Sunday, September 30, 2018

Makcik berjerawat dan berjeragat

Hari Jumaat
Entah apa yg aku buat pagi tu
Akibatnya lambat pi ofis
Luckily tak terlupa ada appointment dengan customer.
Biasalah ada yg common sense utk contact lebih awal
Atau buat temujanji dengan beradab
Ada yang sebaliknya 😠😠😠
Dah ditegur dan disenaraikan what to do
Tapi tak faham juga

11am meeting with senior customer
Blur nampaknya
She need to change her proposal
Yup...why we wanna do something which is so common
And no contribution to others...
Luckily she agreed with my suggestion
And it is still relevant matter....

Then I got 11.45 appointment
It is good to hear other people experience and contribution
No matter how small it is...
Not just to listen
But we can learn as well....

Then, I bought two kfc meals
Yes two 😂😂😂....
The new crunchy meal for lunch and snacker box for dinner...

After lunch I took a nap
A bit flustered when I heard the postman's honk...
Here was the content of the parcel...

From the reviews the sulphur soap can treat acne, eczema, psirocis etc. As for me, I hope both the soap and cream are suitable to treat my acne and pigmentation. You can get it via online such as shopee, lazada or IG seller.

Other than that two skin condition I also got dull, uneven skin tone and scars 😭...

I have been using mask made from honey and soda bicarbonate twice a week for nearly 3 weeks. And I think my skin tone getting better.

So, hopefully the soap and cream can fasten the treatment process....

Monday, September 17, 2018

Kacang panggang dan lempeng gulung

Macam cuti haritu
Cuti kali ni pun I tak pi mana2
Tak balik kampung juga
Selain nak save budget
Kononnya nak buat keroje gak...

##Hari Sabtu
Brekky cucur udang kering
Dan cucur gula Melaka

Dapat pula call dari tenant
Terkunci pulak
Tunggu petanglah ya
I tak larat nak keluar

Dah alang2 keluar
Pi lah beli food for dinner
Air tembikai+sotong goreng tepung+sambal udang petai+keropok ikan...
Perut apakah 😂😂😂

Hari Ahad
Tulislah plan of things to do
Tapi akhirnya tak buat apa pun
Makan leftover lauk yg dibeli semalamnya...

Hari Isnin
Pepagi masak ala2 kacang pool you
Tapi guna kacang panggang je la...
Tak dak roti...
Korek fridge jumpa frozen leftover dominos twisty bread 😂...
Buat jugaklah lempeng gulung...
Udah rope roti kerca ctdk pulak 😅😅

Dah kenyang makan
Sila kemas dan bersihkan dapur
Bersihkan fridge dan microwave
Bersihkan dan kemas bilik bawah
Begitu juga sapu lantai downstairs...

Then kita rehat jap 
Sementara tunggu delivery tauhu begedil for lunch
Dah kenyang kita sort documents ya....

Sampai ke petang tauhu tak kunjung tiba
Documents pun tetap bertimbun...

Macam biasa bila cuti
Tetap tak sedar diri
Tonton movie demi movie
1. The wrong house
A couple moves suburban home in LA with their daughter. However a local personal trainer makes their oeaceful life helish as she has a covert past linked to the home.

2.Dream house nightmare
A couple moves to their dream home. However they encounter a woman with a special need daughter who believes that she deserves the home than them and is ready to fight them for it.

3. Tiny house of terror
A young woman gives up her lavish lifestyle after her husband dissapears and moves to a small house. But only to find things go mysteriously missing and have a constant feeling of being watched. Surprisingly the culprit is her own sister.

4. Under the bed
Inspired by true events. It is about a young woman trying to get over a breakup and befriends with her stalker on social media. Her stalker managed to get into her house and records her daily routine.

5. House of darkness
A family moves to a farmhouse but unbeknownst to them every family that has lived there has suffered some form of tragedy

6. Bad Sister
A student at a boarding school senses something wrong with the school's new nun. Disaster strikes when the nun is revealed as an imposter with a fatal attraction to the girl's brother.

