Friday, August 28, 2015

Rezeki bersama

Bila tekak teringin sesuatu apa kata dikongsi bersama rakan-rakan.

Happy to hear that everyone likes this nasi dagang very much. Itu kisah di pagi hari.

Pada waktu tengahari datanglah orang yang tak pernah dikenali tiba-tiba menghulurkan sesuatu sebagai tanda penghargaan dan blessing katanya.

She shouldn't, I am not the right person ....but it was not easy to refuse if the sincerity is obviously seen from the shining eyes and beautiful smile.

Pada waktu petang pula, ketika membuat bayaran sesuatu, tiba-tiba mendapat jemputan menikmati rezeki orang lain pula.

Memang hari ini, HARI REZEKI BERSAMA.


Please note that I wrote this not for bragging etc but it just as a reminder to myself and it may beneficial as an inspiration to certain people.

Update on 31 august 2015:
Happy Merdeka Day...

My unexpected moment continues ....
Tiba2 pada 29 august, ada yang menunggu kami di tol and share the merdeka goodies. just goodies but the feeling of receiving unexpected thing from other people is priceless...It made me happy driving all the way to hometown...
Rupa2nya ada hikmah juga I keluar rumah lambat hehehe...konon 8am nak gerak, at last 11am baru terhegeh2 nak keluar rumah.

Sebelum ni terfikir2, nak buat kabinet dapur at my home or nak baiki toilet di kampung. Tak pasti mana yang nak didahulukan. Memanglah di kampung ada 2 toilet lain. But sakit lutut lah nak squatting....Kabinet penting, toilet pun penting ....Alih2 toilet duduk di kampung dah pun dibaiki. I tak keluar duit pun hehe...Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rezeki tak disangka

Kadang2 kita memang sangat perlukan duit ekstra untuk sesuatu keperluan, misalnya bayar insurans kereta. Tiba2 dapat emel memaklumkan RM1k telah dimasukkan ke dalam akaun. Alhamdulillah rezeki yang tak disangka pada hari Jumaat. Memang duit part time yg ditunggu, tetapi tak disangka dalam waktu itu. Memanglah duit itu hanya boleh cover part of the insurance, apapun saya memang bersyukur.

Plannya nak balik kampung untuk bayar insuran. Tapi rasa macam tak larat pula. Baca semula emel, alhamdulillah selamat dibayar via online banking on Saturday.

Bila difikir semula...memang benarlah kata2 nak murah rezeki, perlu bersedekah. Kita bantu mengurangkan beban orang, kita gembirakan orang insyaAllah kita dapat ganjarannya. Bukanlah kita kejar ganjaran semata2. Memang ada rasa ingin membantu. Yang paling penting rasa kepuasan dan keseronokan lihat orang gembira itu is priceless.

Dari pembacaan...Ada banyak amalan nak murah rezeki, misalnya
1. Solat awal waktu
2. Sola dhuha
3. Bersedekah dll

Allah Maha Pemurah....
Terus terang, hanya yg ke-3 yang selalu dibuat.
Yang pertama tu memang jarang kot.
Yang ke-4 tu dalam setahun hanya 3/4 kali kot.
Tetapi Allah tetap beri dan beri rezeki...
Nikmat tuhan kamu yang manakah nak didustakan?
Jadilah kita orang2 yg bersyukur....
Perlu selalu refleks diri
Perlu cuba dan usaha berubah ke arah kebaikan
Doakan saya ya ....

Saturday, August 22, 2015

ke ikea kita??? part 2

Hasil tangkapan on 16 ogos ....

Ambil itu, ambil was really fun.
Rasa each item is affordable.
Ternganga mulut,  terjengil mata once I saw the total damaged was over rm400. And that figures did not include these items

Baru RM400 pun nak bising ek. Orang yang satu rumah full of ikea furnitures and items pun idok kecoh kan....

That was the shopping details...
How about the assembling part????

That lackman box seemed so easy to set it up but it took me quite a while to do so. Balik malam tu really excited nak assemble. Then as a stress relief for tuesday night, I managed to assemble the step stool.

