything yet ....😠😠😠😠.
Whatever happens who am I to deny it from happening?

But I have to keep on fighting!!!
With two phone calls to the relevant department today
And discussion with my boss
Hoping for their understanding
I can finally say I got what I want

But I can't hide the fact that I feel a bit dissapointed
That department asked when the term ended, blaimed the top for not available and suggested solution that burden me more
So I need to be proactive and proposed the alternative
However, the proposal should come from my boss 😅 officially.
The boss didnt say much, agree with my proposal and suggested who should take over....
He was happy to let me go...
After all I have done...
That it is? just like that?
Hmm .....
...when the one who should be responsible with all these chaos just wanna ease her work
...when the boss do not like you.....

Hmm....when everyone do not like you
Accept it!!!
Why bother to think about it when people do not even care about me?
 I should be grateful
My prayer is answered
So now...finally

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