7. Rendition
Thriller movie about a wife determined to find out the truth behind her Egyption husband's dissapperance en route to Washington

8. A wedding do over
A wedding planner specialises in fixing weddings. But when she is forced to work with her ex she begins to question their relationship

9. Eliminators
A former US federal agent abandons the witness protection program when his london home is invaded. His identity cant be found. He is accused as a murderer who actually are the intruders of his home and his daughter is kept under the police protection. He even chased by an assasin hired by his criminal ex FIL.

Aku dan customer: pyscho

##My Thursday....
I was late for my 10am appointment
As a consequence my second appointment was delayed for 30 minutes...
A bit ashamed with this...
I supposed to set a good example

Then I rushed to a meeting
Quite happy to see the change of attitude of certain people...

Guess what??
Something unacceptable happened as I was about to start the meeting.
It made me leave the meeting for a while.
Because of the message from a psychco customer

For 1.5 months he just ignored my reminders thru letters, messages and phone call.
Definitely there are procedures
And we are obligue to term and conditions
So I have made the necessary actions in this kinda problem.

A months ago this customer meet our boss asking for consideration
But I did not get any formal info about the boss decision.
My Head of Unit (HOU) did not tell me anything
Hello if you busy with your outside work
Make sure you got info from your meeting representatuve and convey it to all staf...

Last week the clerk asked me about the customer..
Apparently this customer's family member wrote a complaint letter to top managemrnt blaiming our department 😠
So the top management wanted to know my actions.
Definitely I have to follow the procedure and submit related docs.

The clerk contacted this customer he said he wanna come this week.
But if he came he gonna cause more trouble
I quite annoyed with my HOU coz he didnt reply my message when I asked him about what exactly our department decision on this customer

And out of sudden this customer dared to contact me this week after a long silence
Telling me that he on his way to meet me
and join my program 😠😠😠
Hello it was too late...

To make matter worst
He just ignored my respond
He asked me to give any related document
and he will attend the last session of the program on october...
Is he insane???
Who does he think he is???
Do not follow the procedures
And he expect us to do everything as what he wants
I was too angry to deal with this kinda person
So just asked him to meet my second boss

I told my HOU about this.
And asked him whether he told the boss that this customer is coming...
I have already submitted the docs to penalize him and the other two customers.

Then I contacted my second boss
He asked me to withdraw my penalty due to the customer's lwtter to management
That is unfair to the other two customers
And against the procedures and work integrity
Why must we be afraid?
Custiomer is not always right!!!

No matter how stress I was on this issue
Makan itu perlu...
Tinggal lauk protein je tanpa sayur...
Makan je la...sedap juga rendang tu.

I got meeting at 2pm
At first it was a fun meeting
Let everbody talk
But towards the end it turn upside down when half of them said they can't come for next meeting...
Why did they only tell me on that day...
Why not earlier?

Once back to my office
I told my second boss to get the top management decision before meeting that psycho customer.

Around 5pm
I was shocked...
The psycho customer came unexpectedly
And yes with his obsessive, possesive and overprotective mum...
An adult and his mum ?
I can expect they gonna say
Oh! No!!!!
What I gonna do???

I could handle them calmly...
No matter how I want to scream at them
I can control myself 😅😅😅😅
Yup it was too late...
But as expected buat2 tak faham ...
And ask for consideration
But why didn't my customer contact me all this while?
His mum answered coz takut 😰
Now tak takut pulak.
Owh sebab clerk tanya bila nak datang?

His mum asked me about the program weightage
She also asked about the min requirement to complete it..
I asked her what is her job
She said biasa-biasa je...
Hah! Terkejut bila I cakap cikgu kan
So I turned to my customer where can he can get that info?
Ko dah lama with us takkan tak tahu 😠😠😠

The mum blaiming the department for not informing them ASAP...
I asked the son who is his consultant
And he admitted that he has discussed this with his consultant.
So he has already known about that...
Why put the blaim on us?

The mum talked about the transport budget etc
If that so why did you come as well?
Hello do you think we are stupid?
Makcik janganlah jadi penipu ya...
Dahlah buat anak mcm budak2...
Nak didik anak ko jadi penipu?
Camnalah ko didik anak orang ek???

Malas nak layan...
I told them I have made all the necessary actions
So I can't say anything anymore
Let the department made the decision
I advised my customer to learn his lesson
If anytthing settle it ASAP
and keep in touch instead of keep quiet

I called the coordinator about this unexpedted meeting.
She actually was asked to make a report on him...
I told my HOU and second boss about this meeting...
Later that nite my HOU gave respon to my message..
He has done several necessary actions

I was too tired with all these
I slept early that nite...

