Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I learnt my lesson

I was really upset this morning when the officer seems annoyed when I asked him about the letter.
Hello you are the one who did not reply my message yesterday. How would you assume that DONE means THE LETTER IS SENT? Don't you know who suppose to prepare and send the letter?

And when he sent me the copy of the letter....
Backdated letter?

Ok...keep Calm.
I tried to be cool while having the discussion with my customer. Hoping thaf I am not carried out my upset feeling in the discussion.

Ok...once done
Off I went to Bank rakyat.
Get the loan statement.
Paid the balance...
And guess what ...I have to climb up the stairs again to get the settlement letter 😠😠😠
Suddenly I remember that I have not change my atm card to debit card...
So just settled everything here in one go.

Then off I went to somewhere
But my mind is not with me
Still thinking about the morning issue
How dare the officer treat me like that
Thinking that I should made a complaint
Thinking what to write....
As a consequent I have done something funny and yet amusing 😅😅😅

No matter how sincere I wanna help
No matter how people say that I should stay and help
I should get the black white

If I feel something is not right, just tell them
No harm done in explaining my situation

I should fight for my right
Do not let people take me for granted
And must take the credit after my sacrification

Once back at home, I had really late lunch at 3.30pm

And later Sent message to the officer.
Even though during our conversation I was a bit dissapointed with certain of his responses,  I really grateful for his understanding and quick action...
So now you play my rule ok!!!

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