Saturday, August 22, 2015

ke ikea kita??? part 2

Hasil tangkapan on 16 ogos ....

Ambil itu, ambil was really fun.
Rasa each item is affordable.
Ternganga mulut,  terjengil mata once I saw the total damaged was over rm400. And that figures did not include these items

Baru RM400 pun nak bising ek. Orang yang satu rumah full of ikea furnitures and items pun idok kecoh kan....

That was the shopping details...
How about the assembling part????

That lackman box seemed so easy to set it up but it took me quite a while to do so. Balik malam tu really excited nak assemble. Then as a stress relief for tuesday night, I managed to assemble the step stool.

I am really happy with the result even though my right hand in pain and I assembled it wrongly at the beginning. My DIY mode continued to Variera rack. Unfortunately it is hard to tighten one of the screw that make me left it for few days.  Definitely I have to buy a new screwdriver yesterday for my weekend activity.

Luckily I didnt have problem to assemble this industrial look drawers today.

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