Owh here was my dinner...
Fish curry+fried egg plants+sambal hijau

##On friday
I wake up around 12am
And started with my document checking for part 3 and 4.
I slept before 5am..

Around 7am
I continue with doc checking
At 8am I cooked fried rice for brekky

Gunakan sambal hijau+eggplant+telur je...

I got several appointments starting from 10.30am...
Even though they are customers
Sometimes we need to be firm too
They should respect our time as well
Contacting me at night?
As early as 7am?
Asking whether I am free?
Ada ke orang pi keroje tak buat keroje
Dah tu mesej sebutir2...
Cakaplah terus nak set time pukul berapa
Bila masa ko tak available
So senanglah I set the appointment
Lepas tu kalau datang bersama team mate sekali
Communicate each otherlah
Ni tak ...
Sorang set 10am
Sorang set 10.30am 😠😠

Tiba2 my second boss kata ada adhoc meeting at 4.30pm about the physcho customer
But I got meeting from 3-5pm 😰

Here was my lunch

Makan laju2....
Continue with my document checking
Alhamdulillah it was done by 2.30pm
Walaupun berpinar mata 😀

Dah lewat barulah solat zuhur
Sempat buat solat hajat regarding that physco
May Allah ease everything for us and protect us from the unethical matters

At 3pm
As I was rushing to the meeting
I stopped by at senior staf office
Asked her opinion regarding the issue
Yup! She highlighted on being fair...

Alhamdulillah the 3pm meeting went well
We discuss about the document that I have checked as well as other staf...
But I end the meeting 20mins earlier
So that I can join the adhoc meeting

As expected...
The customer and his mother gave so many excuses...
What? The son understanding not the same as us?
What we are in 40s and 50s?
Satu backing anaknya
Kedua pandai2 libatkan umur kami
Tuanya kami kan
Oklah nanti I makan collagenlah
Supaya nampak muda 😉😉😉
Habis anak tu budak lagi ke?
Bawah 21 tahun ke ? 😂😂😂
What? Tak sempat?
Habis 2 hari buat apa?
What? Tiada komputer?
Melambak cc you...
What? it costed a lot?
Habis yg ko datang sekali apahal
What? Need to bring many things?
Macam2 ada?
Habih tadi kata susah nak sediakan dokumen
What?we don't understand their problem?
What? Susah cari side income?
Memang dah cari ke?
Who is our customer actually?
Why must the mother interfere? 😅😠😰

They asked for consideration previously
And they got it
However they broke the promises
And yet they even dare to ask for another condideration
But kept on blaiming and accusing us  😅
They kept on asking the same question and asking for consideration
And the boss have to keep on explaining and givung justifications
Pusing2 ke situ gak...

Luckily the boss was so patient in handling this matter
And suggesting the best solution for all
However at one time she seemed to lose her temper and said that she has given them lots of consideration and yet they are blaiming and accusing us
So take it or leave it.
Hah! Terkejut ke makcik

Yelah siapa tahan
Si anaknya sangatlah sopan dan lembut tutur kata
Tapi degil macam maknya 😅
Si emak kejap raise her voice tone down..
Psycho sungguh dua beranak ni

My boss last words were good to the son
Be mature
Be independent
Pity the mother

Alhamdulillah the boss are on my side
Thank you Allah for answering my prayer
Hopefully this matter will settle soon

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Aku dan Customer : Out of the box

##My Wednesday...
Banyak things to do
Pagi proceed with documents checking for part 2
Lewat pi ofis
Ada appointment 11-12pm
Hangin gak bila dah beri all info
Boleh lak ditanya nak jumpa di mana

I set up whatsapp group for consultation work
Hish banyak soal pulak
Awat ko nak save my numbers kan.
Then off I went to buy food
And fill car fuel
Here was my favourite lunch..

Talapia bakar...

