Saturday, December 16, 2017

Berseronoklah korang

Orang lain berseronok beramai-ramai
Dana dan Kegembiraan dikongsi bersama
Tu baru namanya sehati sejiwa seunit

Yang korang ?
Segolongan je kan
Yang lain gigit jari
Bukan tak boleh cancel
Belum bayar pun
Hmm...tiadakah istilah susah senang bersama dalam kamus hidup korang?

Whateverlah boss suruhkah
Boss tak kisahkah
Tapi kenapa Hak orang lain dinafikan?
diambil untuk keluarga sendiri???

Yelah bila five stars
Semua gelap mata
Tak kisah betapa baik
Atau waraknya korangkan 😅
Kalau aku pun dapat
Jadi macam tu jugakan
Sebab tu meroyan ni 😅😅😅
Haritu dah pasrah
Tapi tadi seriously panas hati bila baru
Now dah ok bila dah luah

Friday, December 15, 2017

Dealing with people

When we discussed about the most stressful factor
Definitely it is not due to doing work
Not dealing with customers
But dealing with people around us...

However please be careful
Please watch our mouth
The fruitful discussion could turn sour
If we said something like this in front of the senior
And unrelated person
Semakin usia meningkat
Semakin perangai kebudak-budakkan

Level of acceptance in something definitely is difference among us...
Certain people think it is ok to say so
Certain people think it is rude and disrespectful

Yes ...
We cannot deny that
That kind of thing do happen
If we did not do so
Why being sensitive and overact????
And if we do
It is the time for us to learn a lesson,
change our attitude and improve ourself!!!!

Well my dear...
##It is easier said than done
Wait till you are in that people shoes 😉😉😉
Wait till you are dealing with the toxic people
##Is it good to feel that you are better than others?
## But if you are so mature and smart enough?
Why did you humiliated your senior in front of this unrelated person?
Why didn't you use diplomaticaly way and without hurting anyone feeling?
## Why you are being biased?
Did you forget of what you said?
You prefer to advice your younger customers privately...
You do not want to humiliate them in front of others since they are adult.
And acted the opposite to your senior 😅😅😅😅.
##Yang muda dihormati, yang senior dikhianati..begitukah??? 😂😂😂😂

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Eh...tak produktif pulak...

Selasa brekky ni

Banana+dragon fruit+natural yogurt+raisin+walnut+chia seed.

Entah apa2 yg dibuat, barulah kalut nak handwashing and jemur kain.
Then pi kerja sangat lewatlah.
Bawa red n green grapes and cherry tomatoes as snack

Actually I got long list of things to do. Bila sampai ofis...dok tengok2 borang claim yg melibatkan department lain. Tapi tau2 pi keluar for lunch pulak 😅😅.

Ayam kicap+tumis kangkung+petai

Ah...parah...dah kenyang makan, migraine pulak. Keroje banyak tu....Dah malam jenguklah ofis kejap. Dah alang2 keluar singgah kedai cari epal takde pulak 😰.

For dinner I had salmon n mustard leaves soup

For wednesday...I had overnite oat for brekky, containing rolled oat, yogurt, milk, raisin n walnut

And these for snacks.

I got meeting with customers at 11am and I had these for lunch.

Then I got another meeting....Suddenly there was a confidential document leaking issue 😰😰😰. What a stressful and  exhausting day. Then I rushed to the bank to deposit cash to my account and to transfer payment to the contractor. Unfortunately my atm limit transfer is only RM1k. And as security and precaution purpose I do not want to increase the limit. Once back at office I just did the online transfer. Suddenly I felt so sleepy...I guess this was due to pulut which definitely high of starch.

Anyway for dinner I had these...

The leftover pulut, sambal bilis, omelete, petai, cherry tomatoes n japanese cucumber. Yummy....sedar-sedar eh dah habis 😂😂

Tiba-tiba teringin nak buat facial treatment. Muka dah teruk sangat...sunburn, jerawat batu dan pasir dan ada macam eczema 😰😰😰. Ni mesti coz jog till matahari naik n tangan n muka terkena fungus dari perabot semasa bersihkan perabot hatitu. Biasalah...cuci muka, scrub, memicit jerawat 😂😂, sapu lemon dan tomato....seksa you....pedih dan gatal...merah muka 😅😅😅 dan diakhiri dengan pemakaian mask....

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

When my monday is not blues...

As usual brekky is a must...

Banana n natural yogurt was so yummy ....

Then off I went to the unit.
A bit upset to see the messy unit and when people changed the position of the furniture without my concern.
Had to wait for the contractor regarding this...

Only then I went to office and submitted the claim letter and the forgotten attachment...

11am- I had meeting with customers.

Then I bought this for lunch

Really irritated with these selfish vehicles owner

1.15pm went to see the contractor work.
Alhamdulillah the problem is settled.

3pm...appointment with colleague for material distribution.

