Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Food Delivery

 Hi everyone....
How's life
Hope all of you are doing fine.

I am still WFH
Every week we got meeting via webex/Google Meet
But starting from last week
I have to go to office 1-2 times per week

Tommorrow certain of us need to go to office...
For very important task
Really nervous and worry
Hope everything goes well
Please pray for us....

Anyway eventhough WFH
I seldom cook
Normally I just order food delivery
For today's late lunch I ordered korean food
A bit dissapointed for the taste
But it was better than nothing πŸ˜…
I was craving for danmuji
Unfortunately it was out of stock...
So here was the final menu
Kimchi, bonito flakes kimbap and chicken bibimbap....

Other than this food delivery
I have stock of crispy bitter gourd, ginger and garlic...

Oh ya!  
Yesterday I received sambal kentang πŸ˜…
Everything is at our finger tip 😁
Just send whatsapp for order....

Monday, November 16, 2020

OH! NO....

 Dah seminggu WFH
Apa perkembangan saya?

Memang stay safe@home
Ada jugak le jenguk2 Quran
Rumah pun beransur nampak mcm rumah
Ada yg segar kehijauan di porch
Bukan pusat kitar semula
Si tongkang pecah makin lenyap

Tapi yg lain tak safe 😰🀦‍♀️😭
Kerja from morning till midnight
Duit melayang2 dek 11.11 dan food delivery
Tadi timbang dah 62.9kg dari 61kg kot sebelum WFH
Seriouslah...gained almost 2kg in a week 😭😭😭🀦‍♀️

Friday, October 9, 2020

Appoinment and files

Hello peeps...
Mesti tak sabar nak berhujung minggu
Samalah kita 😁

Macam biasa
Mesti nak bebel pasal sesuatu
This time about hospital appointment
I mean about the irresponsible staff
In the same hospital

End of last year I underwent a MRI scan for upper part of my body at the main hospital
Stated in my appointment card that my appointment at the related department in the district hospital will be scheduled after than scan.
I have been waiting for nearly two months
But never got any call from that district hosp
Since I got appointment at other department,
 so I went to the first department for enquiry
What is annoying is to see the staff not feeling guilty for not calling me
Not a single apology

Last 2 weeks, 
I went for appointment at another unit
Guess what?
The specialist is not around 🀦‍♀️
And again the staff did not contact me
But based on her appointment book,
 she did call other patients

I went for treatment appointment at different unit
Terkejut, kecewa dan geram.....
"Puan, staf kata tarikh dah tukar dan puan dah tahu. So saya tak call lah"

Saya memang tiada kerja lain
Saya memang banyak masa
Setiap minggu boleh datang untuk appointment
Bukan untuk jumpa doktor
Atau buat treatment
Tapi semata2 nak set appointment baru πŸ˜…
Takpun jadi personal assistant
To remind that irresponsible staff

Please dont get me wrong
saya tak tulis pasal semua staf ya
It is only for those irresponsible staff
Jika tidak berkaitan, mohon jangan terasa
Jika berkaitan, sila berubah

Dahla sakit hati pasal appointment
Buang masa perjalanan pergi balik
So kerja sendiri pun tertangguh
So waktu rehat tak boleh rehat
Pulun hadap dokumen utk customer
Then dari 6++ to 7++ pm dok download n rename lost of files....
Yup...around 155 files
Mata berpinau
Rasa tak stabil juga 😭😭

Monday, October 5, 2020

Nasi bambu dan Ketam

Semalam semasa dok menghadap leftover KFC
Tiba2 kawan called nak mengantar nasi bamboo you...

Jauh datangnya
Banyak portionnya
Sedap rasanya

Macam minggu2 sebelum ini 
Not a productive weekend
Rumah masih tongkang pecah
Kerja office pun tak luak
Malah makin bertimbun

But hibernation weekend became hullabaloo
When people only see what they wanna see
People argued about improper matters by certain parties
But they also forgot to act and voice out properly...
They also biased and become blind when it comes to improper action due to obsession
Yes people do make mistake
But very fishy when it happen not once but many times
Never learnt?
Playing victim?
To err the perfect people....
There is a difference between educating and bullying...

Friday, October 2, 2020

Nasi lomak singgit

Lama tak update pasal foodkan 😁

Tadi keluar ofis after 7pm
On the way balik berhenti tepi jalan
Boli nasi lomak singgit
Sodap sambal eh
Nasi pun boleh tahan
Tambah dua sudu kari kambing

Bawah  ni pulak
Menu lunch semalam
Tapi konon nak pi kedai lain
Dah sampai baru perasan kedai dah dirobohkan
Manalah mereka pi πŸ€”
Anyway penuh lauk 🀣🀣

Ada puyuh sambal hijau, kerabu taugeh dan pajeri terung....
Ya....saya memang tamak haloba
Beli ABC juga

Buat kerana siapa?