Around 1pm
My friend came
And gave perfume and tupperware as my birthday present 😍😍😍

Around 2pm
My ex customer came unexpectedly
He is interested with our second program
So need to explain to him about it

I got several appointmrnts after 4pm
I just wonder why when it is a team work but the outcome seems like individual work...
Obviously NO EFFORT
Lack of research and creativity
No sign of think out of the box
As well as trying to do their task properly....
I can be the advisor or the consultant

When I checked the record I noticed that my senior customer still has not completed her package.
Need to remind her.
I even noticed that the customer who no longer with us is still in my list.
So need to tell my second boss to solve this problem ASAP.

I went home late.
I had these internal organs for dinner 😂

I just have a rest at home.
 I was too tired to do the documents checking task 😰.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Cuti panjang buat apa? : part2

Kisah cuti 4 hari tak habis lagi
Hah! Mu buat gapo?
I dok rumah ja 😉😉😉

Hari Sabtu
I am still not feeling well...
Headache + mild fever
So I spent most of the day by resting and watching tv.
My family sent the picture of churros for brekky.
It made me drooling la kan...
So in the evening I made my churros ...
See for yourself...menjadi you 😍😍😍

Hah! Menjadilah sangat 😂😂😂

Halus macam cacing je ...
Dah piping nozle saiz tu je 😅
Nak dapat tu je pun
Macam2 hal jadi...
Plastic bag terkoyak
Nozzle terkeluar dari plastic bag
Cuba kali kedua pun terkeluar juga
Then guna piping bag, doh terkeluar ke atas bila dipicit pulak
Susah nak basuh satu hal
Dapur pun jadi tongkang pecah...
So I gave up...
Jika teringin sila beli....

Hari Ahad
Semangat waja with list of things to do
Pagi2 masak aglio olio pasta

Itulah meal for brekky and lunch
Bila dah kenyang faham2 je lah...

Petang tu nekad nak keluar juga
Pi withdraw duit, isi minyak and supermarket
Tapi on my way to withdraw money I got migraine attack and blurry vision
So I have to cancel my plan and just drove back to my home
On my way home I stopped by at speedmart to buy groceries.

Hari Isnin
Kemas bilik bawah
Tengahari buat kek batik pahit bercheese

1/4 butter
2/3 cup low fat milk
2/3 milo
1 tbs van houten cocoa powder
1 slice cheese.
Satu baris biskut marie
No sugar or sweetened milk ya coz milo pun dah banyak gula...

Still tak buat apa yg sepatutnya
Hari cuti yg berlalu dengan sia2
Sepatutnya di tahun baru
Dan usia pun bertambah jua
Tidaklah melakukan yg tidak sepatutnya...
Tapi tewas juga...
Bilalah nak berubah 😰😰😭

Hari Selasa
Seawal 7am I dah pi bersihkan front porch
Then teringin sangat nak makan bubur nasi
Semasa nak keluarkan beras
I teringatkan bubur lambuk pemberian restoren semasa Ramadhan...bulan 6 kan?
So defrost dan masak semula
Tambah air dan rempah kurma je 😀..
Korek fridge jumpa tempeh dan terung.
Ada juga frozen chicken teriyaki
Sambal hitam pun ada...
So here was bubur lambuk for my brekky

Then kalut kemas dapur
Kemas tv area
Sapu dan mop lantai juga...
Around 9.15am rehat jap.
Tonton recorded korean drama she was pretty
Macam best pulak.

So bila electrician tanya jadi ke nak tukar kipas siling and door bell
I minta datang pukul 11
Tapi dia ada kerja tempat lain
So nak datang 3-4pm...

Oklah tu
Sempatlah nak berk-drama
Cuci toilet and handwashing
Terlelap pun ya 😂😂😂

Around 4.30pm
Semasa I dok fokus tonton scary movie
Barulah them datang
Takpelah I buat kerja ofis je lah
Documents checking ...
Risau gak kot tiba2 keluar adegan yg tak sepatutnya 😅...
Luckily it was less than 30 minutes work

Tapi tulah...
Sampai ke sudah
I tak sort the piles of documents
I masih tak kemas master bedroom
Tu semua akibat IG-FB-TV ler kan...

Selain marathon menonton Cinta tiada ganti, I tonton aired and recorded movies. Antara movie yg ditonton...
1. Lights out
When the lights out, terrifying events threatened the safety and sanity of two half siblings.

