Saturday, July 30, 2016

Misi mencari sofa...

I dah lama berkenan dengan sofa SSF ni...

Tapi tak berkesempatan nak pi ke SSF.
Sejak tahun lepas I dok mencari di 3 buah kedai perabot nearby my workplace. Dok ulang masuk certain kedai once in 6 months.

I even almost got the custom made version. But, it is very costly.

Few months back I dpt peluang pi SSF. So dapat snap the above pic. Actually, I had a workshop in a hotel nearby SSF. So, after 5pm definitely I won't miss the chance wandering around in every inch of SSF. Unfortunately, they only got that color...I prefer the one in grey.

This afternoon I went to the petrol station. On my way back home, I stopped by at another furniture shop nearby my workplace. I just trying my luck. The owner still remember me 😱😱😱. After so many years she can say my name properly 😅😅😅😅. I have spent a lot here for my house. Almost every space in my house are filled with the furniture from her shop 😀😁. Tu yg dia ingat kot ....I told her that I am looking for small sofa...I can't believe my eyes the moment she showed me the sofa that I have been dreaming for so long....yeay!!!!

Unfortunately, there is no grey color. Ok, just choose the display unit....After all it is in my favourite color.

But, they only got one unit left....Well, If I can be patient for nearly 2 years, why not coping with 2-4 weeks waiting.

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