Saturday, July 30, 2016

Misi mencari sofa...

I dah lama berkenan dengan sofa SSF ni...

Tapi tak berkesempatan nak pi ke SSF.
Sejak tahun lepas I dok mencari di 3 buah kedai perabot nearby my workplace. Dok ulang masuk certain kedai once in 6 months.

I even almost got the custom made version. But, it is very costly.

Few months back I dpt peluang pi SSF. So dapat snap the above pic. Actually, I had a workshop in a hotel nearby SSF. So, after 5pm definitely I won't miss the chance wandering around in every inch of SSF. Unfortunately, they only got that color...I prefer the one in grey.

This afternoon I went to the petrol station. On my way back home, I stopped by at another furniture shop nearby my workplace. I just trying my luck. The owner still remember me 😱😱😱. After so many years she can say my name properly 😅😅😅😅. I have spent a lot here for my house. Almost every space in my house are filled with the furniture from her shop 😀😁. Tu yg dia ingat kot ....I told her that I am looking for small sofa...I can't believe my eyes the moment she showed me the sofa that I have been dreaming for so long....yeay!!!!

Unfortunately, there is no grey color. Ok, just choose the display unit....After all it is in my favourite color.

But, they only got one unit left....Well, If I can be patient for nearly 2 years, why not coping with 2-4 weeks waiting.

Troubleshoot ASTRO PVR

Pelik sejak balik cuti raya, I can't record my favourite astro program instantly.
At first I thought it only temporary problem. But it has been going on for 3 weeks.

This morning, I decided to contact astro customer service. Knowing that based on previous experience it is really hard to get to talk with them...memanjang je line busy, suddenly it strucked my mind...why not I just try the usual improper way?

  • Switch off astro decoder
  • take out the smart card from the decoder for a while
  • insert the card back into the decoder
  • Switch on everything
  • Let the decoder to reboot
  • Wait till it in standby mode
  • Try to record several programme
  • worked !!! 😃😃💪💪

Friday, July 29, 2016

Kebulur pi open house

Kalau pi open house tuh
Kalau iya pun lapar sangat
Janganlah sampai
- nak balas senyum pun payah
- nak bersalam pun siksa
- block entrance rumah orang

But the worst, tutup satu jabatan sampai setengah hari
Tau tak konsep keluar bergilir2?
Ko makan apa sampai 4-5 jam?
Makan punya pasal, lupa tanggungjawab!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Exercise jom....

Jom jogging
Jom briskwalking
Jom zumba

Jom jom....jom

Bila burung berkicau lagi....

Adoi la...
Burung kat tempat I ni aktif betul
Setiap minggu nak berkicau

Sikit2 nak tegur
Sikit2 nak kecoh
(Eh! I pun kecoh kat blog, takpe orang tak kenal, kalau kenal, ko senyap!!! Dont tell me. And dont tell anyone else. Faham ?? )

Orang buat program for fun
Bukan formal pun
Bukan wajib pun
Dah tak boleh hadir
Perlu ke cari pengganti?

Tuan rumah tak marah
Yang ko jadikan isu besar apahal?
Kalau kesian dengan usaha tuan rumah
Tak fikirkah perasan orang yg disindir?

Kalau kononnya faham kekangan masing2
Perlukah bising sana sini
Kalau tak tahu apa yg berlaku
Better senyap!!!

Tak hadir
Bukan maksud tak sokong
Dapat hadir
Bukan rasa bangga diri
Bukan rasa hebat
Bukan rasa awaklah sebaik2 umat
Bukan rasa awak sentiasa sihat
Bukan rasa awak sentiasa larat

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Air Mahal

Penat ronda sana sini,
our tour group stopped by at a cafe...

My family ordered
2 cuppa tea
1 cappucino
and 3 milo....

Total jika convert RM300???
Excuse me!!!!
Air ada emaskah?
Sedap sangatkah?
Terpaling unik?
Dah lah tunggu 2 jam 😠😠😠
Tahulah yg jual tu European
We joined Europe tour ya ...

Penat bertekak
Makin lama makin menyakitkan hati
Makin tegang
Makin panas
Mata terbuka
Wei...bawa2 lah bangun solat subuh

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nak yang muslimah ya

Macam2 minggu ni ...
Yang mengejutkan ada
Yang sudah lama dijangka pun ada ....
Yang entah apa2 pun ada
Yang paling meluat....
Ko kahwin dgn isteri ke-2 tak sampai setahun
Alih2 keluar gambar ko rangkul pinggal perempuan lain
Tiba2 ko kata nak isteri ke-3 yg muslimah
Err...hello...yg rangkul pinggang tu tindakan muslim sejati ke ????

Friday, July 22, 2016


Whenever I am stress, I need coke or junk food.
So on wednesday I opted for these three

You see that haw gara2 instagram ler 😀😀😀.
Tertengok, teringin dan terbeli.