2. My favorite wedding
When a doctor who always acts as problem solver meets the best man at her best friend's wedding

3. Home again
The life of a separated woman changes when three young film maker move into her house.

4. In time
Sci-fiction movie where people life span depends on the time stamped on their hand. They even have to pay everything in term of time such as 2 hours for bus ticket, a month for a hotel stay etc. It is about a poor man that is falsely accused of murder teams up with a beautiful heiress to bring down the corrupt system before their time runs out.

5. Chasing liberty
While on a diplomatic trip to Europe with her parents, the first daughter escape the secret service and meets mysterious stranger who actually a secret service too.

6. The inherited
When a newly married couple return to live in the house willed to the husband by his first wife who died horrifically, it become a nightmare as the new wife falls into a spiral of suspicion and madness.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cuti panjang buat apa?

Idok le cuti panjang sangat
4 hari je kan...
2 days weekend+2 days public holiday

So you guys buat apa?
Hang pi mana?

Huish! I busy u
Ke sana ke mari
Jadual packed....

Here we were...

From Cameron Highland
Turun ke Terengganu
It was a fun trip
Even though exhausting....

Well...stop dreaming
My schedule were packed with these

Other than sleeping and eatinglah 😅😂😉😜

Oklah later I will update
Now nak fokus buat keroje ...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Craving for crispy snacks and chocolate

On friday...
Even though I was not feeling well
I still have big appetite 😅

I went to Speedmart to buy toiletries
But I was craving for crispy crunchy snacks
So I opted for brown rice chips
I wanted chocolate too...
Unfortunately I only got RM3 left after paying for the toiletries and chips
Not enough to buy cadbury 😭😭😭...

So bertabahlah...
Masa tu rasa insaf sangat
Walaupun terkilan tak dapat coklat
I tau I boleh beli esoknya...
Duit pun ada lagi dalam bank walaupun tak banyak
At least kat rumah ada beras
Ada biskut dan maggi
Ada leftover food
Bayangkan orang susah
yg hanya ada RM3 semata-mata untuk beli makanan untuk sehari
Atau tiada lansung....
So walau apapun ...
I patut bersyukur dengan apa yg ada....

Semasa I dok writing this post
Baru teringat
Awatlah tak guna debit card ek?

Saturday, September 8, 2018

True Color

On friday
I got meeting at 9am
Hard to leave this important and once in a blue moon meeting 😅
I got another meeting at 10am that involved outsider...
So should know which one is the priority...
Quite funny with this second meeting
About a big event...
It gonna be held so soon
But seemed to have problem with the date and venue
Whatever...don't think
There are many other things to think
Let them manage the big things
So just listen and do my part only 😅

Once back to the other meeting
It was good to hear when the seniors gave comments
and kinda expressed their feelings as well...
Yup...after keeping it for so long
So this is the right time to let go ...

Few of us just stayed there after the meeting ended
So we just talked about the event
About certain people who always involve in any event coz being boss's favourite...
We pity them...
And yes when certain people made complaints due to work overload we the invisible group now become visible 😂😂😂...
I even talked about people who hard to pay my money back...
Little that I know our ex-boss was still there
Behind the 😱😱😱😱...
Why my colleagues did not tell me about him?
How could they let me reveal my TRUE COLOR to him 😰😰😰😰....
Luckily I did not talk about him 😅😅😅😅

Once back to my office
I ate kuih cucur badak and donut
I was blank and clueless of what to do
I even got headache
So I took sumatriptan for my migraine...
But my condition getting worse ..
Seemed like mild fever, nauseous and neck pain

I got two appointments after 4pm...
Regardless of my condition I need to stay strong and focus...

It left office around 5.30pm
Very unsual when left earlier than my colleagues 😅

When I am feeling unwell
Normally I will craving of something
Something crunchy and hot
So here are my dinner before taking panadol 😁....except the bun ...

Before off to bed I shared with my customers about people in need. However certain people need a proof before sharing or contributing because being extra careful of scammer.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Gulai tempoyak daun kayu

Hari Sabtu tak buat apa pun
Plannya banyak 😰

Hari Ahad
Main masak2 lah
Gulai Tempoyak daun kayu
Ni bahan2nya

Abaikanlah hirisan pucuk ubi yang gedabak tu ya 😜😜
Nak copek
Dah lapar...

