Monday, August 10, 2015

Apapun tak dak

I am having series of issues at work currently. The main one is when my unit need to accomodate other units' sudden request albeit it is out of our capacity. As a newbie it is hard for me to understand certain things and to settle certain problems all at once. Definitely,  I need to ask certain people to help me. For example, I asked my senior colleague to help me in work planning this afternoon. I just went blank and cannot think alone. She is a fast thinker and suggested few options. However, after nearly 1.5 hour discussion,  we found several issues instead of solving the main one. I have to contact several units that require our service, the unit that manage the work planning and my exboss. My colleague helped me to prepare the to do list. Her kindness really touched me.

When my exboss came to my office and explained few things, it is difficult for me to comprehend certain things. It took me by surprise when he uttered
" you untung sebab saya dah buat plan.
Saya dulu apapun TAK DAK"

Yes I know that I should be grateful and thankful and stop complaining....

I arrived home at nearly 7.30pm ...After I had my dinner, I just need to take a break by surfing the internet or reading these

Or watching

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