Saturday, May 28, 2011

Senangnya memasak

Who do not want to eat food to their liking but easy and fast to prepare and cook?
Here is my version of easy peasy food which are Nasi berempah, acar and crackles masak merah (23/05/2011)

dried chillies chicken (24/05/2011)

and turmeric prawn (25/05/2011)

Nasi berempah-tumis onion, garlic, mixed spices, ginger, and rempah ikan(rempah daging aku dah tinggal sikit), letak air sikit; then masukkan dalam lebihan nasi ayam hahaha, gaul dan switch on the rice cooker lah hahaha

Acar-you all tahu kan, segala bahan+cuka+gula

Crackles masak merah-tumis onion,garlic,mixed spices,ginger and cardamon, chili powder, tomato sauce, garam; bila dah pecah minyak gaulkan je crackles yg telah digoreng :)

Dried chillies chicken-fry the chicken; tumis cili, bawang besar, garlic, ginger powder,kicap, sos tiram;masukkan ayam, sayur dan garam

Turmeric prawn-fry the prawn; masukkan onion, garlic, chili (green chillies is better) and turmeric; jangan lupa carrot :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lawak bersih and kotor : Part 2

Please refer Part 1 if you are confuse of what's going on here hehehe. When housemate B came home at around 5pm and see another 2 notices near her notice, she said that she didn't write that, but she took from the internet. irresponsible? Doesn't matter where is it comes from. But you shouldn't really just take anything from the internet without fully understand it. In fact who choose that? who put up the notice ? Then, I collected the hairs and swept the bathroom floor and wrote the green words.

which is

I also wrote this
I have collected lots of hair, hope that I will not have to do it again.

I did these with the intention to make everyone at ease. So, my clean freak housemate will be happy to see the clean floor and my not so clean housemate will not repeat her rival purposely. In fact as a reminder that they know this is sharing accommodation. If they do not ever border about other people, why they chose to live here.....whatever......

Then I went upstairs to my room and saw this letter.

I think housemate B wrote it before seeing my green writing. After reading her letter, I feel bad and went down to see housemate B apologising if I hurt her feeling. We express our feeling and later we hug each other :). However, she she prefer not to have that meeting to avoid any further embarassment if we fight each other during the meeting. But I said it would be for the best to have the meeting and we shouldn't blame each other whatsoever. In fact another housemate J also prefer to have the meeting, just to discuss the general issue.

Housemate B also put up another copy of that letter next to my notice in the bathroom.

But suddenly, there are additional sentences on that letter hehehe...........may be she change her mind after reading my green words and may be she thought that housemate S wrote that green words. So, I wrote this message

All these happen on wednesday-25/05/2011. This morning two days after that, housemate J said she wonder why no one come to the meeting. I said to her it suppose to be at nite. So we both check the notice. Yup, it is at 9pm not 9am. She said that she won't be around tonite. Ya, I know it's her clubbing nite. So, I just said that maybe it would be better if we wait until housemate M come back from her data collection. That would be on june. So, I told another housemate A, we just have to cancel the meeting, since housemate J won't be around. You know what???? Housemate A also said that she also can't make it. Come on guys. That's why I just suggested the time. If you cannot make it or know you won't be around why not say so earlier and suggest the time that suits you....Hmmm another two uncaring people...I had enough with you guys-housemate B and S about cleanliness issue, housemate J and A about the meeting issue and housemate M who likes to complain about everything. It's really annoying. But I try not to think about that because I have more important thing to do. Let's have this spicy fried beehoon for lunch today :)

Sedap pulak my beehon nih-bahan/cara : tumis bawang besar and garlic, letak cili serbuk, tomato sos, sos cili Aminah Hassan dan kicap. Dah pecah minyak,baru letak beehon dan garam, masukkan sawi, ketepikan dan pecahkan telur. 1-2 minit lepas tu gaul la and siap :P.
Since we have to cancel the meeting, I can also watch the last episode of OPRAH show tonight :)).............