Last month we got a workshop at out place 
So I suggested for the use of foreign aspect
I even suggested to use two foreign aspects
But we can only add one aspect due to criteria limitation

Then we got another workshop outside
To ammend the proposal
Two of the team members discussed on how to arrange all aspects.
One of them have attended the first workshop
While the other have not attend
Suddenly the absent one said that the idea of  two foreign aspect came from the other member
Due to dissapointment I just said 
- wasn't it we have agreed for one aspect only
- I even suggested for two aspects but was not acceptable
It seems that other people got credit from my suggestion

Later my colleague presented our proposal
The big bog like the idea of foreign aspect very much
She even asked other group to embed our idea of foreign aspect
Guess what?
The one who absent from the first wshop kept on giving credit and praising to that other member for her idea
I really really dissapointed because she seemed to mock me
And the other one just kept quiet and didnt say that  the idea is actually from me

Bila mengadu dengan my friend
Katanya biarlah
Kita niat ikhlas kerana Allah

This week we got another workshop
So I prepared excel file to ease our calculation and shared with others
I even taught the coordinator on how to calculate and how to key distribute the data in the document
I am sure the coordinator taught others about it too

Yesterday she worried something about our proposal
Due to panel's comment
So I helped her in seing the key aspects 
And justify our proposal

So today the coordinator update our progress
When everyone thanked her
She only mentioned one person who helped her
Who am I to her?

What I can see here
Everyone is selfish
#They find us when they need us
#But they chose who they want to give credit
#And the people who are not suppose to get the credit just keep quiet 
and did not correct the mistake
Or explain the real situation

So how do I suppose to react?
If possible try to explain what is actually happen
Not to get the praise etc
But to fight for my right
If it not possible just accept whatever happen
And left the rest to Allah 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Cari kita kutuk kita

I was racing for two deadlines
Need to attend two events
And tried to find a few minutes to meet and old friend after buying food for lunch

Despite my tight schedule
Tuere were several knockes on my office door 
from 11 ++ to 1pm
Maybe more than five times πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒ
The daughter of my colleague who need my help to open her mum's door 
I don't mind doing that....

My colleague seemed in hurry to a program
It is ok to help people in need
After all I love children
This cute lil girl is cute and cheeky

After the second knock
I help again to open the door
Guess what ?
She gave me a birthday card 😍

After the third knock
She said sorry kacau 
Tell me...whose heart is not touched?
Not melted?

There was also a colleague
Who need a shoulder to cry on
Family and customers" problems
Nothing really new except one

Many times I lend my ears for the similar matters
But again I just listened
And spoke whenever neccesary
Coz I do understand 
Sometimes people just want us to listen
Just want to ecpress their feeling
To make them relief from the burden

Around 6pm
I still struggling to meet the first deadline
She came to me again
And I know it gonna be long time
Oh No!...
I did not know on how to refuse
Moreover I dont have a heart to ignore her

Guess what she said ?????

" I went to several people, but I still could not see.
Finally I got the answer from the fourth person.
First I should understand my customer 
She may have problem too
Second, actually I dissappointed with her for not meeting my target"

She kept on repeating the similar words for the first bold sentences several times.
Such as... takde jawapan, tak membantu
How would you feel if you meet this kind of ungrateful person.
Yes...I am the first person.

I spent my time to listen to her despite my hectic schedule
Due to pity
And sense of responsibility for people in need
But what did I get?

It is ok if she forgot to say thank you
But why wanna say all three of us it is not helpful...
But at the same time still wanna find me 🀦‍♀️πŸ˜…

Find me when she need me
Or to kutuk me as well πŸ˜…
Or if her so called good listener is not around
But if I need help
Sometimes she did not even border to pick up my call 
Or open her door
evem though I know she is her office
Because she want to finish her task

But if she need help
She would not be border 
If we are busy or not
We have to spend time with her
Listen to her

Hmm...she is totally selfish
Self centered

She can't differentiate between a colleague and a councellor
She can't differentiate between a friend and a pschyciatrist that she used to meet
Hello! I takde tauliah pun 😁
Lepas ni ngaji psikologi ler...
Ada permintaan nampaknya

Me and myself is to blaim too
Because too kind to people who often hurt me
Whatever it is I dah luahkan di sini
Dah lega...
Maafkan dia
And move on 😊

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sailang Customer

 Hmm memang tak sangka

Tak tahu nak marah or sedih

Orang yg selami ini saya hormati

Cuba sailang my customer

Hello sister!!!

Ko nak apalagi?

Customer ko pun dah ramai

Awat nak tamak?

Yg ada dulu pun ko tak terhadap

Ada yg terabai 8 tahun

Ada yg terus senyap

Pulak tu bab2 utk diri sendiri 

sangatlah cekap

Tapi bab2 utk unit dan teamwork

Mcm siput...

