Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bila mengharap penghargaan...

Sometimes a bit sad when people never acknowledge what you had done for them. But when other people done something for them they really appreciated it and announced it in a split second. That is why we need to reflect, we done something because we really want to do it and do it sincerely or because we expect appreciation and compliment from others.

Sometimes a bit upset to learnt that someone got material from others and put her name as the first author and commercialized it even though her task was only combining the material. Had she get the agreement and approval from those who really put on effort on the materials??? Why she never think of it? Where is her common sense? Shame on you...All this while I am really impressed with I lose my respect for her.

Talking about materials that is why I am really particular about it and a bit reluctant to share mine with others to avoid thing like this to happen. You are the one who really put effort on it,  had to work late at night, sacrifice your weekend, and push yourself to the limit despite having headache...and yet people easily apologised for distributing the soft copy of your work to others. The worst scenario definitely when someone else claimed that she is the the main contributor..

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