Friday, December 25, 2015

MAGiC moment in a row

I tried to find a suitable caterer for my project yesterday. Alhamdulillah, I found one. It seems like MAGiC when suddenly the caterer said that she have been thinking about it for quite sometime. Alhamdulillah I found someone with the same intention. We agreed to discuss further next monday.

Later off I went to a food court. The cheapest food at the first stall is RM3/pack. But, I don't think many people like that menu. Their fried rice costs RM4.50/pack which out of my budget for several packs. The owner even said the price is fixed even for many packs. I cant hide my dissappoinment the moment I heard that. As I about to walk to the parking lot, I suddenly turned back and went to another stall. The price for fried rice at the second stall is RM4. My respond to the owner..owh 4 ringgit ek, takpelah. To my surprise, she replied...budget adik berapa? Kami boleh buat. And quickly I said...Rm3 boleh. Definitely she said YES. Alhamdulillah.... the second MAGIC. Allah eased my second intention. In fact these are Rizq for the second stall to get nearly RM100 in just 30 minutes. This is the MAGIC fried rice.

My second pitt stop was the supermarket looking for less than RM2.50 bun. Previously, I saw various brand of bun packs cost around RM2.85-RM3.50 at the mini market nearby my house. It would be good if there is any bun pack that costs below RM2 at the supermarket. I feel like to pinch myself when I saw these buns packs costed only RM1.90 each.

They are on discount, the normal price is RM2.35. Alhamdulillah, Allah answered my prayer....Well, that was my third MAGIC of the day....Yes, I did check the expiry date...definitely not tommorow but on 2nd Jan.

Nikmat tuhan yang manakah kita nak dustakan?

Happy holidays guys....
This is scheduled publish post...
I guess at this hour I just reached my hometown.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cuti tak cuti

Salam Maulidur Rasul
Selamat bercuti

Kisah semalam...

- sent email to the clerk explaining about my temporary staff evaluation
- informed my assistant about my leave
-asking a favor from a customer for my WC project

- informed the second boss3 about the fund collection
- sorted/updated the performance index form
- Sent email to staff requesting info for this PI
- informed staff about HR latest info
- combined the review infos and submitted to officer in charge.
- submitted the staff info n customer projection
- Prepared data for customer's justification and submitted to the second boss1
- updating claim letter
- asking around about customers involvement

- a bit annoyed when someone requesting me doing something that need nearly 2 hours drive just for his sake. Did he think that I got nothing to do. If he need my help, he should make an effort and stop mak8ng excuses. Dah beri betis nk peha. If you can't afford something, then be patient and make a saving.
- suddenly I got like athma sign such as shortness of breath and coughing. Is it due to mango pickles???
- nak release stress pi cuci rambut n head/shoulder massage. Apa? Cuci rambut pun RM25.
- then shopping these for my WC project

- I had grilled chicken for dinner

- Then I prepared the mini packs for WC project
- Next sibuk pulak contact someone to find suitable caterer....
- too tired to finish my work that long overdue...
-kalau gini.... better tak cuti.......

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Macam pantun pulak.

This is my conversation with my assistant this morning...

Isn't it just like a riddle?
Who is on leave????
The one who is updating blog at this hour lah...opps.

Gonna miss this....

He dropped a bombshell on Monday afternoon.

Even though ....
he is quite slow in doing work
sometimes he forget my instructions
Sometimes he send email to other party without my consent
Sometimes I catch him playing computer games
Once he carelessly leaked confidential data to a customer
The office looks like a shipwrecks

He is my kaunter pertanyaan.
He is my alarm clock.
He is my printer and photocopy machine
He is my despatch boy
he eases my work.
Sometimes he offers himself to help me whenever I super busy unless I divide myself into two parts.

I am still in the process of learning, adjusting...
And now I have to go thru all the process all over again....

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The drawback of being single

The advantages of being single I can do whatever I like, whenever I feel like to do it and wherever I want.

The drawback of being single, whenever something terrible happens to people under my responsibility

  • I am not strong enough to visit all by myself
  • I have no one to accompany me to visit
  • I have to wait for any update anxiously at home 
  • I feel useless....

No matter how sad I am
I know Allah is always with us.
May Allah have mercy on his soul, grant him jannah and grant his family strength and patience thru this difficult time.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Meeting dan Shooting

Panggil I datang meeting
Lepas tu tanya mana my assistant
Konon dia yg patut buat kerja tu
Habis tu awat panggil I

Panggil I datang meeting
Bila I tanya
Beri jawapan mengelirukan

Panggil I datang meeting
Bila I beri cadangan
Masing-masing buat tak dengar

Panggil I datang meeting
Bila them nampak clueless
I pi ambil buku panduan untuk rujuk dan bantu
Tapi them kata nanti nak rujuk orang yg pakar
Tak semesti kalau bukan bidang I,  I tak tahu lansung.

Panggil I datang meeting
Nak tahu respons penilai
Bila I sampaikan
Katanya jangan dilayan
Habih tu buat apa panggil penilai

Panggil I datang meeting
Konon nak everything done by 21 Dec.
So patut hantar bahan ptg 17 dec
Kenapa hantar bahan 18 Dec petang
Ko yang lambat buat kerja, pulak tu expect orang buat kerja weekend
Ko yang nak cuti panjang, tapi nyusahkan orang.