I am really happy with the result even though my right hand in pain and I assembled it wrongly at the beginning. My DIY mode continued to Variera rack. Unfortunately it is hard to tighten one of the screw that make me left it for few days.  Definitely I have to buy a new screwdriver yesterday for my weekend activity.

Luckily I didnt have problem to assemble this industrial look drawers today.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Diam bukan tanda setuju....

We got meeting this morning.
Unexpectedly someone came.
Meaning that we have to listen to lots of arguments.
Even though we know that she just act like she knows everything as always.
Memang pengacau meeting.

And her partner in crime was so strict and aggresive today. Piirah...their method is wrong and yet they dared to blame on the content .....
It was really annoying and irritating....
But it is better for us to just keep quiet to avoid any further arguments.
These people are so selfish...they are trying to stop us from being active in our work, so that they can conquer everything...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Paratha dan rendang

Menu for dinner
Food to relieve stress

What an exhausting day again.
Yes again.

Buku catatan I dh penuh.tak sempat beli. So i just type di sini. Jgn baca coz byk benda membebel.....

8-10am meeting with customer

10am meeting with colleague about our new program. Ada certain bhn takde so need to call x-boss. Called the big boss tegarding the issue arisen from the program. He wanted to discuss with me about our service for other department.

11am meeting with trainee who are so stubborn and slow and just ignore our warning. We have given them so many chances.

2.30pm done with approving the monitoring system. Sorting all files in the email and folder to ease the hand over of my previous task to my replacement. However there still certain colleague who didnt submit the requested material. Grrrr...dh jadi kerja contact sorang2.

4.30 discuss with the customer about their upcoming event/program. Sometimes certain group of people just think about their group and assume that the other group never exists and never inform and let them join the activities. This is totally unfair and I can't tolerate with this situation. Pity to that other group who always feel left out. So I listed 3 things that the first group should do.....haha baru ada akal. Tergigil2 ko cakap....

 As expected they just ignore my instruction that they supposed to submit their work at 11am today. So I gave them another chance by 5pm. But still ignored it. So I have to ask the clerk to send the warning email that they should send everything to me by 11am friday.
Went to see my big boss. This other dpt is so ungrateful. We have to reshuffle our plan just to accomodate their request and what we got is their complaint. It seemed that someone is holding a grudge over our department. Buang tabiatkah pakcik???  As a consequence of their complaint, I have to find a replacement. Unfortunately these people argue that they it is over their working hours. Oh me....please ease my work....

6.30 balik la.....awal lah tu. Normally around 7pm.
Otak tepu...badan lesu....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ke IKEA KITA??? Part 1

Plan nak beli ini

1. White step stool

2. Oil/vinegar set

3. Alarm clock

4. Rm79 lack coffee table

Or lack side table

5. Self insert rack

6. Jug

7. Bathroom set

8. Decoration set

9. plants

And just have a look at the rugs


Sunday, August 16, 2015

we will support you lah konon

One issue after another. How can I think fast in a very short time for an issue that involve many people? Luckily my x-boss and big boss suggested few options. Unfortunately, someone was being difficult on my decision last wednesday. I was struggling to convince her and patiently listening to her nagging and argument for more than half an hour.
You cant do that
You should have told me earlier
I have already in my mind that I will deal with that project.
I want this
I want that
I am suppose to deal with 6 to 7 hours only
Owh you cant really follow that
Why not this person
Why not others
It will wasting my expertise
Give it to junior
Can you see my point or not
It will bla bla....
It will sacrifice the quality

What a contrast of what she said last time...."I will support you. Yolah tu...The higher title you got, the more demanded you will be. The more money you gain, the less work you want to do. If you really concern about wasting your expertise, why bother to request for more part time job. Yes...the more part time job, the more money you will get huh...That high payment is never enough huh...

I attend a program yesterday. Instead of just being a guest in the morning, suddenly I have to involve with the activity in the afternoon. Why? Because there is someone who are selfish enough not to contact the commitee of her absent. Later I found out the so called emergency is just a small matter. And me have to rearrange with my weekend plan. It is not that I am not sincere for replacing her, in fact I was happy to see our customer had fun but I cant tolerate with people who are not only irresponsible but burden other people as well. It is funny when a person who often calls other people having hati hitam had this kind of attitude ....

