Monday, September 17, 2018

Kacang panggang dan lempeng gulung

Macam cuti haritu
Cuti kali ni pun I tak pi mana2
Tak balik kampung juga
Selain nak save budget
Kononnya nak buat keroje gak...

##Hari Sabtu
Brekky cucur udang kering
Dan cucur gula Melaka

Dapat pula call dari tenant
Terkunci pulak
Tunggu petanglah ya
I tak larat nak keluar

Dah alang2 keluar
Pi lah beli food for dinner
Air tembikai+sotong goreng tepung+sambal udang petai+keropok ikan...
Perut apakah 😂😂😂

Hari Ahad
Tulislah plan of things to do
Tapi akhirnya tak buat apa pun
Makan leftover lauk yg dibeli semalamnya...

Hari Isnin
Pepagi masak ala2 kacang pool you
Tapi guna kacang panggang je la...
Tak dak roti...
Korek fridge jumpa frozen leftover dominos twisty bread 😂...
Buat jugaklah lempeng gulung...
Udah rope roti kerca ctdk pulak 😅😅

Dah kenyang makan
Sila kemas dan bersihkan dapur
Bersihkan fridge dan microwave
Bersihkan dan kemas bilik bawah
Begitu juga sapu lantai downstairs...

Then kita rehat jap 
Sementara tunggu delivery tauhu begedil for lunch
Dah kenyang kita sort documents ya....

Sampai ke petang tauhu tak kunjung tiba
Documents pun tetap bertimbun...

Macam biasa bila cuti
Tetap tak sedar diri
Tonton movie demi movie
1. The wrong house
A couple moves suburban home in LA with their daughter. However a local personal trainer makes their oeaceful life helish as she has a covert past linked to the home.

2.Dream house nightmare
A couple moves to their dream home. However they encounter a woman with a special need daughter who believes that she deserves the home than them and is ready to fight them for it.

3. Tiny house of terror
A young woman gives up her lavish lifestyle after her husband dissapears and moves to a small house. But only to find things go mysteriously missing and have a constant feeling of being watched. Surprisingly the culprit is her own sister.

4. Under the bed
Inspired by true events. It is about a young woman trying to get over a breakup and befriends with her stalker on social media. Her stalker managed to get into her house and records her daily routine.

5. House of darkness
A family moves to a farmhouse but unbeknownst to them every family that has lived there has suffered some form of tragedy

6. Bad Sister
A student at a boarding school senses something wrong with the school's new nun. Disaster strikes when the nun is revealed as an imposter with a fatal attraction to the girl's brother.

7. Rendition
Thriller movie about a wife determined to find out the truth behind her Egyption husband's dissapperance en route to Washington

8. A wedding do over
A wedding planner specialises in fixing weddings. But when she is forced to work with her ex she begins to question their relationship

9. Eliminators
A former US federal agent abandons the witness protection program when his london home is invaded. His identity cant be found. He is accused as a murderer who actually are the intruders of his home and his daughter is kept under the police protection. He even chased by an assasin hired by his criminal ex FIL.

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  1. lama tak buat lempeng gulung camtu, buat lempeng kelapa jer