Panggil kami shooting pagi
Bila kami sampai, buat tak tahu
Bila kami tinggalkan, tak panggil
Bila kami datang semula, buat muka

Ok...ok...stop with the mumbling and nagging
Jom pizza nite

And let's celebrate our family latest bundle of joy. Comelnya budak tecit....
Bilalah dapat jumpa
Bilalah dapat gomol
Bilalah dapat my own
Be patient, keep on praying
But how...
The candidate for the father not appear yet 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Konon dah insaf

Haritu my old friend kata I TEMBAM.
Then the nursery owner kata I DEBAB.
Katanya I happy sangatlah sampai jadi gitu.
I kata psl stress lah mkn byk
Last thursday, visitor from other organization kata  I BERISI.
katanya takkan stress kerja kot. Badan berisi, happylah tuh...

So siapa tak rasa tercabar.
Terasa ingin berubah.

Tapi balik senja tu pi beli pepsi.
Jumaat ptg for dinner beli set burger, chips and softdrink.
Hari sabtu pi pasar malam, beli nasi lemak, ketupat+lemang+rendang, cendawan goreng n kepek.

Today, konon nk pi jogging.
Tapi 8.45 am masih terbaring....

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bila mengharap penghargaan...

Sometimes a bit sad when people never acknowledge what you had done for them. But when other people done something for them they really appreciated it and announced it in a split second. That is why we need to reflect, we done something because we really want to do it and do it sincerely or because we expect appreciation and compliment from others.

Sometimes a bit upset to learnt that someone got material from others and put her name as the first author and commercialized it even though her task was only combining the material. Had she get the agreement and approval from those who really put on effort on the materials??? Why she never think of it? Where is her common sense? Shame on you...All this while I am really impressed with I lose my respect for her.

Talking about materials that is why I am really particular about it and a bit reluctant to share mine with others to avoid thing like this to happen. You are the one who really put effort on it,  had to work late at night, sacrifice your weekend, and push yourself to the limit despite having headache...and yet people easily apologised for distributing the soft copy of your work to others. The worst scenario definitely when someone else claimed that she is the the main contributor..

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Minggu akur sahaja

Due to hectic and stressful week, today I makan besar....nasi ayam kg for lunch, banana fritters for afternoon tea and these for dinner....

I had meetings with customer on Monday and Tuesday morning. However, I had to attend two days workshop as well...So, pandai-pandailah bahagikan MASA dan BADAN. I was a bit upset when people came to the workshop just to eat and not to support the program as well as participate in the discussion....In fact certain people requested for a workshop certificate and demanded us to provide it immediately on the same day just because they wont be around next week.

Despite having tight schedule, I was in a dilemma after receiving a call from the boss on Tuesday. The cross between my principe, following the rule and obeying the boss. To make matter worse I even got into another dilemma which was the cross between symphaty to a friend and upholding an integrity.

On wednesday, I had meeting with the boss in the morning, busy preparing the material for my customer in the afternoon and night.

And today, I started my day early in the morning by revising material for senior customer evaluation. Alhamdulillah by 1pm everything was done. Touching moment to see the customer suddenly turned from blank, about to cry, rubbing his face and went speechless once he heard the result. Congratulation my friend. I am really proud of you. Yes!!! Never ever give up.

There were few things that came to my interest. The weird thing when the inexperience evaluator who is yours trully had more comments compared to the experienced evaluator.  When the observer disagree with my main concern. When the second evaluator commented
Senang nak cari salah
Macam bangunan
Susah nak bina
Senang nak runtuhkan
Dalam sekelip mata

Not to mention when the chairperson asked challenging question at the very beginning. Towards the end of the discussoon I was starving really hungry and tried to control my disco tummy not to be heard by others. As a result I couldn't focus on the discussion anymore and preferred to just keep quiet so that it ended early. Due to that, it was not surprising when later the boss specially mentioned that I contributed to ease the evaluation process eventhough it was not my intention hahaha.

Since I was in a good mood, I planned to treat a few staff with banana fritters during tea time.  Once I reached the office foyer, I saw several lawn mower guys lying exaustingly on the coridor or on the shaded lawn. Out of sudden I just grabbed few pieces of banana fritters and gave it to them. It was priceless to see their surprise and grateful expression... I am happy to see other people happy.

Few minutes later, I was a bit dissapointed to learnt that actually both evaluators are actually the customer's acquaintances. Okay. Do Not think too much. Let it be...assume that he gained a provision.

Right after that, somebody from other unit seems like to persuade me to accept their customer's application. He chose to be in this situation, he chose to send late why do we have to entertain this kind of people. And we should remember, once we gave this extra special treatment to this kind of people, others will demand the same too. So will they learnt anything from their mistakes and do not care attitude? In fact, do we want to overrule just for the sake of this kind of overrule? Do we have to let our work plan be haywired just for the sake of one person?

Later, my good mood spoilt even more once the second boss told me that other department requires my unit service. I tried to refuse since I knew that my unit is overload. In fact it is my responsibilty to protect and fight for my staff right. Unfortunately, the big boss stressed on that we should help others. Okay...fine... Just keep quiet,  do not reply their whatsapp messages anymore and face it when the time comes. Better walk away from the argument knowing that the boss never took NO as answer. At least I have tried to convince him and stated my points.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tiada masa untuk famili...

I do not understand about certain people who suddenly mumbling in social media about does not have time with family...

Am I the one who supposed to be blamed?
Did my work plan affect your life?