I do not understand why certain people are too demanding.
When we are given A, then choose A1 or A2.
Why request for B???

When we explain that is contribution from someone
Why wanna buzz like a bee?
If you want it, just TAKE IT
If you do not want it, just LEAVE IT
If only a few people do not want it, does it means all people do not want it?
If you are not sure about it, stop speaking on behalf of others just for your sake.

Yes, it is our right to request
Yes, no harm in giving suggestion
Even I am not comfortable
And it gonna be an embarrasment for me
Yes, I am willing to deliver their suggestion to him
But, we should know the real situation
It was someone courtesy to contribute to us even though we never help him on that task.
Luckily there is someone who understand what my point is. So I better not proceed with my intention

When we explain about it...
Why wanna blaim us for not giving this info right from the start?
Did you ask about it?
Why wanna blaim us for misunderstanding ?
As always....there are two bees who keep on giving pressures to me....
Owh I forgot they are angels 😂😂😂😂.

Update 9am:
You see...actually many people want it 😅😅😅
Hey wait!!!! Certain bees suddenly want it too.
And without a shame another bee buzzing again
...errr dont you understand?
You know it, but still wanna create another issue in the morning.
Why keep on making suggestion?
Why is it just like my intention that has been dropped out?
Why we wanna bite the hand that feed us?
As what my friend said, just ignore it...
Ok...chapter closed.
Ko tak reti nak pi keroje ke?

Eh pun tak settle lagi.
One of the busy bee made a demand again 😅
After so much hulabaloo without shame you want it too
Isn't it better if you just follow the requirement right from the start
Then, you demand to see the prototype
Even up to the extend of contacting my PA
La...u never stop
It just small task, but it become an issue due these 4 bees 😅😅

I love them
Sometimes they really supportive
Sometimes they make my life difficult 😅😅

Monday, July 18, 2016

Drink therapy

Yup! I know coke is harm to my body.
But when I am stress, when I go haywire and when my life turned upside down...
I really need this cola drink .....

Therapy kononya.
And I just ate that small portion of bolognese sauce.
I tipu 😂😂😂😂.
That was actually my third helping.

Alkisahnya tengahari tak sempat lunch. Tapi masa meeting ada kudapan, balik pun ngunyah kepok. Tapi still for dinner I need to munch something. Tak senonohnya bertambah2 pulak 😅😅😅. Moral of the story do not skip your lunch.

Hari ni memang haywire coz I slept for 2 hours only...As a result I have to take emergency leave to recover. But still I have to continue with what I am doing since yesterday....No matter what I still have to the office: check the meeting minute, meet my junior customer as well as attend a meeting in the afternoon. And I need to continue the stressful task later tonite. These are all due to my senior customer 😠😠😠. Tugas dia dh mcm tugas I. Never listen to me, just ignore my comments and gave lots of excuses. Gaduh dengan husbandlah, Kena pukullah, dipandang buruk bila surat cerai tiba di tempat kerja, ditimpa kemalanganlah, bawa kereta adik kena langgarlah, tak tahu nak buat kerjalah, tak sempatlah. Tu kisah beberapa bulan lepas. Last week katanya anak nak kena rebut husband pulak. Semalam katanya takde duit nak jumpa I konon very costly. I senyap tak layan, tiba2 dia kata boleh pula datang esok 😅😅😅. Sepatutnya jumpa 11am esok. Tapi dia nk jumpa 10am coz mak dia warded due to dengue fever. Tak tahulah nak percaya or not. Hati I dah jadi kering...sekelumit dah tiada rasa kasihan dan simpati.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Diet hancur

Konon nak puasa harini
Bangun sahur makan yogurt
Tapi 7.30am pi masak sup telur 😅😅😅

Konon nak diet ala2 atkin
Brekky telur
Lunch telur

Tiba rezeki orang sedekah nasi ayam for lunch
Selamat menjadi my dinner tonite

Konon nak makan separuh je
Tapi sambil tengok recorded cinta 11 syarat final episod...tak sedar pi perabih 😅😅😅.
I tengok cerita tu pun psl suka si Akasya
Tapi scene di tempat culik tu kelakar.
Si kakak n abg ipar tak kalut pun mencari adiknya apabila polis dh berjaya tangkap si mamat psiko tu. Boleh tahan gak Iqram Dinzly berlakon ....

Harini memang pagi2 mengejar orang
Semuanya deadline by today
Main office dah remind byk kali
Kami ni tersepit dan sresssssss!!!
Susahnya nak dapat kerjasama colleagues
Emel byk kali, whatsapp byk kali diam seribu
Call pun sudah
Yang buat tak tahu pun ada
Yang respon tapi tak baca arahan n tgk contoh pun ada
Yang terus terang cakap dgn my staff tak mau buat pun ada...kalau ya pun nak pergi, selagi namanya pekerja yg menerima gaji...jalankanlah tanggungjawab tu.