Tapi terlupa letak ikan bilis 😅
Luckily teringat semasa sedang gaulkan bahan2 tu....
Tapi pucuk ubi tu banyak pulak
Petai pun sikit
Cili api 10 biji tak pedas pun
Kunyit tak cukup
Tempoyak juga
Santan pun tak cukup sepaket
So perlu tambah empat bahan tu after sesi merasa...

Akhirnya 😍😍

Yummy 😋😋😋😋
Makan dengan tenggiri goreng

Pagi tu dok basuh baju
Dan kemas dapur
Then off I went to visit my bff  baby
Lepas tu barulah pi kedai
As previous post...
Adalah kisah Aku dan bebudak
Dan kisah Aku dan pakcik landscape...

Balik rumah
Baru terhegeh2 jemur kain
Dan bersilat di dapur
Dah kenyang makan

Eh! Teringin cekodok pulak for tea break...

Penyek pun sodap tau 😉😉😉

Dah senja baru terhegeh2
Nak clearkan sikit bilik bawah
Dan master bedroom

Fahaam2 jelah tonton Big stage
Maka reminder letter preparation entah ke mana
Keroje lain apatah lagi...
Rumah masih lagi macam tongkang pecah 😭😭😭😭....

Aku dan pakcik landscape

Few years back
Ada beberapa kali minta tolong dari pakcik landscape
Minta pekerjanya mesin rumput at front n back yard...
Kira dah biasalah dengan pakcik ni

Tapi pelik
Semalam bila terjumpa di kedai
Dia tanya
" Rumah sebelah rumah pe... ya?. Nombor dua? Tinggal sorang?
Coz terkejut dengan soalan tu, saya hanya mengiakan...

Lagi pelik
Bila dia tanya saya orang mana.
Lah...pakcik tengoklah my car's number plate 😅
No!!! I did not say that...
Just jawab je lah...

Bila balik...
I terfikir kenapa dia tanya soalan begitu?
Jadi risau kerana I pi reveal all that.
Menyesal kenapa I tak fikir sebelum jawab

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Aku, lemon dan bebudak

Harini keluar masuk kedai banyak kali
Memula pi kedai pertama beli pisang dan gula
Tetapi brand santan paket I tak pernah dengar
So tak beli

Then pi kedai kedua
Beli kunyit hidup dan tempe

Pi speedmart cari barang lain pula
Peliklah speedmart dah lama takde stock kopi o Aik Cheong...

Tapi teringat tiada limau kasturi
So patah balik ke kedai kedua
Capai limau kesturi dan lemon
Dalam kedai tu ada ramai bebudak

Bebudak: bolehlah uncle
Uncle kedai: .....(senyum je)
Bebudak: bolehlah
Uncle: .....(hulur lolipop)
Bebudak: ada tak air 50 sen? (Kelihatan penat dan kehausan)
Uncle: nah (hulur lolipop lagi sambil senyum)
Me: kenapa? Nak air ke?
Bebudak: ......(look at me and speechless)
Me: Ambillah. Acik bayar. Tapi singgit je....
Bebudak:....( Terus menerpa ke fridge. Sorang ambil drinking water. Yg dua orang ambil soft drinks)
Me: hah bagus dia ambil air ni. Yg tu air manis tak elok. Tapi takpelah.
Bebudak: tima kasih cik....

I pun bayar semua dan keluar
Tiba2 terperasan I pegang lemon 😂😂
Lah tak bayar lagi 😅😅😅
Masuk semula kedai

Me: lah you tak nampak ke tadi
Uncle kedai: ....(senyum je)

Tiba2 3 orang budak lain masuk
Bebudak: uncle camna diaorang dapat air
Me: Nak.air ke? Ambiklah
Them terus ambil air dan pergi
Me terkejut sangat dan jerit
"Eh! Tak cakap terima kasih ke?"
Them toleh dan cakap
"Terima kasih cik"

Bukan memgungkit ya
Tapi seriously terkejut dengan adab budak2 sekarang...umur lebih kurang 11-13 tahun.
Adab menerima satu hal...
Yamg kedua pula
Berani meminta2 dari pekedai juga
Yang ketiga...
Merayap keluar rumah waktu tengahari paneh berdonting

So parents...
Pesanlah pada anak2 pasal adab bila meminta2 dan bila menerima pemberian orang
Pantau juga waktu keluar rumah...

