Thursday, March 23, 2017

Avocado and breadstix

I really love avocado
It is not tasty but I like the creamy and buttery taste
I bought it for RM5 each at Night Market
This was what I had for brekky yesterday

Leftover Domino Pizza's breadstix and mashed avocado

Or just eat it with strawberry and nutella


Or with mango and promeganate

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Terpinggir 2.0

Bersabarlah duhai hati
Bila rakan2 memohon
Cadangan mereka ditolak
Bila kita berusaha nak dapatkan untuk mereka
Walaupun malu tapi kita tebalkan muka
Walaupun ramai tak setuju kita beri justifikasi
Walaupun ramai kata ada risiko berulang
Akhirnya dapat juga

Bersabarlah duhai hati
Jika setelah kita penat berusaha
Akhirnya kita dilupakan
Tidak di bawa berbincang untuk memilih

Bersabarlah duhai hati
Bila kita mohon nak bawa orang tambahan
Sebab kita tahu takkan ramai
Katanya tak boleh
Bila kita dah sampai
Katanya boleh pula sebab tak ramai orang
Bila kehadiran kita dibiarkan
Bila tiba waktu puncak kita terus dipinggirkan
Walhal kita atasan mereka
Bila banyak lebihan
Katanya tak boleh sebab ada yg belum datang
Walhal lagi 5 minit waktu tamat
Walhal kita pun ada juga buat sesuatu....
Bunyinya memang macam mengungkit
Tapi bukan sekali ini berlaku
Banyak kali?
Kerap kali

Bersabarlah duhai hati
Janganlah sensitif sangat.....

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Malu besar

Pagi pi brisk walk
Tangkap2 gambar
Masukkan hp in my pocket
Tiba2 dapat call dari boss
Awkard moment when I asked him "ada apa?"
OMG..... I am the one who called him accidently
Tertekanlah tu...
Video call pulak tu 😭😭😭
Macam nak tunjuk dgn boss yg I pi exercise ek 😁
Malu besar ....
Lagi2 bila nak off call dengar boss gelak2

Balik brekky with this as a starter 😁

The sad truth

It is so sad to know that when the so called profesional anonymously bashing, attacking and humiliating other profesional publicly.

It is so annoying to see muslims accusing others on something without asking personally or discussing through proper channel in this fast moving hi-tech 21st century.

If they are really sincere and have good intention why they are not doing it profesionally and ethically?

They are doing it anonymously to secure their job, but have they ever thought that due to their act it will ruin other people reputation, career, families, colleagues, company etc?

If their accusation is true than that people should admit their mistake and stop with whatever they are doing currenly.
But what if their accusation is false???

Life is a cycle...
Allah is fair to all of his slaves
What you did you will get it back
What goes around comes around
If you ruin other people life due to your rushing act
It may happens to you as well...
If it is not may happen to your family

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hadap sekali tiga

Hari ahad lepas teringin gorpis
Dah sampai gerai ada cekodok
So ambil dua2

Dah pusing2
terjumpa pula keria gula melaka yg lama diidamkan
So ambil juga

Lepas tu kecoh pulak makin merendang kan 😁

Rasa nak nangis...

Semalam kecoh2 ada yg tak faham
Request itu ini

Pagi tadi lagi teruk
Ada yg tak tahu lansung

Maka, I pun berusahalah
minta bantuan pihak yg berkaitan untuk beri penerangan lanjut

Petang tadi masuk mesyuarat orang besar
Disindir2 pula...dalam senyuman dan kelembutan
Them dah sampaikan
Sepatutnya tugas kami/wakil yg buat hebahan
Tapi masih berharap bantuan mereka
Habih tu dah penyampaian korang tak jelas
Camnolah kami nak buat hebahan
Dah maklumat yg korang beri orang tak faham
Camnolah kami nak bergerak dan guna

Seriously memang rasa nak nangis
Semalam tak tahan dengar rakan sekerja bising2
Harini pihak berkaitan menyindir2 pulak

Seriously memang rasa nak nangis
Kita nak mudahkan rakan sekerja yg perlu bantuan
Tapi pihak yg patut membantu  mengungkit2 dan complaint pulak..walhal tu tanggungjawab.