3.40pm...went to see the coordinator regarding my customer problem. Aik...that customer acted fast..she came there as well when I am about to discuss about her 😅😅😅.  Later she came to my office...asking for another opportunity...well is it so hard to understand???

5.30 pm done with the exercise ...
I was so happy...
Can't believe that I lose 1 kg in 6 days ...
So far...the highest is just between 0.2-0.9kg only.
When thinking about it...
It is acceptable...
I went for walk/jog during weekend
I didn't take heavy meal on sunday nite
And I got mild diarhea on monday morning 😅😅😅...

At night ...helping my colleague in solving two problems related to her task.

What an active and productive Monday 💪💪.

Gembira sesudah Sedih

Minggu lepas I memang sedih
Kecewa dan marah juga
Tiada tempat meluahkan
Melainkan blog ini
Tiada tempat mengadu dan memohon pertolongan
Melainkan kepadaNya
Memang ku doa
Berikanlahku kebaikan atas kesedihan ini
Gembirakanlah aku atas kesedihan ini
Tunjukkan aku hikmah kenapa tidak perlu menyertai mereka

Tiba-tiba pada hari Jumaat 8 disember
Ex-customer menghubungi saya
Minta saya semak emel
Ada jemputan dari luar negara
Ok...bagus untuk dia
Aku kurang berminat
Hari sabtu dia hubungi lagi
Katanya itu jemputan utama
Yelah...menarik tu
Memang kami tiada budget
Tapi ia bagus untuk perkembangan kerjaya
Pergi tak pergi belakang cerita
Yang penting ada pihak luar berminat dengan projek kami
Bukankah ia satu pencapaian juga
Yang buatkan ku lebih gembira this is not even my phd area.
My ex-customer used to doubt in my ability.
By improving his document to a better version,
Look what he said...
"It is a good experience for me. I never thot it will going this far..."
"I have read the text. Now I am only understand what it means by variations from...."
"You have taught me a lot of new thing"
These words really made my day 😍😍😍.
Motivation to work harder.

Hari sabtu dapat emel pula from someone in Japan.
He is interested to work with me on a project related to my phd area.
I will think about it...
Whatever it is I am happy and grateful with this opportunity.....

Aku hanya insan yg lemah
Dalam kesedihan haritu...
Adakalanya terdetik juga fikiran yg bukan2
Bila tersedar ku mohon dijauhkan dari sifat negatif
Ku mohon juga agar mereka yg buatku sedih diberi petunjuk
Dan supaya mereka tak rasa seperti apa yang ku rasa
Alih2 tengahari semalam seseorang hantar mesej
Ada yg dapat meneruskan plan mereka
Ada juga yg terpaksa dibatalkan
Mula2 ku gelak besar and terdetik ...
Padan muka korang
Menjadi tak adil pun ada juga
Tapi lepas tu terfikir tak baik begitu...
Kesian pula pada ramai yg berharap
Petang tu kutanya si tukang kira
Mereka tak salah
Tapi ada pihak yang telah mengambil tanpa makluman
Apapun pengajarannya...
#Bila mendengar guruh dilangit, janganlah dicurahkan air tempayan tu...
#Jangan main-main dengan perkara yg mungkin jadi darah daging...
#Kerana keluarga, hak rakan dinafikan
#Bagaimana kita rancang dengan baik pun, kalau Allah tak izinkan...tetap tak jadi
#ganjaran patut dikongsi bersama, bukan utk segolongan saja....
#sanggupkah pi bersukaria, di kala orang lain gigit jari...

Walking and Working

My sunday story 😁😁😁

I started my day with brisk walking and jogging.

Looks like a giant with long n big legs 😅😅😅.

Wow nice figures 😍😍😍.
What ?11110 steps???
Unbelievable right....
I guess my new steps tracker became haywired 😰😰😰. Normally the maximum steps that I get for 5 laps is only 7000 steps...Even on that day Samsung Health recorded around 8000 steps only. What a huge different. However others info seems reliable...

Here was my simple brekky...overnite rolled oat

What is next?
Normal weekend routine.
Clothes washing and house cleaninglah but downstairs only 😂😂😂...

Then later in the afternoon I went for groceries and toiletries shopping....My budget was only RM100. Unfortunately I spent more than RM150 😱😱😱. Luckily I brought extra money.

I had these for my late lunch at about 2.30pm

Then I was too tired to do anything 😅😅😅.

Around 6pm I started using my notebook...surfed the internet and modified my ex-customer document. Yup...we still keep in touch and he should if it something to do with our previous work. This time for an international event....I promised him that I will send the edited version by 8pm. Unfortunately I could only sent it around 11 pm 🙈🙈🙈. When I reread it ...still not satisfied that I sent him another version 1 hour later 😅😅😅😅. Whatever it is...I feel grateful that I managed to accomplish this task and can contribute something...Alhamdulillah.