Semua info tu I kena update dan gabung. Tu tak masuk tengahari ada mesyuarat, petang ada appointment dgn customer. Then tiba2 ada pulak customer nak jumpa pasal their program paperwork...Walaupun ada yg dh semak, masih ada juga yg I perlu betulkan 😕...bertabahlah.

My staff pulak satu hal.
Sebelum raya I dh cakap any update emelkan pd I.
Tapi emel tak kunjung tiba.
Padahal I dh pesan byk kali, catat apa yg I suruh buat.
Pagi tadi I dh remind all untuk hntr all required infos. Then, I suruh dia announce names list yg belum take action. Guess what??? Dia pi buat general announcement. Tiba2 ada tukang sibuk suruh dia buat mcm yg I suruh. You see!!! Macam I ni tak reti manage n buat kerja. Padahal staf yg tak faham. Petang tadi I nampak dia update info yg I dh buat during noon. I tak suruh pun. Elok2 dia boleh buat kerja lain, dh buang masa buat benda yg I dh buat. Adoilah....
Kena pesan lagi...
Yang I tak suruh buat, jgn buat
Jika buat, perlu inform I lah dulu....
Siapa pembantu siapa ni???
Hari yg bengang....
Bengang dgn main ofc
Bengang dgn colleagues
Bengang dgn staf....

Hari2 bebel...
I perlu luahkan
Jika disimpan boleh meletopsss

Monday, July 11, 2016

Back to daily routine ....

Haha yolah tu...
 idok le keroje hari ini...rutin ape nyer...
...dasyat ek...11 hari cuti.

Konon nak bgun sahur hari ini
Tapi tak larat gara-gara dilwale
Meleleh air mata you ....
Konon nak balik after subuh
Tapi tinggal plan je...
Ubah plan nk bertolak 8am
Tapi dok emelkan things to do to colleagues
Internet pulak problem
Sesudahnya 9.25am baru bertolak

Konon nak check toll rebate
Tapi hanya plaza tol tertentu je yg ada servis tu
Singgah pasar cari buah n sayur n ikan
Konon nk masak sup ikan merah
Tapi ikan kerisi je ado
Singgah jap Bank Islam nk check balance saving account n TBH...lepas raya ni everything kena semak n berjimat 😅😅.

Then pi post office masukkan ASB my nephew.
Baru I tau mini PO tu boleh renew insurance n roadtax....Ok petang ni boleh pi.
Setelah sekian lama x mkn nasi, akhirnya ....

Sedapnya kari tu....
I beli siap2 menu utk esok.
Dah makan sedap ni sejuk sikit hati yg panas gara2 org x layan my instruction...susah bila org tak nk beri kerjasama 😠😠😠. Padahal semua urgent...Pulak tu entah makhluk mana pi buang sampah depan rumah I...berteraburrrrr....

Konon balik rumah nak kemas dan sapu
Tapi terbaring kekenyangan
Konon nak keluar semula around 3pm
Tapi dah 3.40pm baru terhegeh keluar
Pi ofis ambil dokumen untuk semakan dan ambil geran kereta
Pi pekan semula renew insurance yg penting
Adoii...kereta lama tapi kena byr RM570 kot
Gara2 I ambil NCD nyer....
Perlu singgah supermarket juga beli detergent
Baju tu sebakul angkut dari kampung 🙈🙈🙈

Then 5pm pecut pi mini PO.
Dah bayar roadtax baru teringat kena pos pulak....
Isi pulak borang poslaju.

Singgah beli goreng pisang, balik dan rehat.
Update budget and spending.
Update planner juga
Malam ni kena semak dokumen dan update dokumen lain juga...
Tapi I dh mengantuk 😅😅😅.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Habis beraya, kira baki RM

Dari senja hingga ke malam I dok mengira duit, check slip bank dan resit urusniaga....

Budak2 kira duit raya yg diterima
I ni kira duit yg entah ke mana 😅

Anak buah I dpt RM245 you...
Untuk org kampung I rasa dh cukup byk lah tu...
Last time I ckp dgn kwn I psl tu
padan muka I dpt senyuman sinis....
Yelah...Sorang tu anak buahnya dpt RM1k++
Sorang tu pulak dpt RM2k++
Tak ke jauh beza tu 😅😅😅....

Bila ckp psl duit ni..
Moh le kita kira baki RM yg ada...
Dalam masa 2 minggu ini sahaja I dah berbelanja RM3643 😱😱😱.
Apa yg I beli ???
Apa yg I buat??
Entahlah ...
Setakat upah tempah baju dan beli kuih raya dalam RM300 je ....
Okay...bahan untuk customer boleh claim around RM800
Okay...tapi mana lagi RM2543???
Benda kekecik ni dicampur ditambah boleh jadi beribu ek 😅😅😅.
Camnolah burst budget ni....
Hasil semakan I dah spend almost RM1k for uneccessary things 😰😰😰..