In case you have forgotten, let us recall...
Who normally be the first to offer herself whenever there is PAID extra work?
Who chose to involve in many big and hectic projects?

If you chose to run for the job promotion
If you chose to get MORE money
If you chose to buy MORE houses
Then PLS STOP complaining
PLS STOP publitized that you are always the victim


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tembam dan debab

Last week I posted latest photos of mine on facebook. My ex-colleague commented that I looks TEMBAM.

Yesterday I went to a nursery and I met the owner after 6 years. Guess what she said to me....DEBAB nyer....

Huhuhu...ok...ok...I mengaku I have put on weight. Walaupun susah, saya akan cuba dan berusaha untuk menukar 10kg fat to muscle.....

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Perempuan bercincin besar????

Pernah lihat cincin besar itu?
Siapakah yang memakainya?
Ingatkan saya sahaja yg berminat nak tahu, tapi bila melayari internet rupa-rupanya ada juga orang lain yang tertanya-tanya.

Untuk sesiapa yang tak tahu saya bercerita pasal apa, silalah tonton Tuan Anas Mikael di saluran 104. Memang jalan cerita yang menarik ditambah pula dengan para pelakon yang hebat anyaranya Zara Zya, Aaron Aziz, Fazlina Ahmad Daud dll. Saya memang suka menonton lakonan Zara Zya yang selamba sejak drama Love you Mr Arrogant dan Zahira.

Bukan tak sibuk, tapi saja nak tenangkan diri. Bukan cari alasan, tapi adakalanya I need my me time. Hari ini ada tugasan yang penuh dengan formaliti di bangunan lain dari pagi hingga tengahari. Bila petang terus diserang migraine. Hmm...manja sungguh tak boleh kena panas tengahari walhal tak sampai 5 min untuk berjalan ke tempat letak kereta terbuka. Lagi-lagi agak sakit hati dengan sikap staf unit lain yg pandai-pandai arahkan unit I untuk berkhidmat untuk pelanggannya. Demand pulak tu konon nak pelanggan barunya dalam kumpulan yang sama. Adohai...kerana permintaan begini, segala perancangan perlu dirombak banyak kali.

Di kala kami sendiri tak terlayan pelanggan sediri, inikan pula menghadap pelanggan orang lain.
Di  kala kami begitu terbeban masa dan tenaga, tugas mereka seperti sepertiga dari tugas kami, walhal gaji sama je.....Adilkah?

Kemudian, kalut menyiapkan cadangan untuk sesuatu projek. Alhamdulillah ada juga rakan-rakan yang membantu mendapatkan gambar-gambar yang berkaitan dan ada yang sudi bekerjasama untuk projek minggu hadapan jika diperlukan. Terharu dengan jasabaik dan bantuan rakan-rakan yang sanggup mengorek gambar-gambar lama demi menjaga nama baik unit kami. Saya sangkakan tugas menggabungkan semua gambar ini mudah sahaja dan sebelum 6 pm sudah boleh balik, tetapi setelah laungan azan maghrib saya masih di pejabat. Pasrah dalam seram. Balik rumah rehat sekejap dan mula mengumpul baju untuk outstation esok hari, tapi masih tak larat untuk packing. Konon malam ni nak menyiapkan kerja, tapi tertengok Tuan Anas Mikail special yang tiba-tiba jadi 2 jam. Nasib baik sempat tukar channel, rupa-rupanya siri special 2 jam ini tidak termasuk dalam the series record setting.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gila instagram ...

Saya rasa dalam 2 bulan ini saya gila instagram...Selain menjadi celebrities follower, pastinya  I am following online shopping instagram. Misalnya Qekwa dan lovetulippe...

Buat tak tahu

Konon dijemput menghadiri kursus, tapi kehadiran adalah wajib. Aku yang tak faham atau penganjur sendiri yang keliru.

Konon kursus panduan menyediakan paperwork, tapi tiba2 terus disuruh buat paperwork. How can I do that without any idea on what to propose and without any material within two hours. Somebody wanna leave the course but the dragon did not allow him...It was interesting to watch them arguing each other. Please do not expect people to work like you...Not everybody is full of idea and can come out with something in a split second. Our life is not about work only.  How can my friend stand to work with the dragon for two years? I cannot even stand for 30 minutes, let alone for 3 hours. Being there was just like a nightmare. I was so worried when we were asked about our idea one by one. Macam2 doa yang keluar...doa nabi yunus, doa supaya that dragon tak nampak I, zikir Ya Aziz, Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir...Sambil tu rancang je apa nak cakap. Just be frank that I am still searching and thinking of what I am gonna do. When it was my turn....
What is your name?
Which department?
You can do this bla...bla...bla...

Surprise...surprise...cannot believe that. Just that? Sugestion instead of argument. What a relief...Alhamdulillah. 

But few minutes after that, the dragon even asked us to write down our contact details and idea. Mana mau Lariiiiiiii....Buat tak tahu je this hectic and busy schedule sometimes we have to ignore something and know what needs urgent attention and action. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Silver lining

No matter how we have properly planned,
Expect the unexpected ....
Whenever we do not have any choice...accept it, face it, experience it.
Thing happens for a reason.
Every cloud has a silver lining.

Unfortunately sometimes I can't avoid the dissappointment when the people in power use their position without even thinking about what we have planned and our difficulty to rearrange everything. And I feel pity to my colleague when people dare to blackmail her. Is that life???