Update 17 ogos:
Last week someone offered to do a task by sharing it with someone else since she got no project next month. But today it turned to be the opposite. As common courtesy I asked her whether she still willing to do it. I was really shocked when she said NO. When I explained to her the situation and about her getting a lil extra 1.5hour work, she argued about doing work for other people. Then I suggested other option if she thinks that it hard for her then the task can be shared by 3 people. She became more difficult and stressed on that we should practise the sharing concept too for other task next year. She said she does not mind to do it as long as it a fair division. So next time jangan tawarkan diri kalau tak boleh commit and berkira. Ko buat orang takpe, tapi org tak boleh buat benda yg sama. What i really regret the most is when people do not respect me....

Monday, August 10, 2015

Apapun tak dak

I am having series of issues at work currently. The main one is when my unit need to accomodate other units' sudden request albeit it is out of our capacity. As a newbie it is hard for me to understand certain things and to settle certain problems all at once. Definitely,  I need to ask certain people to help me. For example, I asked my senior colleague to help me in work planning this afternoon. I just went blank and cannot think alone. She is a fast thinker and suggested few options. However, after nearly 1.5 hour discussion,  we found several issues instead of solving the main one. I have to contact several units that require our service, the unit that manage the work planning and my exboss. My colleague helped me to prepare the to do list. Her kindness really touched me.

When my exboss came to my office and explained few things, it is difficult for me to comprehend certain things. It took me by surprise when he uttered
" you untung sebab saya dah buat plan.
Saya dulu apapun TAK DAK"

Yes I know that I should be grateful and thankful and stop complaining....

I arrived home at nearly 7.30pm ...After I had my dinner, I just need to take a break by surfing the internet or reading these

Or watching

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Batik ganu ...

Batik lukis bling-bling

Kenapalah suka tambah bling2. Sayang....corak cantik, tapi terkubur hasrat nak membeli. Tak mungkin nak pakai bling2 pi kerja, melainkan hati stone. No point of buying clothes for over RM200 per piece if we can wear it for only once a year. By the next two years the design will be outdated. Masing2 la kan. For me apa yg dibeli biarlah praktikal and worth buying. Tapi ada kala terbabas juga hahaha.

Yang ini pula batik cop boleh dibeli ikut meter

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kerja, Raya, Bank dan janji

What a busy friday... full of activities.

Pagi jumpa peserta kursus.
Then, ada colleague remind mengenai peserta kursus yang baru yg mungkin terlupa diambilkira oleh x-boss huhu. Besar akibatnya. Terus I blank. Bila I contact x-boss, dia suruh besarkan saiz. Tapi colleague tak setuju pula...betul juga, susah nak kendalikan peserta yg datang dari pelbagai background. Selain bilangan yg ramailah. Minggu ini macam2 perkara yg timbul. Request unit sana, request unit sinun, sedangkan kapasiti kami dah tak mencukupi. Malah ada colleague yang dah beri amaran, tak mau beban kerja lebih. How to rearrange my xboss plan??? Itu belum lagi mengenai sistem yg tidak boleh diakses dan I yg tidak berkesempatan nk semak.

Dok pikir dan tanya sana sini, dah lewat 30 minit pergi meeting. Syukur sangat I sempat, kalau tidak mungkin ada peserta yang mungkin terlepas anugerah akibat masalah yg x boleh dielakkan.

Then, yang menenangkan dan menggemukkan...aktiviti makan-makanlah jamuan raya. Macam2 ada...yum..yum. Food I suka, tapi ada perkata yg I tak suka...I prefer jadi org belakang je, but now perlu jadi yang di depan huhu. Satu lagi kita terpaksa tanggung malu, bila orang atas dah sampai, tapi majlis tak mula lagi dan ada makanan belum sampai. Pulak tu tiada usher utk orang atas, I yg memandaikan diri jadi usher.

Di kala yg perempuan sibuk tapau makanan dan yg lelaki balik untuk solat, I bergegas ke office memulakan bahan untuk penilaian untuk hari sabtu. Alhamdulillah around 4.00pm dah siap dan by 5pm dah siap fotostat.