Update 11:50pm;
Housemate J, A and B knew that we have to cancel the meeting except the clean freak housemate S. But I just wonder why she came back at 9.45pm even though she didn't know about the cancelation of the meeting. Not even a single message or call from her. The funny things were housemate J and A who said that they won't be around at 9pm came back around 9pm and 10pm, respectively. It make think whether they cannot attend the meeting or they do not want to have a meeting. If they do not want to have a meeting just say so. If they can't attend the meeting, just suggest the time that suits them. As simple as that. Even though I try not to think about this, but it make me really dissapointed....:(

Gulai kari octopus

Boleh ke korang makan gulai kari ini kalau rupabentuknya octopus sebegini rupa?

Ada tak the tentakel melambai-lambai hahaha... Aku bantai je masak kari ni tanpa santan last 2 weeks -may the 17th. Senang je. Gaulkan octopus dengan rempah kari ikan, mixed spices, ground ginger, onion, garlic, fennel, cumin, cardamon+crushed tomatoes+salt. Then apalagi masaklah and letak air hehehe....Don't forget zucchini and tomatoes slices for the colorful effect hehehe. The taste? Jangan tanya aku, as long as aku boleh telan, alhamdulillah ;))....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lawak kotor dan bersih

Since Feb/March this year we got this notice in our bathroom

which is written by Housemate S. However, there was a personal message on housemate B's toiletries yesterday
Why? See this picture for the answer :)

Why the notice, why not just tell her nicely????
Housemate S have already done that for several times, but housemate B just ignore it, in fact become the condition become worst.

This morning housemate S, wrote another notice

At 11am I saw this notice

and I think she changed her mind by writing this

Isn't it funny and weird that postgraduate students have this attitude???
So I wrote this notice hehehe


Let’s hold a HOUSE MEETING to avoid any further discomfort or disagreement. In fact we should discuss about weekly cleaning duty too :). How about on Friday -27/05/2011 at 9pm ? Or please suggest times that suit you.

As one of the earliest resident in Unit 5, frankly speaking we never had this problem before. As we all know this is university accommodation, where we have to share with others. We should try to understand and tolerate each other, even though we come from different backgrounds and cultures.

I am really sorry if whatever written here may hurt someone feeling, but I am trying to make us aware that we are sharing this house and hopefully we can live here in comfort and happily. Please do not give me silent treatment after reading this. I hope all of you can accept it since we are postgraduate students who are of course highly educated people. So, any disagreement should be discussed. To be frank, it is so funny to read the above two messages. I agree with both messages even though I don’t like the use of harsh words.

Definitely, we should keep our house clean. I am not blaming people but I just wonder why people just simply ignore about the cleanliness even though someone have told them for several times either by face to face talk or written messages. Personally, it made me uncomfortable every time I go to the bathroom to see lots of hair on the floor especially when the floor is wet. Sometimes, I also feel stress to see that and I try very hard to ignore it because I have more important thing to think and do.

However, it cannot be denied that as an adult we may not like to be instructed to do something. Someone shouldn’t ask other people to follow her/his own rules unless the rules are agreed by others. This is our house, not someone house. Is our house too dirty or are we too clean? This is about cleanliness not about changing others to be like us.

So for whom who wrote these two messages, please be aware that there are another 4 people who live in this house too. For me, IT IS SO SIMPLE :

1. JUST KEEP OUR HOUSE CLEAN. Of course no one wants to stay in dirty house.


For example : If you do not want to pick up your fallen hair, please do not comb your hair in the bathroom.


Someone may feel discomfort to see the mess made by us not only once but every day.

Someone may has difference level of cleanliness, for her maybe it’s already clean but not for us. Someone may getting annoyed when we keep on reminding her frequently.


Case 1 : I am in hurry to go to uni and I don’t have enough time to clean up the mess. But, my housemate may feel discomfort about this mess. I’ll do it once I come back. But, what if someone has to clean the mess made by me ? Not only I made them feel uncomfortable but also put a burden on them. Next time I should wake up early.

