Monday, August 1, 2016

Stressful day

Last weekend, I done nothing except eating, watching tv and surfing the internet. What a super relaxing weekend. Konon Ahad nak buat kerja sikit, tapi tertengok Rumi dan Jawi. Tak pasal-pasal my weekend data habis and I used 70% of my 5gb of my monthly data.

Pukul 6 pg tadi baru terhegeh nak tengok kerja my senior customer. Really dissapointing ...she didn't listen to what I have told her to do. I done a lot for her and really spend my time to help her. And look what did she do to me? So I sent message to her about that. But as usual she said that she have already done that. I sent the latest version of that task and list of things to do to her around 3.30pm. Guess what around 6pm, she send me back that task but with the older version 😠😠😠. When I told her she is a liar, she furious with me and ask why I called her that. But she deserved to be called that because she didnt do anything but sent me the check list of things to do with all are marked as DONE. It just a simple task and she chose to make it difficult and complicated. If she listen to me right from the beginning everything would goes smoothly and completed in just 2-4 hours only.

But that is not junior customer really tested my patient today...After so many reminders and demonstrations they never change...keep on doing the same mistake everytime we meet. I just wonder what is happening to them. They are not deaf, not what? Forgetful? Stubborn? It was really annoying, dissapointing and upsetting. Luckily, they didnt see my tears....Even, they didnt apologise I told them I forgive them so that they will feel calm to do their work.

I sakit kepala
I nak muntah...
I balik rumah awal
I rehat dan makan

Patutlah meroyan....
Owh...kembarku muncul 😅😅😅.

At night
facial treatment time
Sit back, relax
Wearing facial mask
And enjoying ice cream

Update 8.40am tuesday:
Guess what that senior customer just sent her work last nite whithout any changes...
What did she actually do last nite?
Sekali lagi I beritahu list of things to do.
She said that she done everything.
What else do I want her to do.
Guess what she accused me for not checking her work.
Then how would I know if there is no changes in her work?
I asked her to check and make correction to the last part.
She want to know which one?
There are so many of it.
It is ridiculous for me to state everything
It just a simple task
She just have to check it and use the guideline given.
She claimed that it is my duty to check.
She said that I suppose to guide her.
After so many things I done to her, she dare to said that.
So what am I have been doing from last year?
I have been guiding, I have been helping, I have been giving her support and advice etc...
In fact I do more than what am I supposed to do.
What she has been doing?
Giving lots of excuses
Nagging how stressful and tiring it is
Never listen to me
Ignore my suggestion/request/instruction
Accuse me for not appreciating what she has done.
TQVM fo that....

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