Seriously memang rasa nak nangis
No matter how many times I have conveyed the message either via whatsapp or email
And yet there are certain people could not be bothered to check it and blaiming us for mot telling them
And even worse  the so called staf representative supports them
We should not angry with this type of people who are too lazy to browse old messages/emails
It is their nature...
We should keep on giving them info

Thursday, March 16, 2017

...err human

Other people or us
We are just the same
....err human
Sometime we do make mistake

That people....
They felt it was so burdening
They have asked the unit in charge
Then they asked us to confirm it by contacting that unit
We checked the latest memo by that unit
We checked our announcement regarding that memo
It just the same 😅😅😅
So they actually did not understand that something
So why did they instruct other people and seems like accuse them for giving misleading info?
Burdening huh???
They forgot that they suggested that something while they were in that unit 😅😅
They are chasing for appreciation and yet burdening others and themselves.

That people...
We have informed if they need any help they can let us know
No one give any response
But out of sudden now they are chirping after a week

That people ....
They knew you are on leave
We told them if anything we will check or give response once we were back in office
But they kept on sending us private message or via whatsapp group or other wa group 😠😠
Is it so hard to understand and get the message?

That people...
They prefer to send message to one person via whatsapp group
Not once but so many times
What are their intention?
Attention seeker?
To show they are the busiest people on earth?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Craving satisfied

Finally I got my craving on farm fresh dates milk satisfied...
Telah lama ku cari
Jumpa hari Ahad lepas
Ada rasa macam cendol terlebih gula merah 😅😅😅

Sedap di makan bersama rolled oat

Sedap juga di minum begitu sahaja
Pagi tadi ambil segelas susu kurma for brekky
Menjelang 11am I am still full
Biasanya kalau dah brekky around 8am, mesti lapar around 10am...
So susu ni memang mengenyangkan

Bila orang tak suka...

Last time while I was in dilemma to accept or not
Suddenly I heard that I was actually the second choice
The first choice acted fastly
secretly met the boss knowing that she was the popular choice as well as the boss choice to be promoted
I felt so down at that time even though I didnt want that post

Then when I asked people to make a guess
None of them mention my name
Yes..I know I am not qualified

Then somebody said while selecting me the top people kinda doubt about my ability because I was still not good in my previous post.
I felt so down at that time even though I didnt want that post

Then I met a collegue from another unit
He wonder why I got that post
Yes..I know I am not qualified

Early this year
Without plan I had lunch with the first choice
She reminiscated the meeting with the boss that is she got the offer she will it turn down.
Even though it is just few months left, I am still feel so low...

After teasing someone who may replace me,
My PA said that he told her ...the boss has already given him hints to take over
Again...I feel so low
The boss can't wait to kick me out
Even though I had planned with my kwn sekapal to meet the boss to discuss about replacement thingy by the end of this month
Suddenly I cant wait any longer
I called the boss PA to met him ...he is around
But my teman sekapal is not around
So I have to wait till friday....

Is it ego or honour ???
The most upsetting when I wanna share my feeling with my close friend...she asked me to think positive
Easier said than done...
So who else I wanna turn to
I am totally alone 😭😭😭....

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tak tanya tak tahu

Last friday I had the opportunity to talk with my senior colleague regarding my customer who prefered to work with her. I explained to her if she took my customer I will not have any senior customer this year. In addition to make this thing worse my other senior customer just applied to quit that morning due to her other commitment. Since this customer from another different level, how would I gain any experience if never got a chance to deal with this type of customer. Alhamdulillah she understood my problem and willing to co-operate. However, she kept on highlighting that she should be the leader. It is long as I can get involve and get the opportunity to learn. Anyway...I learnt something....
Never give up
Fight for our right
Instead of feeling miserable
No harm in asking

So stop about work....
Eh!!! Tak boleh stopp
Nak buat around 9pm, mata tak nampak
So rehat dan tidur dulu.
Then pulun buat kerja from 1-3am
Punyalah malas...sambil baring 😅😅😅
This morning pun susun kerja tu

Anyway...Let us see what is for brekky this morning

Gigih tu buat half boiled egg 😅😅😅

Dah kenyang pi bersihkan dapur
Buang sawang

Then, Handwashing....
Next I had break by watching k-drama and having this 😍😍😍

Ok....dah2 lah tu
Pi nyapu dan sambung buat kerja opis ya 😉😉😉