Case 2 : Eww….the bathroom is dirty. Hmm maybe my housemate in hurry and she will clean it once she come back. If she forgot, I’ll remind her to do so. But, I want to use the bathroom. So, I just have to clean it by myself or else I’m not comfortable to take a bath. It just waste my time. If I do not clean it, my other housemates may think I’m the one who made the mess. Hope she won’t repeat this again, I am neither her maid nor her mother. But, sometimes I should be tolerate with others. We are only normal people, everyone made mistake.



ChCheers, F

The best thing is just be moderate.
Sharing is caring.
If you cannot care or tolerate with others, just stay alone.................

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My first ever chicken rice....

Yeeehaa!!!!.........At last I fulfill my craving for nasi ayam madu cooked by myself last sunday hehehe.........

Yummy!!!!!!!!!! I got the recipe from Hana. TQ Hana. It took less than one hour for preparation and cooking :). This recipe is a keeper for sure and of course slight modification base on whatever ingredients that I got :). Here's the recipe :

NASI AYAM MADU-source from Hana


Air rebusan ayam (next time ambil kuah sup je )
secukupnya rempah tumis adik beradik(aku guna mixed spices)
1/2 biji bawang besar - dihiris
1-2 inci halia (aku guna serbuk)
1 sudu serbuk pati ayam knorr
daun pandan
(nanti nak letak kunyit-kasi kaler)

1/2 ekor ayam
1/2 biji bwg besar - dhiris
2 ulas bwg putih
secukupnya rempah tumis adik beradik
1-2 inci halia (aku guna serbuk)
1 sudu serbuk pati ayam knorr
myk utk menumis
daun sup(tak letak)
bwg goreng(tak letak)

ayam rebusan td
3 sudu besar kicap pekat manis
2 sudu besar madu

3-4 batang lada merah*
2 ulas bwg putih*
2 biji tomato*/bleh juga gune tomato puri (tak letak)
2 sudu besar sos tomato
2 sudu besar sos chili (aku guna sweet chili sauce)
1 sudu kecil cuka
1 sudu besar gula (aku tambah madu)


> Rebus ayam n halia dahulu. angkat ayam n ketepikan. air rebusan bhg 2. utk sup n nasi.
> UTK NASI - tumis bwg,rempah tumis hingga naik bau. masukkan air rebusan ayam,halia, serbuk pati ayam,daun pandan,garam.kacau rata.then masukkan beras n masak seperti biasa.
> UTK SUP - tumis bwg, rempah tumis sampai naik bau. masukkan air rebusan yg satu bhgn td. n masukkan serbuk pati ayam knorr n garam skit. matikan api. ketika menghidang taburkan daun sup n bwg goreng.
> UTK SOS - blend yang bertnda *. Masukkan dlm periuk/kuali dan masukkan sos,cuka, gula n garam. Didihkan sehingga kuah agak2 pekat n matikan api.
> UTK AYAM MADU - ayam yg dh direbus td campurkan ngan kicap manis n madu. Gaul rata. Perap dlm 10-15 minit. Panaskan minyak boleh la menggoreng. ati2 kadang meletup2 sbb ayam nih agak berair. bleh juga dbakar menggunakan oven. alaskan plate ngan aluminium foil n masak smpai kehitaman sedikit ayam tuh.jgn smpai hangus sudah! :P
> SOS KICAP - lebihan perap ayam madu jgn buang. amik n masukkan sedikit sup ayam td. kacau. dah siap! masa nk mkn sos kicap nih n sos merah leh curah kat ayam td.

Bersemangat sungguh makan nasi ayam dan sup panas in chilly night. Punyalah tak sedar diri, lepas lunch makan chips. Memanglah nipis, tapi kalorinya sangat tinggi tau. Sebelum dinner, pi kudap wafer dan shapes pulak.