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Eh! Kata super busy...tapi hari2 pula update blog. Weekend kan....

I went to ikea last 2 weeks, 3 nov to be exact.

As usual masa pi entah jalan mana I masuk. Dah la banyak kereta dan byk construction work. But I prefer Kota Damansara exit instead of Damansara exit. Dulu I masuk ikut kanan ikea, kali ni ikut kiri yg sebelah roundabout tu.

As usual it is hard to get the empty parking spot.

Whatever ...janji dah sampai dan sempat grab ....

A bit dissapointed certain items as in the following figures are nowhere to be found. Maybe out of stock.

                        Source: IKEA

As usual sesat bila balik. Nilah akibatnya bila tak tahu nak follow yang mana. Sekejap ikut Garmin, sekejap ikut Waze, sekejap ikut sign board. Signboard kata NKVE kena terus dan LDP kiri, tapi Garmin suruh ke kiri. Waze pulak senyap je. Bila ikut kiri macam pelik. Awat tak jumpa highway, macam lalu kawasan perumahan dan sunyi, takut end up jalan mati. Pulak tu tetiba hujan lebat huhuhu. Sorang pulak tu. Berhenti tepi jalan nak set semula Garmin. Garmin kata terus. Waze pulak suruh u-turn. Malas nk uturn, ikut je Garmin. Hah!!!! Kelana Jaya???? Adoi...baru perasan Garmin pula hang. Berhenti pula di stesen minyak. Macam takde staf je. Set semula garmin. I decided to just continue with the route. Finally jumpa highway..LDP kot. Lega!!! Ikut je signboard KLIA.. Tapi mengada2 pula ikut Garmin semula. Kekejap macam ok, sekejap nampak dah ke arah lebuhraya persekutuan. Habislah kalau masuk KL...kalau camtu cari seremban je. Owh! Nampak putrajaya/cyberjaya...better ikut situ. Eh! Awat di tepi highway ada sign board biru tertera Balai Polis Shah Alam pulak....Adoi...Ke manakah? Kita cari je KLIA. Eh...tiba2 dah berapa di kawasan perumahan Putra Height. Adoi...geleng2 kepala dan gelak2 juga la. Yang penting I tau PH memang dah dekat dengan ELITE....Alhamdulillah jumpa ELITE akhirnya dan sampai juga ke kampung....What a day!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My new charm

Itulah namanya tidak ukur baju di badan sendiri ....I know the price is ridiculous. RM329 for a very small item...not even has a resale value like gold, cannot be as future investment. But, I have bought it. ..opps

Friday, November 13, 2015

If you want it just take it

On thursday, the coordinator told me that one of our colleague asked her to tell me to allocate less customer for certain project. We both totally didn't understand why she made a fuss about that because she knew that the number of new customers is just half of what we have predicted.

In fact we couldn't see why she raised up the issue about another colleague who got one project with less customer. We can't control the number of the customer. Yes we know that currently she has to handle two projects, but did she forget that last time she got one project as well with less customer in compared to others. Isn't it fair and square?

And this morning the coordinator forwarded her message to me...asking the coordinator to discuss with me about another two colleagues projects. And with special note not be discussed in the meeting. Hello!!! Yes, they are handling just one project but the number of customer is huge. She suggested that these two colleagues take over the first colleague project so that the first colleague can handle other project next year. Thanks but no thanks for spending so much of your time thinking about that. After all we definitely got a committee on work planning. Hmmm...if only it just as simple as it sound. This new arrangement will definitely involve many customers, colleagues and departments as well as lots of procedures.

Did she expect me to go into all the troubles in my current super hectic and tiring work schedule just for the sake of her alone???
Why she wants to interfere with my work?
She knew that I have to accept it, not willingly accept it.
Why did she quit from her post if she does not want to be left out?
Why she didn't attend the first meeting?
Why she didn't tell me so directly?
Why currently she bothers about our colleagues project?
Why she did not make a complain and fight for others when them were dealing with many projects and many customers?

These really show how selfish she is, only think about herself and never care about others.
We have tried to provide the best plan and fair to all colleague...But sometimes we cannot control the unexpected thing and satisfy all colleague. Why cant she accept it? It is not the end of the world. Certain colleague had gone thru it. Sooner or later others will face the same thing too.
In fact it can be clearly seen that she is actually has a disatisfaction toward the first colleague. this really about work or personal matter?
Just because someone did not help her once, she has forgotten all the good deed to her.
She kinda close with one of the another two colleagues. Surprisingly she dare to backstab her just for her own sake....True friend wont let her friend go through the same thing as her.....

Free food everyday

Don't be sad.
Dah luah.
Dah lega.
I should move on.
Let's have a look at this stress therapy.

Free food for dinner on wednesday

Free food again on thursday....with chilies pickles.

Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki ini.
Alhamdulillah ada yg mengingati diri ini.

Tak boleh tidur

I got meeting on thursday meeting. Tapi nampak sangat orang tak dengar apa yang I cakap coz lepas tu they bincang that topik. In my opinion each committee member (cm) should handle one activity and each activity should involve people outside the commitee so that the cm wont feel like a heavy burden to him/her. But they want fixed post for all activities.

Second, that committe has many task descriptions. But they want one part of the committee to handle all tasks even though they are not related. Again, they won't listen to me. Hmm buat je lah apa korang suka.