Pulak tu yg termasuk dlm jumlah di atas nun tak tahu hilang ke mana.
Yelah suppose:
 withdraw money-money spent=money in hand.
But money in hand is not as the calculated version
Almost RM560 😭😭😭😭....

Adoii...resit semua dah catit
Jenuh nk recall kot ada pembeliaan tanpa resit...
Harap ada ilham malam ni 😅😅.

Sorrylah I ni mmg pelik
kedekut utk certain things
tapi boros for something else
Sebab tu cepat kecoh sekampung...
Orang lain habis puluh ribu sehari pun tak kecoh kan 😉😉😉...
Catatan ni as a reminder to me...
Harap lepas ni I lebih berhati-hati...
Tak pasal2 perlu menabung lagi untuk
- beli laptop
- baiki rumah bocor ...
- insurans n road tax kereta ....
I rasa lepas ni for every 3 months I akan amalkan menabung duit RM20 n RM5....Then simpan dlm ASB. Tadi tengok dlm FB orang tu menabung setahun dpt RM6k++. Bestkan....banyak tu. Cuma I rasa tak perlu menabung sebanyak tu, sebaiknya simpan terus dalam ASB atau TBH....dapat gak dividen. Apapun masing2 punya cara lah kan...ikut kemampuan dan keselesaan masing-masing ...duit pun masing2 punya 😁😁.

Yang Tak suka bila raya:Part 1

Eid mubarak ...
Macam mana raya korang?
Atau stress terperangkap dalam traffic jam?
Banyak collection duit raya anok2?
Berapa ribu gmbr you berposing?
Berapa ratus duit terbakar dek mercun 😉😉??
Masih beraya, sudah kembali bekerja, dlm perjalanan pulang atau cuti2 overseas or Malaysia?
Baju raya yg ditempah ok tak?
Baju raya preorder siap tak?

Macam2 cerita sebelum/semasa/selepas raya kan.

Kisah baju raya
I kesian pada sesiapa yg terkena baju raya preorder tak siap atau tak sampai dan apabila si penjual diam seribu bahasa.
I faham betapa sakitnya hati bila dibuat gitu.
I tempah 3 pasang baju kurung pahang pd tailor. I nak ada 2 pesak supaya lebih kembang di bawah. Malah I memang dtg dgn memakai baju kurung pahang di hari tempahan supaya tailor faham.

Tapi YANG TAK SUKA 2 hari sebelum balik raya bila I pi ambil baju tu ada satu pesak je 😭😭😭.  Pulak tu kurang kembang di bawah.Lengan pun tak kembang di bawah 😠😠😠. Lagi sakit hati katanya I tak cakap pun nk mcm tu. Ko rasa???? Luckily baju raya I nmpk ok. Tapi Baju batik I serupa baju kurung biasa je. Yg satu lagi tu pelik na nampaknya....pinggang jatuh...

Takpe...takpe....jgn fikir sangat. Untuk hari raya ke-2 kita pkai je baju kerja 😅😅.

Kisah menu berbuka

Bila dah ramai tu, beli masing2, macam2 jenis, makan sikit sorang.

YANG TAK SUKA bila ada komen
Buah ni masamlah....
Ada yg tak dapat merasalah

Sedap je di tekak I...
licin gak I tengok 😂😂
Sape tak suka beli sendiri ya.
Kalau nak makan, sila keluar bilik ya.

Kisah membeli baju raya

Seronok membeli untuk budak2.

YANG TAK SUKA bila....
Tiada saiz yg sesuai
Design cantik, warna pelik
warna cantik dh sold out
Ada one piece left, si adik nk sedondon kakak
Design yg kita suka, si pemakai tak suka
Warna yg kita beli, tidak kena di mata penjagannya

Yang penting budak2 happy, comel dan cantik di pagi raya...them pun dah pandai nk bergaya n dah mula nak cari pakaian yg sepadan.

Kisah membersih dan mengemas

Setiap kali nak raya, membersih dan mengemas itu rutin wajib

Hati membara memantau ruang tamu yg mcm rumah tinggal
Macam tak dijenguk or disapu setahun
Sayu hati melihat
fabrik sofa koyak
Perabot kayu dimakan ulat
Langsir bertahi lalat, renda tercabut, pengikat sontot
Bengang masuk ke bilik air
Dinding dan lantai berkulat
Jentik2 berenang di kolah
Anai2 gemuk gembira di pintu

I tetap bersih dan kemaskan
Biarlah awalnya sakit mata dan sakit hati
Biarlah sakit tangan menyental
Sedap di mata, tenang di hati