Semalam lagi teruk, dah la dinner awal pukul 5.45pm. Pukul 7.50 pm dah mula munched the wafer and shapes dengan banyaknya. Sesejuk ni memang craving for junk food je. Kalau takde, teringin. BIla dah ada, susah nak stop huhuhu. Sepatutnya cuba maintain or reduce weight. Pagi semalam timbang-hanya lose 0.5 kg ke 45.5kg. Harapnya tak naiklah dengan all these junk food. Boleh ke? Exercise pun dah seminggu tak buat.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rasa ingin ku campak si dia itu !!!

Hari sabtu baru ini, si dia buat hal lagi. Siapa dia??? Siapa lagi???

Jika selama ini hanya stop at the beginning of spin-dry mode, tiba-tiba kali ini stop 1-2 minutes after starting the wash mode. Siapa tak hangin once you go downstairs to take supposedly washed clothes, only to find out that the machine got stuck at wash mode. So kena set sekali lagi the timer to wash mode. Not once, but several times. And of course bila wash mode dah ok, spin dry mode pulak problem kan. As on saturday i still can be patient thinking that it may due to unbalanced wash load because of my bed sheet and thick table cloth. But on sunday I turned green because I washed only a few clothes. It was really annoying and wasting my time grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............................Therefore I immediately made a report again. So if the maintenance guys cannot find out what cause the problem or repair that bloody rusty machine, they better buy the brand new one or else I just dispose that machine.

Tapi camnolah aku nak buang washing machine yang besar gedabak ni kan.

Belum sempat ku buang this washing machine, si maintenance guy dah buang dulu hehehe. Tak sia-sia aku buat 3 kali report within one week. Dan hasilnya of course the new one hehehe.

They installed it this morning. Tapi biasalah orang lain yang penat-penat complain, orang lain yang rasmikan...nyampah!!!!!!!! I like this wasing machine because it has hand wash mode hehehe. Si maintenance guy dah set up / fixed the program.

So janganlah ada sesape nak pi adjust pulak hehehe. We just have to choose the wash mode and press the start button. Tapikan aku dah torai hand wash mode tuh, aiyoo tak bersihlah. Huhuhu memang kena betul2 hand wash sendiri jugak. Anyway, syukur Alhamdulillah no more stress because of the rusty machine :)....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menu simple or malas???

Here's my malas menu for dinner last tuesday-17th. Chicken crackles and tomato with ricotta cheese. Nasi briani and triple choc brownies made by my housemate yang memang dalam active mode for cooking and baking. Actually I had the crackles chicken for my lunch in uni for that day as well ;).

My lunch on Wednesday the 18th-Beetroot, tuna in sweet chili sauce and potato salad (+ricotta cheese+black pepper+dried parsley).

Punyalah besar selera, malam tu pi bantai makan maggi asam laksa pulak.

My lunch and dinner on Thursday the 19th and also for lunch on friday-Pasta with tuna in Alfredo sauce. Actually that tuna is leftover from the previous day :).

My dinner on Friday the 20th-Pasta in spicy oyster sauce. The pasta is the leftover from the previous day, not the one in the tuna sauce lah :p. The gravy-garlic, chili powder, black pepper, ground ginger, oyster and soy sauce. Campak-campak aje kan ;))

Well, with that menu, can you believe that actually on Wednesday to Friday that I am actually sick-having cold, fever and runny nose??? I told you so, I am hardly lose my appetite so far since 1994 no matter I am sick or not. However, I just wonder why nowadays I'm easily get sick. Didn't you remember that I also sick about 4-5 weeks ago. Maybe due to the weather and together with my stress mode made me easily infected by the virus. Tapi kalau nak kata tak tahan sejuk, on tuesday I only went to uni in the afternoon and came home before 6/7pm. In fact, I turned on the heater.