Third, everybody became so calculative and demanding. Whenever I ask them for a favor, they demand for official letter. The funny thing is when they were in my post, they never gave any official letter for certain small task.

Fourth, I just like orang suruhan to everyone. I don't mind jadi kuli boss, tapi ni jadi kuli kerani, pegawai dan colleague juga. They have a copy of a form, so if they want more forms they can photocopy it by themselves. But it did'nt happen like that. One of them interupted my meeting with my customer just to make a complain about that. I have to leave my customer, took the form from them and photocopy it for them. And them it struck my mind...I am the boss, how come my colleague instructs me to do thing that actually she can easily do it by herself instead of making a fuss and came to my office. Then, i just asked the clerk to get more copies of the form and distribute to them.

Fifth,  orang macam nak ajar saya. You kena buat tu, you kena buat ni, you kena buat cepat, you kena start dari sekarang. Hello, you all tahu I sangat busy but you keep on disturbing me. Don't you know what is urgent, what is important??? Yang bulan ni byk nk settle, kenapa risaukan sangat event yg akan berlaku hujung tahun depan. Ya, tahun depan!!!! Bila I cakap perlu tunggu info dari department, they cakap tak perlu coz mmg dah tahu. Bila I tanya how they handle the previous event, apa prosedurnya. you know what they said???? Tak ingatlah.......

Sixth, orang tak percayakan saya. Katanya nak handle that event perlu orang yg kuat. I pun tak hadaplah. I pun tahu kemampuan I. I pun dah ada someone in mind to lead that event. Tapi perlukah highlight benda tu di hujung meeting???? Tu hari khamis. Sebelum ni orang lain pun pernah cakap macam tu.

It was so dissapointing, confusing and maybe funny too. Inilah orang2 yg kata I am eligible for my current post, they will support me...they know I can do it.......
Hmm...dari layak menjadi 'tak kuat'??? or oppose????

Senang cerita orang tak hormat I.
Pendek cerita orang rasa mereka lagi hebat.
Bak kata my x-boss...takpa, saya nak tengok masa depa jadi ketua nanti.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Saya nak balik!!!!

Bila tidak happy....

Ya saya nak pulang ke sini....

Menjejak Kembali....

Dan menikmati keindahan...

Kalau cukup duit, pasti ku pergi membawa diri....
Tapi kondisi sekarang, buat I sedar diri...
Malam ini super spontan penghibur hati...

Antara quotation dan paperwork.

In dilema...
The customers has requested for a quotation but the boss asked for a paperwork.
How to prepare for a quotation?
I am not into this purchase/financial term let alone prepare it.

On wednesday, the boss instructed us to prepare and submit it on friday morning. But we just prepared for a very simple quotation and tentative on thursday.  I feel unease for the whole day once I read an email this morning. Please tell me who is not feeling guilty knowing that the boss done the work that are supposed to be done by you and he sent the complete paperwork via email to you at 4 am. YES!!!! 4am.....huhuhu feel like to bang my head against the wall. Tapi nanti benjol pulak, dahla dahi sulah isk isk isk.....

To make matter worst, ada makhluk sent email to all this late afternoon stating that me responsible for choosing people in a serial event on certain date. As a result certain people who definitely do not have any common sense contacted me during maghrib asking for an excuse from the event. It really really DISTURB ME. I guess I am not only following order from the boss, but the clerks and colleagues as well.

Now...I am a bit haywired when the second boss planning for a meeting on Nov and I just realised that my schedule is really packed till mid Nov that I have to find the representative to attend that meeting.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bila dot dot dot kita MAKANNNNN

Tengahari serabut, makan kepchi

Petang stress, makan burger n chips


Hari ini kononnya nak clear up my messy table, selain menyiapkan kerja yg lama tertangguh.

Alih2 7.30am dpt WA message disuruh menghadiri mesyuarat outsider/boss/unit lain. Huh!punyalah I kalut coz lambat sampai, ketua unit tu pun tak muncul.
Then, customer sibuk bertanya tentang join venture dengan organisasi lain. Kami bincang juga their previous n upcoming projects. Mereka juga dok mengadu pasal ahli2 projek. Dahla tak sehati sejiwa dengan group yg lain, dalam group sendiri pun tiada semangat setiakawan. Fenin acik.
Sedang diskus, staff pula panggil for urgent discussion on our space n utility which are under surveillance by top management.
Tak habis diskus, boss pulak panggil mengenai consultation project, definitely I have to prepare the paperwork.
Not only that, we have to prepare the open source products huhuhu...
Nak buat all that I have to revise the committee...

Bila dah serabut, capai kunci kereta, poie pokan, boli kepchi.

Bila petang, sambil2 plan for the new committee, bincang dgn staf psl the nearest and abandoned space. Then, datang pula colleague utk audit. Belum habis lagi, datang pula new customer yang kononnya nak bincang, walhal minta bantuan. Tiba2 nearly 4pm boss panggil for audit mtg. Kalutlah I pecut kereta. Adoi teruk gak unit I kena, dengan nama I pun ada dlm report.....Habis nearly 6pm maka terbelilah that sinful dinner. Kiranya today I hadap 3 gelas soft drinks....I tau tak bagus utk kesihatan, tak baik utk minda...tapi bila stress and having period, mestilah craving for soft drinks.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bagai melukut di tepi gantang.

