Saturday, September 8, 2018

True Color

On friday
I got meeting at 9am
Hard to leave this important and once in a blue moon meeting 😅
I got another meeting at 10am that involved outsider...
So should know which one is the priority...
Quite funny with this second meeting
About a big event...
It gonna be held so soon
But seemed to have problem with the date and venue
Whatever...don't think
There are many other things to think
Let them manage the big things
So just listen and do my part only 😅

Once back to the other meeting
It was good to hear when the seniors gave comments
and kinda expressed their feelings as well...
Yup...after keeping it for so long
So this is the right time to let go ...

Few of us just stayed there after the meeting ended
So we just talked about the event
About certain people who always involve in any event coz being boss's favourite...
We pity them...
And yes when certain people made complaints due to work overload we the invisible group now become visible 😂😂😂...
I even talked about people who hard to pay my money back...
Little that I know our ex-boss was still there
Behind the 😱😱😱😱...
Why my colleagues did not tell me about him?
How could they let me reveal my TRUE COLOR to him 😰😰😰😰....
Luckily I did not talk about him 😅😅😅😅

Once back to my office
I ate kuih cucur badak and donut
I was blank and clueless of what to do
I even got headache
So I took sumatriptan for my migraine...
But my condition getting worse ..
Seemed like mild fever, nauseous and neck pain

I got two appointments after 4pm...
Regardless of my condition I need to stay strong and focus...

It left office around 5.30pm
Very unsual when left earlier than my colleagues 😅

When I am feeling unwell
Normally I will craving of something
Something crunchy and hot
So here are my dinner before taking panadol 😁....except the bun ...

Before off to bed I shared with my customers about people in need. However certain people need a proof before sharing or contributing because being extra careful of scammer.

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