Hehehe....teringat pulak haritu bukan buat kerja, tapi lebih kepada my group mate meluahkan perasaan. Sorang bengang coz the school didn't pay his claim. Aud 1000 tuh...takpelah Pak Arab kaya and berkali-kali ganda elaun compared to Malaysian. In fact the indonesian students got aud600 more than Malaysian got for living allowance. Hmm...redha je lah. Nanti orang kata tak grateful pulak. Hmm back to my Arab friend, he got stuck with his research. Since our spv on maternity leave, so he'll join our group in Adelaide for a month. The other one is writing his thesis. Meluahkan kekecewaan dan kebosanannya terhadap our research. Malah, kegeramannya pada our x-spv yang meninggalkan kami...kiranya sesi luah perasaan lah. Memula dia datang nak tanya khabar aku and my research lah, tak pasal2 keluar semua cerita :).

I have problem with research-the cross between the finite and infinite tube...whateverlah. At first I just accepted what he suggested which is for longer finite tube it behaves just like infinite tube. But I think for my case it won't happen because the tube contains many type of atoms. Korang faham ke??? Aku pun tak faham hehehe.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eee..mana hilangnya telinga arnab tuh ?

Buat-buat tanya pulak kan. Don't you see the bite mark? Walaupun sayang untuk digigit, dikunyah dan ditelan, tapi coklat Lindt memang sedapkan :). Ni rupa asalnya.

Kalau masih berbaju begini pulak.

Cantik wrappingnya. Tak sampai hati nak makan kan. Mari kita tengok rakan-rakannya yang lain
Comel-comelkan. Murah giler antara 50cents to aud3....berbaloi-baloi. Sikit bebeno compared to LG's collection hehehe...Actually I bought this one week after easterlah. Check this link. Easter sunday on 24th april. Aku beli on saturday the 3oth. Kira dah basi punya ceritalah kan. Ada aku kisah ;)). Hari khamis dah pi woolies, coklat yang best dah takde. So, bila pi Priceline masih ada lagi sikit saki baki ni. Student kan, so mampu beli yang dah discount after easter sale lah hehehe....Frust sangat, bila Lindt bunny takde kat kaunter depan. Setiap kali masuk woolies or priceline dok tengok je bunny besar tu. Tapi macam mahal sangat. Lagipun besar, takut susah nak habiskan. Anyway syukur dapat jugak rasa mini bunny yang takdak telinga tuh and these eggs hehehe for only aud3. Harga biasa aud8.95 tau....,mana mampu beli, mampu tengok je lah kan hehehe.

Dan ini pulak rakan-rakannya yang di beli di Cadbury factory hehehe.

Clearance kan so for creme egg tuh aud1 je. Dah nak expired memanglah murahkan.

Nougat pun sedap tau...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kuih gunting

Our washing machine broke down just now. Why did it happen while there are lots of clothes to be washed huhuhu. Penat tau nak kasi perah semua kain baju tuh. Apatah lagi the thick track bottom and jeans. Terpaksalah hang dry sebahagian baju tu di bilik air beralaskan surat khabar. Nak pi rumah jiran depan dan belakang segan. Nak pi guna dryer kat bawah takut kegelapan. Lagipun it disgustingly very dirty.

I just lodge a report to maintenance about the washing machine. Stress la jugak kan, takut depa lambat baiki. Tak pasal2 segunung nanti pakaian kotor. Apalagi? Kenalah cari chocolate to stimulate hormone that calm stress hehehe. Dah lah lapar nih. Nak masak apa ek???? Dapat makan kari ngan minum air coke best jugak kan....Lamb rogan josh, chicken tikka and veges curry
Mana nasinya???? Korek sikit

Lepas tu kita kudap pulak kuih gunting ni ha.....

Hmm....berangan je la. Kuih gunting tuh aku buat awal bulan 5 haritu. SEkarang ni serdak pun tak dak......