Semasa baru balik belajar, membuat kerja itu umpama kais pagi,mkn pagi dan kais petang makan petang. Rushing into preparing presentation slides in early morning and then presenting them 1-3 hours after that. The same thing happened in the afternoon as well.

Kini, suasana kerja itu umpama melukut di tepi gantang pula.
Semalam, kononnya kami ini goyang kaki. Kami yang dah semput ini, akan diperah lagi. Padahal orang lain yang memang goyang kaki akan terus goyang kaki.
Adilkah? Gaji sama tapi tanggungan tidak seimbang......
Malah, orang lain punya angkara terus bebas berlari, kami yang perlu tanggung akibatnya...
Dua tahun dulu orang halau dan ambil hak kami.
Hari ini, di ruang yang kecil itu pun nak diambil juga.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sambal goreng Saadiah

Air tangan Ogy Ahmad Daud

Bagaimana rasanya?
Boleh tahan sedap.
Berbaloi membeli walaupun agak mahal.

Apa yang ada?
Udang, daging, limpa dan paru kot.

Beli 2 packs.
Satu selamat dikorban semasa Hari Raya Aidil Adha.
Yang ke-2, baru dikeluarkan dari freezer pagi tadi.
So, bolehlah reheat for my dinner tonite....

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday nite is pizza nite

I guess I just like KakMin@salambenua that having pizza for dinner on friday. The difference definitely that she made it from scratch in compared to me who just ordered it hehehe...

Nampak??? Tu namanya tak sedar diri. Baru nak start ambil greenaard, alih2 pi melantak. Minggu ni kiranya minggu makan besar dan menternak lemak. Here is one of the desert on wednesday....

and desert on thursday...

Itulah stress theraphy hehe....itulah something to share with others...

Why need therapy???
Once again I have been really bz for the past few weeks, attending workshop last weekend, monday-meeting with old friends, monday-tuesday: dealing with difficult and unprepared customers, checking their paper works, tuesday-planning for 2016 projects, wednesday- 12.40: dealing with outsider who looking forward for a collaboration, 2.30-5:attending meeting with customers, thursday-preparing for the course, 2-5pm: handling course and preparing for mtg, 5-6 mtg with boss, friday-8.30am-dealing with the evaluation set by colleague that not up to standard-went to their ofc or made a call or sent msg, 8.30-4pm: managing the audit, dealing with difficult staff, 3.40pm -mtg with new senior customer, 4.40pm-return the corrected version of the evaluation to the officer, checking the additional project report. 6pm balik la....

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kita yang mana satu?

Macam-macam ragam.

1. Ada orang suka membantu dan hanya berdiam sahaja.
2. Ada orang suka membantu, tapi kecoh dan tak puas hati apabila orang lain tak mahu turut serta.
3. Ada orang suka membantu, tapi tanpa ada perbincangan sudah kecoh kononnya orang lain hendak hentikan bantuan. Bukankah mengaibkan orang lain dan mungkin menimbulkan fitnah.
4. Ada orang suka membantu, tetapi hanya utk orang senegeri sahaja.
5. Ada orang nak membantu, tapi hasrat terbantut b apabila memikirkan ahli keluarga yg memerlukan patut diutamakan.
6. Ada orang langsung tak suka membantu dan hanya berdiam diri.
7. Ada orang tak membantu tapi kecoh mempertikaikan orang yang membantu.

Kita yang mana???
Rasa mcm byk je yg I perlu tick mengikut situasi huhuhu...
Bagi saya perkara no.3 yang paling sukar diterima. Itulah ujian utk orang yg suka membantu. Tak salah mewar-warkan kebaikan anda sebagai contoh dan inspirasi yang lain. Tapi janganlah sampai ada rasa anda sahaja yang sanggup membantu, anda sahaja yang ingin berbuat kebaikan, sehingga memalukan orang lain.
Adakah itu ujian untuk orang yg berbuat kebaikan?
Dalam tidak sedar, merasakan dialah yang terhebat, dialah yang terbaik dan dia sahajalah yang ingin membantu dan terus membantu.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Paratha dan sambal ikan masin.

Here is my brekky this morning...instant paratha, sambal ikan masin and leftover kuah kari yg dh 3 minggu hehehe...

Harini konon nk basuh baju, kemas rumah, prepare things to do list and budget planning. Tapi the first one je yg I buat. Yg lain tu sampai ke senja tak buat. I dok mkn/tv/tido/internet.

I guess I am just too tired this week that I am really need a good and long rest...

It was really a hectic weekdays since monday...

Morning-meeting, noon-customer evaluation 1, late noon-evaluation 2.

My day started at 3am by replying my boss email and send reminder email to customer,update material for customer.
Noon-contacting relevant party regarding certain customer who wants exempted from certain redundant courses and about the procedure in dealing with the international customer, remind a staff about her low perfomance-my big boss ask me to do so huhuhu, distribute budget for renovation task to staf, collect all queries from customer and email to my boss, contacting the officer who is in charged with problemetic customers etc.
-ptg-have a look at the potential house.

-morning-asking/searching for potential house,
start with the customer evaluation.
-noon-had to go back home due to migraine.
-night-checking customers' main evaluation.

attending two meeting in the morning with the unit and department, fire incident, handling asian customers in the afternoon and preparing the slide for the boss till dusk. Seram I sensorang di ofis waktu maghrib. Tegak bulu roma semasa berjalan menutup pintu hujung koridor.

