Sunday, September 30, 2018

Makcik berjerawat dan berjeragat

Hari Jumaat
Entah apa yg aku buat pagi tu
Akibatnya lambat pi ofis
Luckily tak terlupa ada appointment dengan customer.
Biasalah ada yg common sense utk contact lebih awal
Atau buat temujanji dengan beradab
Ada yang sebaliknya 😠😠😠
Dah ditegur dan disenaraikan what to do
Tapi tak faham juga

11am meeting with senior customer
Blur nampaknya
She need to change her proposal
Yup...why we wanna do something which is so common
And no contribution to others...
Luckily she agreed with my suggestion
And it is still relevant matter....

Then I got 11.45 appointment
It is good to hear other people experience and contribution
No matter how small it is...
Not just to listen
But we can learn as well....

Then, I bought two kfc meals
Yes two 😂😂😂....
The new crunchy meal for lunch and snacker box for dinner...

After lunch I took a nap
A bit flustered when I heard the postman's honk...
Here was the content of the parcel...

From the reviews the sulphur soap can treat acne, eczema, psirocis etc. As for me, I hope both the soap and cream are suitable to treat my acne and pigmentation. You can get it via online such as shopee, lazada or IG seller.

Other than that two skin condition I also got dull, uneven skin tone and scars 😭...

I have been using mask made from honey and soda bicarbonate twice a week for nearly 3 weeks. And I think my skin tone getting better.

So, hopefully the soap and cream can fasten the treatment process....

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