I told my housemate about the broken down washing machine even though I used another power point. You know what? She told me that the microwave and the kitchen hood/fan were not functioning too. So, we came to conclusion that there must be something wrong with the power point. So, we went outside to check the main electrical panel board and apparently one of the button turned itself off. My housemate just pushed the button on and alhamdulillah all three devices function again :)...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Asam pedas ikan parang bertelur

Semalam jenguk rumah Mat Gebu, terliur tengok asam pedas ikan parang. Mana nak cari ikan parang kat OZ nih. Teringat my mum's asam pedas ikan parang.

Sedap sangat bila ada sawi/lobak jeruk. Lagi sedap jika ditambah bunga kantan ataupun daun kesum. Berebut-rebut jika terjumpa telur ikan hehehe. Dulu jadi rebutan me n my sis. Tapi tahun ni berebut dengan my nephew tuh. Dia siap cakap dia nak bahagian yang besar hahaha. Luckily tak jadi macam cerita batu belah batu bertangkup berebut telur ikan apa yek...tembakul ke?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nak pinjam sikat, boleh?

Awatlah blogspot problemo nih. Hari khamis dah mula buat hal. Tapi semalam seharian tak boleh sign in....

Kes 1-Day 1

Kawan Indonesia: Can I borrow your comb?
Aku: Hmm...what? (Tokojut den)
Kawan Indonesia: Can I borrow your comb?
Aku: Hmmm......Alamak camna nih...aku tak suka share benda peribadi...geli, tapi aku tak reti camna nak cakap. Silap cakap, nanti kecik hati (ambil masa nak jawab sambil fikir dan cakap dalam hati)
Kawan Indonesia: Is it ok?
Aku: Ok...(macam kena pukau pulak)
Kawan Indonesia: Are you sure?
Aku: Hmm....Ya Allah, apa aku dah buat nih...(dalam hati) menyesal tak sudah sambil rasa nak hantuk kapla kat dinding. Dilema antara geli and tak sampai hati. Selain tak tahu how to say No.

Kes 2-Day 2

Kawan Indo: Can I borrow your comb?
Aku: ....(tak cakap apa, hulur je)
Kawan Indo: Thank you (sambil pulangkan sikat aku)
Aku: Hampeh betul ko Indon, dahlah pinjam sikat orang, sampai basah pulak tuh. Wei tu sikat kayu lah...bengong!!!!! (dalam hati huhuhu)

Tidak lama selepas itu sehinggalah sekarang kelemumur aku yang dulunya yang kejap ada kejap tiada tapi jika ada sangat-sangat sedikit and halus, tetiba menjadi banyak dan berkeping-keping. Tetiba aku rasa geli yang teramat dan loya bila mengenangkan pernah berkongsi sikat dengan kawan aku itu. Menyesal tak sudah tu jangan cakaplah kan :(. Mungkin, peningkatan kadar kelumur kerana shampoo yg aku pakai, mungkin juga pasal resdung aku, tapi tidak mustahil berjangkit dari rakanku. Lepas nih kena pandai tolak permintaan camtuh.

Kes 3

Aku sedang pakai lip balm.
B: Nak sikit
Aku: Takpe ke nak guna ni (Marahkan diri sendiri dalam hatilah, kenapa susah sangat nak cakap "Maaf, tak boleh"
B: .....(tak ingat apa dia cakap)
Aku lap dulu lip gloss dengan tisu dan bagi B(Marahkan diri sendiri kerana begitu mudah menyerahkannya pada B)
B: Thank you (sambil hulurkan semula pada aku)
Aku ambil lip balm dan lap dengan tisu....nak buang sayang pulak

Kes 4-Day 1

B: Bawak sikat tak? Nak pinjam.
Aku: Alah..awak kan pakai tudung. Guna je lah tangan.
B:......(aku tak ingat apa dia cakap)
Aku: Takpe ke? Akak ada kelemumur.
B: Takpe
Aku: Takdelah, kakak akak tak suka akak pakai sikat anak dia. Tiba2 je budak tu ada kelemumur.
B: ......(aku tak ingat apa dia cakap)
Aku: .... Alamak camni nih...susahlah nak cakap tak boleh. Bila dah bagi hint2 macam tu patutnya fahamlah (dalam hati)