Meeting about senior customers project and preparing material for relevant colleagues,pick up my parcel and rushing with evaluation due date.

Finishing all evaluation.
Alhamdulillah by 4pm the last piece is done and by 6pm everything is settled.

Hah!saja catat journal hahaha...senang nk check for future purposes.
Ada yg baca sampai sini????

Fenin pulak bila dengar si rappers dalam konsert AF dok ulang byk kali dan lama pulak tu...."nampak lawa, nampak lawa dia pakai ..."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tak puas atau biar sahaja

Tak faham dengan orang kita.

Bila orang lain beli rumah dan
kemudian jual dengan keuntungan tinggi,
katanya dah ambil hak orang yang benar-benar memerlukan.

Bila orang lain mencari rumah kedua,
Bila orang sibuk nak menghias rumah
katanya manusia tak pernah puas.

Itu pilihan, tujuan dan hak masing-masing.
Jika ada rezeki lebih,
Kenapa tidak membuat pelaburan?
kenapa tidak menambah aset?
Kenapa tidak berbuat sesuatu utk jaminan masa depan, di kala kecemasan????
Kenapa tidak melengkapkan/menghias rumah dengan sesuatu yg disukai

Jika merasakan duit habis  begitu sahaja,
kenapa tidak membeli sesuatu supaya nampak aliran kewangan?
Jika masih menyewa, inilah peluang untuk memiliki rumah sendiri.
Jika sudah ada rumah sendiri,
inilah peluang menambah aset
Inilah cara mendapatkan pendapatan pasif.
Jika melihat terhias cantik,
Bukankah kita juga yang happy...

Adakah orang begini materialistik?
Adakah orang ini tidak pernah bersedekah/berzakat?
Adakah orang ini selfish?
Adakah orang ini hanya fikir pasal duniawi?


So, stop the negativity
Jika anda yang lambat mencari peluang
Jangan tuduh kami pentingkan diri dan ambil hak anda
Jika tak mahu majukan diri
Jangan hina kami hanya fikir duniawi
Jika tidak mahu menghias rumah
Jangan tuduh kami tak pernah puas.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Menu sihat

Semalam, terdetik di hati to eat healthy food. So, I had leftover roasted lamb and sautee soft tofu for lunch. Then, I had jacob hifi biscuits and hot milo for dinner. I think my first day of healthy meal went quite well....

This morning I packed veges, beancurd and kuah pecal for lunch at office

as well as infused water.

But...guess what I had for lunch???
Nasi lemak.
Yes! Nasi lemak...the late morning meeting meal.

I was in hurry to go to office and I ended up leaving my lunch pack at home. That is why the carrot seems really dry...I just snapped the photo once I got home this evening.

My second day of healthy meal turned 360 degrees by buying these for my dinner....

Tu namanya hati tak cukup kuat dan hangat2 tahi ayam huhuhu....

Oklah now dah 8.30 pm...nak tido kejap. Sat gi bangun semula nk buat keroje. Harini memang penat, dengan mtg, melayan customer yang tersalah date perjumpaan dan mengejar deadline data penilaian pelanggan...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tanggungjawab bersama...

Pagi jumaat di kala ku kalut untuk ke pejabat, ku mendapat sms dari seseorang untuk meminjam duit. Akibat kesibukan bekerja aku hanya teringat mengenainya pada malam hari. Dengan rasa bersalah, dengan pantasku membuat pindahan wang atas talian. Lega.....

Tengah malam sabtu, tiba-tiba tergerak hati mencari iklan rumah setingkat. Tanpa  ku jangka, memang ada rumah idaman. Berasa girang di hati, walaupun setakat melihat iklan. Terfikir juga adakah ini rezeki dari membantu orang yang memerlukan. Apapun, pagi ahad tanpa buang masa ku terus menghubungi tuan rumah. Semoga, impian jadi kenyataan.

Tengahari ahad, yang memerlukan wang itu menghubungiku untuk mengucapkan terima kasih. Sebak dadaku, bila katanya yang dulu-dulu tu dia belum dapat bayar lagi. Huhu...bila masa aku pinjamkan. Aku memang nak beri. Aku bukanlah mewah, tapi apa salahnya jika ada rezeki lebih kita berkongsi. Lagipun dah memang tanggungjawab aku, walaupun kalau diikut hierarki persaudaraan aku ni bukanlah sangat dekat.

Cumanya, kepada datuk/nenek yang hidup selesa itu jenguk2 la dan hulur2 la pada anak anda yang balu dan cucu anda yang yatim itu. Sihatkah mereka?makankah mereka? Baikkah perangai mereka? Untuk apa simpanan yang banyak jika tidak digunakan untuk membantu keluarga sendiri. Jika mereka membuat perangai, yang malu kita juga.

Kepada adik beradik yang mampu, kenapa tidak dibantu adik/kakak yang memerlukan. Kasihanilah mereka. Kepada siapa mereka hendak berharap jika bukan kita. Renung-renungkan lah kenapa mereka lebih selesa mencari orang lain berbanding anda. Kami bukan nak berlagak, jauh sekali riak dan mengungkit dengan bantuan yg dihulurkan, tapi ia seharusnya tanggungjawab bersama. Daripada hanya menyalahkan sahaja, adalah lebih jika memberi bimbingan ....

Kepada anak yatim itu, tolonglah fikir dan sedar diri...bantulah ibu anda dan janganlah disakiti hatinya lagi....

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hari tupperware ...

