Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bila jadi pemiutang...

Bila cakap pasal hutang...
Memang menyakitkan hati...

Pernah ada sorang tu hutang I
Jumlah banyak and dua kali kot
First RM2500 maybe in 2002
Second RM5000 in 2006
Seingat I dia baru bayar RM2500 kot 😭😭
Then senyap...
I pernah minta and letak syarat
Tapi till now senyap...
Bayar tidak, syarat pun tak ikut...
Tapi bila I tengok
Them suka membazir yg tak perlu

Ada juga my customer pinjam RM700
Masalah hutang dengan kawan2 due to tertipu dengan awek...
Konom ada laporan polis etc...
Entahlah susah nak percaya...
he no longer with us
He paid his debt once I asked him to do so

Ada juga yg ada masalah kewangan
Memang orang susah
Both parents and two of his siblings are OKU
So I offered my help in case he in need
On March 2015 he told me that he need money to go back to Kelantan

Then feb 2016 he contacted me
asking for any part time job,
telling about his financial problem,
And wanted to borrow my money
Since I didnt know about any job available
I just told him I will lend him money
But when he came
I doubt on something
His eyes were red...
So I asked him directly in case he took something....

On early March 2016 he sent me the picture of his parents' OKU cards.
And asked to borrow money
So I lend him my money
Then on mid march 2016 he asked to borrow money again
His mother fainted
He need to rush back to Kelantan
I have a lil doubt about that and warned him not not lie to me

On April 2016 he told me he wanna return my money
Unfortunately I had meeting
He even sent the picture of her OKU sister
She looks like him...
So definitely I believe him

On early june 2016 he contacted me
Telling me he still remember about his debt to me but can't pay it at that moment
His father just had heart attack
And he was still having that continuos financial problem
He swore that he did not lie to me
He asked about my opinion on something
I suggested to him to see the right people

On june 2016
I asked him about his decision
And when he gonna back to his hometown
Since it is Ramadhan
The full of blessing month
I asked him to see me....
Small contribution for his family

After raya his just went quiet
I was worry about him
Afraid that he made wrong decision
So I contacted him on Nov 2016
He made the decision and had to put something on hold
He got help from my colleague to raise ducks
Unfortunately most of the ducks dead

On jan 2017 he contacted me
He wanted to borrow money to repair his motorcyle...
Then he just went quiet....

On march 2017
My friend told me that his father passed away due to bleeding in the brain
While his mother still in comma due to stroke

On sept I thought of him
When I was about to type a WA message to him
I saw his wedding picture...
Ko tau ko susah
Tapi ko sibuk nak kahwin
Fokus je la dulu to your sick mother and sister...
Senang cerita tak sedar diri
I asked my friend about it
She confirmed it
She knew it since august
Definitely she was shocked as I am

That really made me doubt of him
And I felt like he just took my sympathy as granted
Whenever he came to my workplace he did not looking for me nor even contacting me
So when his financial a bit ok
He totally forgotten about me
When he in need
Only then he remember my existence
I ni cop duitkah?
Tapi later I fikir positif je la
Busy sangat kot...
Or dia banyak benda nak fikir

Suddenly on mid Nov 2017 he contacted me
Telling that his father had passed away
And he showed to me the newspaper cuttings on his family difficulty
He wanna borrow money to buy diapers for his mum
I asked him to wait until I got my salary
He did not tell me that he has married
So I just asked him about his wife

Then on end of Nov 2017
He contacted me again about that.
Even though I still doubt about him
I didn't want to think too much
When he asked for help
I will help
If he lied to me about his condition
Then it is between him and Allah

End of Disember 2017
I was so shocked to see a toddler in his WA profile
Who is that ???
Very fishy....

On early jan 2018
He contacted me by just giving Salam
I kept quiet
Coz he did not say anything else
Even though I can guess what is his intention
I have no sympathy for him anymore

On mid jan 2018
He contacted me again and asked my help
I asked him whether he want to borrow money
So I just lent it to him...

On 4th feb 2018
He contacted me via WA by just giving Salam
I kept quiet
On 6th feb 2018
He told about his hospitalised mum
And need money for his sister meal
I kept quiet

On 11, 25 and 28 April 2018
He contacted me via WA by just giving Salam
I kept quiet
Hello if you need something just tell me right away...

On early june 2018
He contacted me again
Telling me that he had accident and can't go to work...
He need to send money to his sister to buy diapers for their mum and for his sisters sahur and iftar...
But I just keep quiet...
Yup I seemed so mean
No matter how easily pity I am
But once I lost my trust
I can be a hard hearted person

His last message was on July 2018
And again I kept quiet....
So that is the end of his stories...

Oh! I am still not finish yet...

Another money borrower is my ex-customer
On early May 2017
He contacted me to borrow money
He want to go back to Johor
To visit his to be father in law who is warded
He promised to pay me once he got his salary
But on mid may he has yet to get his salary

On mid June he wanted to see me
To return the money
Unfortunately he claimed that his eyes were swollen and he could not see...

On sept 2017
I asked him to pay his debt
Very fishy when he said he is saving his money to pay me...

The last one is my friend
She contacted me on Mid April 2018
She need to collect few thousand RM
To bail out her nephew
Her monthly income is nearly RM10k
She even busy with her MLM and current popular bussiness
Eh! She often promotes that it is profitable bussiness
So where did all her money go?

My bff warned me not to lend money to her
But she is in need
No matter how doubtful I am
I should remember her kindness and help
When we used to work somewhere else
And we were housemate...
So I just chipped in few hundred RM only
That was all that I can afford
She promised to return my money
by the next week,
Once they got the money from their uncle...
But when the next week came
She kept quiet

Guess what?
On mid May I saw her travelling overseas  video in FB
Hamboi...hutang ko tak bayar
Tapi ko pi melamcong ya...
Hmm...nephew kena tangkap
Atau ko buat pi melancong?
Eh bukan sponsored trip ka 😉😉😉
So buat apa minta sana sini?
Oh! Betulla...flight ticket, accomodation n meal included...
Tapi nak shopping tu faham2 je lah kan....

So I just tested her
Sent message to her
and asked her to pay my money
She said she is at oversea
And will pay me back on the next week
Once her loan applicatiom is approved
Aik setakat nak bayar ratus je pun nak tunggu loan ka?
But when that next week csme
She just kept quiet...

Guess what ?
Why I made a long post about this?
I need moneylah...
My August payment gone in split second 😰😭
Banyak nak bayau
Pulak tu bila balik kg
Pi makan sana sini
Pulak tu I lah the only banker 😅

So this morning
On 31 August 2018
I contacted my ex customer
And my friend
asked them to pay my money
Within one week and by this monday, respectively
Till midnight the customer just quiet
And my friend replied insyaAllah...
So we will see....

The funny thing is
I kinda ashamed to ask people to return my money
It is embarrasing to keep on asking people
Feel like a beggar...
People borrowed my money
But I am the one who have to initiate for them to pay me back
Wonder why certain people did not keep their promises
How can they live calmly and keep their poker face doing that?

Lesson learnt
DO NOT easily have sympathy towards others
DO NOT easily lend money to people
DO NOT lend money more than RM500

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