Kes 5-Day 2

B: Nak pinjam sikat.
Aku:....(hulur je la dengan sakit hati)
B: TQ(sambil pulangkan sikat)
Aku: Eeeeee basah (sambil lap sikat di cadar)
B: Eh! Biar saya lap
Aku: Sabar jelah dengar orang yang tak sedar diri ni. Tak pandai nak jaga barang dan hati orang (dalam hati)

Kes 5-Day 3
Minah ni buat perangai. Dia tolong bawakan barang kami. Aku dah offer nak bawa, dia tak bagi. Tiba-tiba dia nak pi somewhere. Tapi kami tanya tau ke nak pergi situ. Tetiba dia sentap dan mood monyok tak tentu pasal. Padahal kami yang bersungguh-sungguh cari tempat tuh. Dia ikut je. Handphone canggih dia yg ada gps puntak boleh harap. Lagi sakit hati bila dia suruh kami bawak barang kami, dan dia bawak barang dia. Berat katanya. Padahal, total berat barang tu tak sampai pun rasanya 600gm-1kg je. Sesi mengumpat bermula.

C: geramlah kenapa dia camtuh.
Aku: Entahlah, apsal tah.
C: Dia marah kita sebab bawa barang kita ke.
Aku: Tak kot. Akak dah offer nak bawak.
C: Spoilt je. Tak sukalah...Kecik hati...bila dia bagi barang kita, dia bawa barang dia. Berkira sangat. Padahal akak dah banyak tolong dia.
Aku: Itulah ada camera sendiri. Nak jugak tumpang camera orang. Bila ambilkan gambar kita, kalau tak elok tak cakap pun. Tapi, bila dia suruh kita ambilkan gambar dia guna camera kita, dia suruh ambil banyak kali lak tuh. Pulak tu ambil gambar ntah apa2. Akak kalau ambil gambar orang sungguh-sungguh. (Hehehe, memang lepas tuh everytime depa ambilkan gambar aku mesti tengok dulu, takut nyesal).
C: itulah
Aku: Tu sikat tuh, akak gelilah nak share sikat dengan orang dan....(cerita pasal kes 1 and 2). Tak nak geli, akak anggap dia macam adik sendiri. (Hish! kalau adik beradik dan anak beranak pun belum tentu kita nak share sikat kan....)
C: Peliklah...
Aku: Baik lupakan je. Nanti ingat sakit hati.

Kes 7-Day 7

B: Ada bawak bedak tak?
Aku: Ada. Tapi bedak compactlah(Aik takkan bedak pun nak pinjam, ni lagilah geli nak share)
B: Nak pinjam, boleh?
Aku: Hmm, kalau bedak biasa oklah. Ni bedak compact.
B: Boleh tak?
Aku: Tak kot. Sorry yek...

YEAY!!!!! At last I got the guts to say NO!!!!!


Dan last nite, aku sakit hati sangat bila si B, pi letak gambar aku dalam FB. Aku dah pesan jangan letak, jangan tag. Tapi dia letak jugak walaupun tak tag. Kata nak privatekan. Tapi aku tengok ramai je orang yang aku kenal komen kat gambar tuh. Nak berlagak punya pasal. Konon ada kawan Irish and Denmark. Yelah selama ni walaupun di OZ serumah ngan orang Thai, ofismate orang Indo n Sri lanka.....Hmm....kalau camtu, gambar dia or gambar pemandangan yg aku ambil, sorrylah aku nak bagi dia. Aku nak watermark, so aku taulah kalau dia guna jugak gambar aku tuh. Dahlah kedekut nak beli pendrive and memory card. Kedekut tapi nak ambil kesempatan kat orang lain.