Ya hari sabtu hari membeli tupperware bottles ....

Yang atas tu special edition kononnya. Bawah ni I rasa special juga since normally the flip cover comes with the 1 liter bottle not with the 500ml.

Half of them for my collection, another half as a gift for my customers. Unfortunately the free key chains are not good in quality...

Actually harini agak tak selesa not only due to the haze but due to my heart problem as well. My heart beating quite fast and I can't think properly. Lately, I sleep around 10pm and wake up around 2pm. Then, I surf the internet for a while before doing my unfinished office work. I sleep again around 5am. This is definitely out of my routine that may affect my body and mind...The funny thing that I did this morning was watching usop wilca mengonjang makhluk muzium hehe...I don't know what came to my mind that made me purchase that movie....

Whenever I am a bit haywired, I prefer to just lie down on the sofa and today I done that from 7 to 11.30 am....tak senonoh eh. Kejap tenet, kejap movie 702, kejap super spontan....I just went out around 12.30am to deposit my insurance cheques and pay my celcom bill. Owh...I went to the furniture shop looking for a single seater sofa. The price is ridiculous....Rm700 for one??? Yang ni wajib dibeli....

On my way home, I stopped by at the tupperware stokist and japanese restaurant...Let us dig in....

Oh No!!!! That pizza obviously not from the japanese restaurant. They were as a lunch treat for my most helpful customer....

Lepas tu sila lah sedar diri menyiapkan keroje opis dan basuh baju ek...Tapi sempat lagi tonton Oh!My Goat...cone back!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Nasi bamboo@Sungai Klah...

Siapa masuk Ohbulan semalam pasti melihat/membaca post berkaitan bercuti dengan duit brim rm350 yang ada memaparkan nasi bambu di Sungai Klah, Sungkai, Perak. Saya memang teringin untuk mencubanya sejak terbaca post mengenai nasi bambu dalam satu blog lebih kurang 3 bulan lepas. Akhirnya saya dapat menikmatinya pada 2 minggu lepas iaitu 20 September 2015.

Satu set ini mengandungi nasi bambu, kuah kari, serunding kelapa, sambal belacan, ulam dan telur masin berharga RM2.50. Anda MESTI MENCUBANYA. Kelainan pada nasi ini adalah aroma yang istimewa dari daun dan bambu yg dikukus, walaupun rasanya biasa sahaja. Serunding kelapa menjadikan set nasi bambu ini lebih istimewa dan membuatkan saya menutup mata pada kuah kari cair dan sambal belacan yang tidak menepati selera.

Selain nasi bamboo, terdapat juga nasi panggang yang disertakan dengan serunding kuning pula.

Eh! Takkan makan itu je???
Lauk mana lauk????
Air mana air????
Yang itu sila dapatkan di luar.
Pilihannya banyak dan pasti buat kita drooling.

Yang patut dicuba adalah ayam kampung bunian. Pedas dan manis...ada rasa macam diperap dengan kicap ABC.

Ada pilihan lain juga

Patin salai kuah tempoyak pun sedap juga....

Tak minat dengan ayam kampung dan patin, ada boleh cuba kerabu, gulai, sup dll....

Menu berasaskan kambing pun ada...

So you see...maka tak hairanlah jika setiap kumpulan pelanggan membeli pelbagai lauk yang penuh dulang...tak berani nak tangkap gambar pelanggan angkat dulang, malu! Dan takut kena saman la hehehe.... Satu perkara yg kita perlu ingat jika mempunyai selera yang besar dan suka mencuba pelbagai lauk pastikan membawa duit lebih ya. For my case I had to pay RM30 for 1 piece ayam bunian-RM7, a small bowl of kerabu-RM3, a large piece of patin tempoyak-RM10 and 1 set of kambing salai-RM10. Affordable but certain dishes quite pricey for me. Terpulang pada pilihan masing2, yang penting sedap dan kita puas hati.

Memang tidak dinafikan , gerai ini memang mendapat sambutan hangat. Walaupun banyak meja disediakan di dalam dan di luar, ia sentiasa penuh dengan pelanggan yang bertali arus. Pada awal kami sampai memang tiada meja kosong. So, we should be like a hawk to see who ever have finished their meal. When ever they are about to leave we should be like a panther, sprint to the table....oppss exaggerate...

Ramai juga pelanggan yang membungkus sehingga lebih 5 pax. Jangan risau jika terpaksa beratur panjang, pekerjanya cekap dan pantas. Cuma yang dibahagian ambil pinggan dan lap meja perlu elakkan bermuka kelat walaupun penat. Mungkin pelanggan yang keletihan datang dari jauh tiada mood dan hilang selera nak menikmati hidangan. Selain itu, perlu buat sesuatu untuk mengatasi masalah lalat yang aktif hehe... Mana nak menyuap, mana nak halau lalat, mana nak perati orang lain ambil lauk apa or pi tambah berapa!!!.......Kepada pelanggan yg nak beli nasi tambah tu, bawa bersabar ya...jangan macam kebuloq sangat sampai potong barisan kami dan sempat menggatal pi sondol dan gesel kami kaum perempuan. Terkezut I tau....Please take note that the guy is not in any picture here. Takkan I nak ambil gambar sambil beratur :p.

Oklah now dah 5.05am. Tadi terjaga 2.30am konon nk buat kerja tapi terbuat entri blog pulak. Ok nsk zzzzz....