Sambil tu, menyemak dan tandatangan dokumen penting dan memantau progress trainee. Kalau kerja ok, tiadalah yg perlu ditegur. Ni asyik la prestasi tak memuaskan. Dah tegur byk kali, sama ada cakap baik2 atau marah2 tapi tetap macam tu, dah minta maaf, ulang lagi silap yg sama...

For the first time this week I keluar office around 5.30pm. Pi Maybank nak keluar duit, alamak tutup coz proses masuk duit. Punyalah lama sempat I pi check mata, datang semula pun masih kena tunggu. Then, pi kedai borong junk food habis RM100. Masuk pula grand union. Bila pi semula Maybank pun kena tunggu lagi. Seriously??? Nak buat kami tunggu 1 jam kah? Sempat lagi membeli ini for RM20....

I think it is cheap for several items. Boleh tahan juga butter cookiesnya.

Malam pi open house jiran setaman. Segan juga perempuan sorang2. Tapi bantai je la. Luckily ada tetamu yg dikenali...idok le mcm kera sumbang. Pasrah je la bila kawan2 yg kononnya nak pi sekali malam, tiba2 berubah fikiran pi petang, lewat petang dan juga datang lewat huhuhu....

Sabtu pagi I pi kerja 2 jam. Ada order food for the course participant. I was really dissapointed with the food...very small portion and the caterer didn't provide one of the side dishes.

Petang ...apalagi open house la.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Arahan atau amaran:Bagi duit raya adik sekali!!!

Antara sampul rayaku tahun ni...

Baki duit raya tahun ini. Eh yg RM1 baki tahun lepas...sebelum balik raya korek2 kotak jumpa duit tu hehe...

Duit raya my nephew.

Mak kata I buruk siku coz dah beri, minta balik...Nak simpanlah masuk akaun saya nephew...Pity him..started his saving account at 13 yo. I dulu masa darjah 5 dah pandai simpan Rm2/3 monthly in BSM account whever Pos malaysia van came to my school. Yes, I admit I memang mata duitan haha....

I went to Raya open house yesterday. Dah nak balik baru teringat pasal duit raya. Luckily, ada baki duit raya dalam handbag. Maka, si dua beradik perlu berkongsi duit dalam satu sampul.

Next off we went to the second open house that we just received the invitation while we were at the first house. As we were about to leave, I saw my friends gave duit raya to the two kids in the living room. Adoi...I lupa nak prepare lagi. Luckily ada dua sampul lagi. Tapi tuan rumah ada 3 orang anak. Luckily one of them was not there. So, I thought to just give the money to both kids. Suddenly I heard the eldest kid said to my friend
"Duit raya adik sekali"

Adoi....Immediately, I korek purse to find small change.  Huhu panic mode....takkan nak bagi RM50. Bukan tak ikhlas, tapi biarlah dengan jumlah yg sesuai. My cousin pun I beri RM10-20 sahaja. Takkan nak beri anak kenalan yg tak rapat sampai RM50. Ketika saya masih terkial-kial mengorek sambil tersengih2 menahan malu depan tetamu lain, to my surprise she turned to me and demanded the same thing firmly. Luckily I found a few ringgit. When I gave the angpau to her, she reminded me again about her sister. Iyolah ....acik nak bagilah ni. Huish!!! Kids nowadays...

Moral of the story:
1. Sediakan duit raya sebelum beraya
2. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan
3. Bila pergi beraya bersama beri pesanan pd rakan utk bawa duit raya
4. Jangan lupa tujuan utama Open house raya utk berjumpa saudara/kawan,  meraikan tetamu selaun berkongsi rezeki bukannya mengumpul duit raya
-Pesanlah pada anak jangan demand duit raya
-Ingatkan mereka jangan aibkan tetamu.

Harini Ahad dari 5.50am till 10am dok mengadap laptop carikan n prepare bhn for trainee yg tak sedar diri. Then barulah brekky. At 12pm kena pi office and stayed till 4.15pm. Adoilah nak mengejar due date. Beginilah nasib yang menerima arahan. Inform jumaat ptg, nak pagi isnin. Tapi banyak bahan tiada. Perlu minta ehsan dan tanya sana sini. Itupun ada yg tak beri respons. Nearly 5pm baru nak lunch...kira dinnerlah kan

Nasi goreng kampung dan kailan ikan masin ...