Kes 8

B: Camna ya. Memory card saya ada 512MB je.
Aku: Bawalah pendrive, nanti transferlah.
B: I tumpang you jelah.
Aku: Mana cukup. I sehari guna 2 GB.
B: Berapa harga pendrive?
Aku: 4GB dalam aud12 kot, kalau 8GB dalam aud20 kot
B: Mahalnya....
Aku: akak dah survey memory card, 8GB ada yg aud40 ada yang aud60.
B: Mahal.

Kes 9

B: Nak beli airlah. Hauslah. (masuk Reject shop cari air yang kononnya murah, less than aud2)
Aku terus ambil coke dan bayar aud3. Yelah kalau mineral water pun sama harga.
B: I tak jadilah beli air. Mahallah, I minum air you jelah.

Kes 10
Semasa sesi ngumpat B yang berkira and suka ambil kesempatan

C: Sebab tu saya, kalau share beli barang dengan B, saya suruh dia bayar dulu. Kalau saya bayar dulu, dia lupa terus nak bayar kat saya.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

oh ! My jeans....

Pagi tadi bila pakai seluar jeans yang sendat diperut and peha bulan lepas, tetiba macam senang je nak sarung. Rasanya kat bahagian pinggang macam longgar 1 inci pulak, walaupun perut masih moncit. In fact the previous two days terperasan yang kaki seluar jeans yang lain kotor gara2 menyapu lantai dan jalan. Seluar tu biasanya muat2 je kat bahagian pinggang tetiba melorot sikit ke bawah. Apa maknanya tu ?????

Maka dengan bunga2 harapan aku pun pi menimbang berat badan. Alahai ku sangkakan turun 3 kg.....hmmm...1 kg je....Penat aku jalan everyday for a week tau. Ada sekali tu sampai 3 hours walking and climbing even though it's only 6km distance.

Olehkerana frust dan juga malas tak sempat, maka hari ini for lunch aku pi oporto membeli set single fillet bondi burger, small chips, mashed potato, choc mousse and 375 ml can coke. Mau tau kalorinya????? 1311 calories for lunch set which made up of 379+ 255+ 87+310+280. That value is greater than the total of my daily goal calories, 1200 cal. But if I wanna lose weight, my food intake should less than 1200 cal, maybe 800-900 cal. Tapi kalau dah lunch je dah melebihi total intake, jangan haraplah nak lose weight kan....So, kalau simpan burger for dinner tonite and choc mousse for tomorrow , masih melebihi 900 cal .....:(.....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sempoi dinner

I went to city yesterday afternoon. Bila pi priceline tengok ada barang murah hehehe. Boronglah apalagikan. Nanti je lah aku buat entri pasal barang tu ;)).

This is my dinner- chicken crackles, ricotta cheese etc....last nite.

Macam tak sesuai je for dinnerkan. Lapar giler coz I didn't had my lunch due to in hurry for shopping hehehe. My friend already had her lunch, and I think it is not nice of me having my lunch somewhere while my friend bored of waiting. So, definitely I was starving...serve me right for not having early lunch.

Actually I only slept at 2.40am that morning. Definitely not in dreaming mode of the royal wedding. Tapi sibuk survey and surf tenet for my project with friends. Punyalah aku dok buat benda tu since 11pm. Sesudahnya my friends not even say thanks and appreciate with what I have done, in fact look down on it...siap kutuk tuh. I don't know whether I can survive with them when the day come huhuhu...

Butter prawn

Sila abaikan minyak yang segantang tu ya begitu juga telur urai yang tak menjadi ;))

I cooked this last Friday-a very special day of 29/04/2011. What is so special about this date? Come on, I am sure that you mengadap depan tv watching the Royal Wedding dalam mode kagum dan berangan (macam saya :P)
Aku start tunggu depan tv pukul 5pm. Tapi pelik kenapalah baru nak bentang red carpet and bosan giler menanti. Bila check tenet barulah tau upacaranya at 8pm OZ hehehe.

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