Hah! Janganlah pulak kata
" takde anak senanglah cakap"
"Ada anak nanti, tunggulah"
"Takkan nak kami kurung anak dalam rumah"

Eh lupa ke?
Anak tu amanah ya!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bila ke Pasar pada Hari Merdeka

Happy Indepence Day Malaysia 😍😍...
Yes...I know...
It was yesterday...
But still in the celebration mode kan

So what did I do on the public holiday?
No Not balik kampung after one week leaves 😅😅😅😅

First I went to Bank Islam
To transfer and withdraw money
Since, the market is very near
So I just went there even though not in my plan 😅...

I bought these for RM9.90...

Very expensive huh
The RM9 is for petai which is not in the picture.

Agak2 nak masak apa dengan bahan gini?

Then I went to Maybank to deposit cash.
Yelah...mana tak kalut
Loan instalment+unit trust payment around RM3k
Tapi duit dlm akaun less than that 😅...
Pulak tu ada hati nak beli Lofar Bag 😉😉😉

On my way home I bought nasi lemak sotong

Rasanya biasa je but I guess harga berpatutan
RM8.50 for nasi lemak sotong+telur mata
+ bungkus rendang ayam seketul...

Bila dah kenyang makan....
Hmm...rehat sakan sampai ke malam 😊

Bila jadi pemiutang...

Bila cakap pasal hutang...
Memang menyakitkan hati...

Pernah ada sorang tu hutang I
Jumlah banyak and dua kali kot
First RM2500 maybe in 2002
Second RM5000 in 2006
Seingat I dia baru bayar RM2500 kot 😭😭
Then senyap...
I pernah minta and letak syarat
Tapi till now senyap...
Bayar tidak, syarat pun tak ikut...
Tapi bila I tengok
Them suka membazir yg tak perlu

Ada juga my customer pinjam RM700
Masalah hutang dengan kawan2 due to tertipu dengan awek...
Konom ada laporan polis etc...
Entahlah susah nak percaya...
he no longer with us
He paid his debt once I asked him to do so

Ada juga yg ada masalah kewangan
Memang orang susah
Both parents and two of his siblings are OKU
So I offered my help in case he in need
On March 2015 he told me that he need money to go back to Kelantan

Then feb 2016 he contacted me
asking for any part time job,
telling about his financial problem,
And wanted to borrow my money
Since I didnt know about any job available
I just told him I will lend him money
But when he came
I doubt on something
His eyes were red...
So I asked him directly in case he took something....

On early March 2016 he sent me the picture of his parents' OKU cards.
And asked to borrow money
So I lend him my money
Then on mid march 2016 he asked to borrow money again
His mother fainted
He need to rush back to Kelantan
I have a lil doubt about that and warned him not not lie to me

On April 2016 he told me he wanna return my money
Unfortunately I had meeting
He even sent the picture of her OKU sister
She looks like him...
So definitely I believe him

On early june 2016 he contacted me
Telling me he still remember about his debt to me but can't pay it at that moment
His father just had heart attack
And he was still having that continuos financial problem
He swore that he did not lie to me
He asked about my opinion on something
I suggested to him to see the right people

On june 2016
I asked him about his decision
And when he gonna back to his hometown
Since it is Ramadhan
The full of blessing month
I asked him to see me....
Small contribution for his family

After raya his just went quiet
I was worry about him
Afraid that he made wrong decision
So I contacted him on Nov 2016
He made the decision and had to put something on hold
He got help from my colleague to raise ducks
Unfortunately most of the ducks dead

On jan 2017 he contacted me
He wanted to borrow money to repair his motorcyle...
Then he just went quiet....

