Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cuti tak cuti

Salam Maulidur Rasul
Selamat bercuti

Kisah semalam...

- sent email to the clerk explaining about my temporary staff evaluation
- informed my assistant about my leave
-asking a favor from a customer for my WC project

- informed the second boss3 about the fund collection
- sorted/updated the performance index form
- Sent email to staff requesting info for this PI
- informed staff about HR latest info
- combined the review infos and submitted to officer in charge.
- submitted the staff info n customer projection
- Prepared data for customer's justification and submitted to the second boss1
- updating claim letter
- asking around about customers involvement

- a bit annoyed when someone requesting me doing something that need nearly 2 hours drive just for his sake. Did he think that I got nothing to do. If he need my help, he should make an effort and stop mak8ng excuses. Dah beri betis nk peha. If you can't afford something, then be patient and make a saving.
- suddenly I got like athma sign such as shortness of breath and coughing. Is it due to mango pickles???
- nak release stress pi cuci rambut n head/shoulder massage. Apa? Cuci rambut pun RM25.
- then shopping these for my WC project

- I had grilled chicken for dinner

- Then I prepared the mini packs for WC project
- Next sibuk pulak contact someone to find suitable caterer....
- too tired to finish my work that long overdue...
-kalau gini.... better tak cuti.......

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