Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menu simple or malas???

Here's my malas menu for dinner last tuesday-17th. Chicken crackles and tomato with ricotta cheese. Nasi briani and triple choc brownies made by my housemate yang memang dalam active mode for cooking and baking. Actually I had the crackles chicken for my lunch in uni for that day as well ;).

My lunch on Wednesday the 18th-Beetroot, tuna in sweet chili sauce and potato salad (+ricotta cheese+black pepper+dried parsley).

Punyalah besar selera, malam tu pi bantai makan maggi asam laksa pulak.

My lunch and dinner on Thursday the 19th and also for lunch on friday-Pasta with tuna in Alfredo sauce. Actually that tuna is leftover from the previous day :).

My dinner on Friday the 20th-Pasta in spicy oyster sauce. The pasta is the leftover from the previous day, not the one in the tuna sauce lah :p. The gravy-garlic, chili powder, black pepper, ground ginger, oyster and soy sauce. Campak-campak aje kan ;))

Well, with that menu, can you believe that actually on Wednesday to Friday that I am actually sick-having cold, fever and runny nose??? I told you so, I am hardly lose my appetite so far since 1994 no matter I am sick or not. However, I just wonder why nowadays I'm easily get sick. Didn't you remember that I also sick about 4-5 weeks ago. Maybe due to the weather and together with my stress mode made me easily infected by the virus. Tapi kalau nak kata tak tahan sejuk, on tuesday I only went to uni in the afternoon and came home before 6/7pm. In fact, I turned on the heater.

Hehehe....teringat pulak haritu bukan buat kerja, tapi lebih kepada my group mate meluahkan perasaan. Sorang bengang coz the school didn't pay his claim. Aud 1000 tuh...takpelah Pak Arab kaya and berkali-kali ganda elaun compared to Malaysian. In fact the indonesian students got aud600 more than Malaysian got for living allowance. Hmm...redha je lah. Nanti orang kata tak grateful pulak. Hmm back to my Arab friend, he got stuck with his research. Since our spv on maternity leave, so he'll join our group in Adelaide for a month. The other one is writing his thesis. Meluahkan kekecewaan dan kebosanannya terhadap our research. Malah, kegeramannya pada our x-spv yang meninggalkan kami...kiranya sesi luah perasaan lah. Memula dia datang nak tanya khabar aku and my research lah, tak pasal2 keluar semua cerita :).

I have problem with research-the cross between the finite and infinite tube...whateverlah. At first I just accepted what he suggested which is for longer finite tube it behaves just like infinite tube. But I think for my case it won't happen because the tube contains many type of atoms. Korang faham ke??? Aku pun tak faham hehehe.

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