Ke laut pun ya...

Dulu ko juga yang sentap

Dulu ko yg bising

Konon tak cukup pelanggan

So I dah buat new regulation

Supaya lebih adil

Dan semua dapat peluang

Alih2 ko tamak haloba

Alih2 ko jadi kera dapat bunga

Ko jadi kacang si pelupa kulit

Ko balas racun dengan madu yg aku beri

Tapi lantaklah kan

Ko punya sukalah kan

Nak selori ke nak sekapal

Nak abaikan ke nak tatang

Nak ingat or nak lupa


Yang nak pi sailang my customer apehal?

I know she is international customer

Dah rezeki saya

Tapi ko carilah sendiri!!!

Pulak tu ko pi burukkan I

Apa dia???

Aku ni tak pakar ya.

Ko jelah yg pakar kan....

Nasiblah my customer tu setia

Eloklah tu...

 yg kakak cuba sailang my international customer

Yg adik dah berjaya sailang my ex customer

Penat bimbing dan bantu pun tak hilang lagi

Alih2 kena rampas

Tu yg kami tahu...

Yg tak tahu...hmm entahlah

Keturunan hebat

Tapi perangai macam  dot dot dot

Pasti ada kifarahnya....

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Laksa johor for brekky

Here was my brekky this morning

Berombak perut πŸ˜…

Baru 2 minggu work at office
Dah naik dari 57.9 to 59.9kg 😭😭

Tugas besar

Hari ini pi kerja sangat lewat
Bila sampai tempat kerja
Terkantoi dengan boss
"Ko dari mana"
"Ko baru sampai ke"
I pun tersipu malu πŸ˜…
"Ko ada kerja tak"
"Ada. Nak semak dokumen"
"Takpelah dah suruh si A dan B tolong"
"Nak buat apa boss, klu boleh saya cuba"
" kena pilih ...."
" Boleh je"

Wah! Biar betul ...
Tak sangka terlibat dalam tugas besar
Bidan terjun
Tapi tanggungjawab berat
First hand data
Tapi perlu tahu selection criteria
Definitely find the best rank
But priority the bc, the preference
Sangat jelas kaedahnya
Senang je la kan
Hide unwanted columns
Custom sort based on specific column
Dapatlah in one minute

Tiba2 yg sorang ni ckp
Eh yg the top ni low in other criteria
So nak buat camna?
So nak kena check long list one by one
And key in pula item kriteria tu satu2
Jenuh lah...
Eh!dah berapa jumlahnya?
Nak guna numbering excel tak boleh coz protected
Key in la satu2
Dah settle
Tiba2 yg tukang baca buat silap apatah🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️
Ulang lagi

Bila dah ada dua kriteria
Nak pilih mana
Kan dah kena marah dengan boss
Bukankah priority yg the top
Tu semua mmg dah lepas syarat
The second criteria tak perlu tengok 🀦‍♀️
Adoilah nilah akibatnya bila ada memandai2
Dan tak faham the whole process
So ikutlah priority
Just like what I have done previously
Eh!dah berapa jumlahnya?
How to confirm?
Pilah tanya the staff
Ada caranya
Bila tak cukup tambah je la
Alhamdulillah settled
But our one lunch hour gone

Then other task
Suppose do nothing
But we noticed intern ada buat silap
We have to redo
Tapi tak boleh proceed terus
No softcopy
Dah 2pm baru dapat
Terpaksa key in something utk mudah sort
Jenuh manually check and key in
Dah sort
Tapi data nmpk pelik
Mcm sorting satu column je
Column lain tak ikut
Takpelah ambil je fail asal
Tapi fail asal dah delete 🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️

Key in semula
Pesan banyak kali SAVE la
Sort lagi
Kurang satu lagi
Perlu tengok semula fail asal
Seriously ??? Again?
Tak save lagi 😑😑😑
2 hours work gone ashtray
This second minah mmg jenis blur sejak dulu
Nasib baiklah ada common sense
Offer diri check manually
Dan tambah dlm list sendiri
Takkan kami nak ulang kali ke3
Hmm...adab ke laut
Muka selamba tak nampak guilty
Not a single word of apology

4.40 proceed with another task
Many things to consider
ie pertimbangan dan ihsan
We really clueless when the number not enough
Or something is very low
Have to cut paste here and there
Compare files
Search data
Repetitive work 😭😭😭
We called the boss several times
The boss also called us several times
He should submit this work by today
By 5.50 we decided to just list down till the lowest
And top it up with the highest rank from second list
We have done our best for 6 hours
So let the boss make the final decision
What a day πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

But malu dengan boss kerja mudah je
Tpi slow
Memanglah renyah
Tapi bila ada member yg tak competent