I was too focus in doing that task and not in the mood to cook or eat heavy meal. I just had a cup of grapes around 7pm, a banana at 10pm and half glass of milk before sleeping 😁.

Do you believe that I am writing this post while watching recorded Gegar Vaganza, handwashing clothes and brushing teeth ?

Oklah ...
Kena mandi n siap.
I am already late to work...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Macam-macam Hal

Pagi jumaat beria brekky rolled oat, banana, walnut, raisins n chia seed

Healthy brekky kononnya.
Alih2...10.30am after briefing session makan nasi lemak 😅😅😅.
Bergonang2 minyak eh..
Healthy kek mano tu?

Pagi tu konon nak tease my customer...
Memang menjadilah 😂😂😂.
Seronok gak pekena orang
Tapi...ada satu incident yg ganggu my mood
Rupa2nya ada dokumen yg I belum discuss with them.
Adoilah...dah over deadline 😰😰😰.
Kena reshedule ....

For briefing session...
Biasalah kami yg anak2 ikan ni
Makin sengsaralah...
But selagi boleh we must fight for our right

In the afternoon I did something out of my ordinary task.
Really enjoy doing that...
Just like production line 😁😁😁
Definitely release my stress.
Of course I can't give full commitment
I help whenever I am available...

Then a customer came
Really stubborn customer
She asked for consideration when it is too late
It is not about financial problem
This is about attitude problem
Then I saw and heard she went to see my boss 😠😠
Well...well...her mentor
Bukan main ko sekarang ya
Knowing that I am no longer has any power

Then I settled all my 5 claims.
In total around RM3k 😱😱😱.
Yes I know I am at fault

Later in the evening I handed my key to someone...
Her friend came as well
She is still interested to join
But requested to add another facility and argued about different payment
Finally..she made her decision

Then, I had leftover rice and mushroom+ayam kicap for dinner

My Saturday...
I started my day with 6km walk/jog and 9000 steps.
I was touched when the chinese uncle greeted me Good morning and the malay aunty said salam at the park.
Simple acts but enough to cheer my day 😍😍😍
Then I made a complaint to the management staff about the wall leaking. It may came from the exterior wall crack.
Had cekodok rentung for brekky

Then I Had leftover rice, sambal bilis, no oil omelete and rocket salad for lunch while watching recorded ReD Velvet final episode 😁.

And had blackpepper n garlic lemon grilled salmon n veges n dragon fruit for dinner...

I got headache 😵
So I spent most of my day with a long rest...
Rumah mcm kapal karam 😰😰😰


Hari khamis pagi
Ada yg kata dah booking tempat
Dah hantar kertas kerja

Hari Jumaat tengahari
Ada yg kata mereka tu baiki kertas kerja hari khamis

Hari jumaat petang
Ada yg kata mereka tu baru hantar kerja tengahari khamis
Owh bukan pagi ya 😅😅😅
Kalau tak sudi cakap tak sudi
Jangan beri macam2 alasan 😝😝

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bekal hari ini....

Pulut kuning, rendang ayam, cherry tomatoes and red & green coral for lunch And pitaya for morning n afternoon snack 😁😁😁

Now I am dropping by at a unit
Tak berpenghuni for 5 months.
Sat ni baca Surah Yassin rasa tegak bulu roma.
Then asyik silap scroll surah tu di hp.
Gangguan apakah itu????

Isu utamanya I found new problem at two corners 😭😭😭

Oklah ...Dah kemas dan cuci
Boleh balik

Update 9.30pm.
I am home and just had dinner...
Leftover pulut kuning, frozen sambal bilis and rocket salad 😁....

Now I am watching kdrama Bring It On, Ghost.
Macam best je...

Now I know

I want to go
But I can't

When my team decision not into my favor
I make effort to ask another teams from tuesday to wednesday
They have their own excuses
Even though I was upset and dissapointed
I can accept it

This morning I thought of something
So I asked the first team
At least I have no regret for not trying
Again another excuses
If people really care about someone else
Definitely they will make effort
Definitely I was upset again....
It really hurt...
Yes they said they feel unease about it
And will confirm if there is any availability
But definitely I do not want to burden others just for my own sake
After all I got my own dignity
Tak maulah terhegeh-hegeh bila orang mmg tak sudi ...

So I have made the decision
Whatever it is
If there is a chance to go
I won't go...
Because I do not want to get hurt again

My team member felt guilty about what had happened
I think I am ok about it since I can accept the situation this afternoon
Suddenly the second team contacted me
Now they have availability
But I have made the decision not to go
I should stand with it
After all it is far away
And I do not want to jeopardize my love one.
If I know this earlier while I am really looking forward to join them,
Definitely I will think about it....

Think positively...
There must be something ....
Why it is hard for me to join any team
May be Allah wants to protect me

However later something made me wonder...
Why certain of my friends seemed not comfortable when I asked them which team they belong to
Hmm...not a surprise...
Yup...they are in the first team