On march 2017
My friend told me that his father passed away due to bleeding in the brain
While his mother still in comma due to stroke

On sept I thought of him
When I was about to type a WA message to him
I saw his wedding picture...
Ko tau ko susah
Tapi ko sibuk nak kahwin
Fokus je la dulu to your sick mother and sister...
Senang cerita tak sedar diri
I asked my friend about it
She confirmed it
She knew it since august
Definitely she was shocked as I am

That really made me doubt of him
And I felt like he just took my sympathy as granted
Whenever he came to my workplace he did not looking for me nor even contacting me
So when his financial a bit ok
He totally forgotten about me
When he in need
Only then he remember my existence
I ni cop duitkah?
Tapi later I fikir positif je la
Busy sangat kot...
Or dia banyak benda nak fikir

Suddenly on mid Nov 2017 he contacted me
Telling that his father had passed away
And he showed to me the newspaper cuttings on his family difficulty
He wanna borrow money to buy diapers for his mum
I asked him to wait until I got my salary
He did not tell me that he has married
So I just asked him about his wife

Then on end of Nov 2017
He contacted me again about that.
Even though I still doubt about him
I didn't want to think too much
When he asked for help
I will help
If he lied to me about his condition
Then it is between him and Allah

End of Disember 2017
I was so shocked to see a toddler in his WA profile
Who is that ???
Very fishy....

On early jan 2018
He contacted me by just giving Salam
I kept quiet
Coz he did not say anything else
Even though I can guess what is his intention
I have no sympathy for him anymore

On mid jan 2018
He contacted me again and asked my help
I asked him whether he want to borrow money
So I just lent it to him...

On 4th feb 2018
He contacted me via WA by just giving Salam
I kept quiet
On 6th feb 2018
He told about his hospitalised mum
And need money for his sister meal
I kept quiet

On 11, 25 and 28 April 2018
He contacted me via WA by just giving Salam
I kept quiet
Hello if you need something just tell me right away...

On early june 2018
He contacted me again
Telling me that he had accident and can't go to work...
He need to send money to his sister to buy diapers for their mum and for his sisters sahur and iftar...
But I just keep quiet...
Yup I seemed so mean
No matter how easily pity I am
But once I lost my trust
I can be a hard hearted person

His last message was on July 2018
And again I kept quiet....
So that is the end of his stories...

Oh! I am still not finish yet...

Another money borrower is my ex-customer
On early May 2017
He contacted me to borrow money
He want to go back to Johor
To visit his to be father in law who is warded
He promised to pay me once he got his salary
But on mid may he has yet to get his salary

On mid June he wanted to see me
To return the money
Unfortunately he claimed that his eyes were swollen and he could not see...

On sept 2017
I asked him to pay his debt
Very fishy when he said he is saving his money to pay me...

The last one is my friend
She contacted me on Mid April 2018
She need to collect few thousand RM
To bail out her nephew
Her monthly income is nearly RM10k
She even busy with her MLM and current popular bussiness
Eh! She often promotes that it is profitable bussiness
So where did all her money go?

My bff warned me not to lend money to her
But she is in need
No matter how doubtful I am
I should remember her kindness and help
When we used to work somewhere else
And we were housemate...
So I just chipped in few hundred RM only
That was all that I can afford
She promised to return my money
by the next week,
Once they got the money from their uncle...
But when the next week came
She kept quiet

Guess what?
On mid May I saw her travelling overseas  video in FB
Hamboi...hutang ko tak bayar
Tapi ko pi melamcong ya...
Hmm...nephew kena tangkap
Atau ko buat pi melancong?
Eh bukan sponsored trip ka 😉😉😉
So buat apa minta sana sini?
Oh! Betulla...flight ticket, accomodation n meal included...
Tapi nak shopping tu faham2 je lah kan....

So I just tested her
Sent message to her
and asked her to pay my money
She said she is at oversea
And will pay me back on the next week
Once her loan applicatiom is approved
Aik setakat nak bayar ratus je pun nak tunggu loan ka?
But when that next week csme
She just kept quiet...

Guess what ?
Why I made a long post about this?
I need moneylah...
My August payment gone in split second 😰😭
Banyak nak bayau
Pulak tu bila balik kg
Pi makan sana sini
Pulak tu I lah the only banker 😅

So this morning
On 31 August 2018
I contacted my ex customer
And my friend
asked them to pay my money
Within one week and by this monday, respectively
Till midnight the customer just quiet
And my friend replied insyaAllah...
So we will see....

The funny thing is
I kinda ashamed to ask people to return my money
It is embarrasing to keep on asking people
Feel like a beggar...
People borrowed my money
But I am the one who have to initiate for them to pay me back
Wonder why certain people did not keep their promises
How can they live calmly and keep their poker face doing that?

Lesson learnt
DO NOT easily have sympathy towards others
DO NOT easily lend money to people
DO NOT lend money more than RM500