Friday, December 25, 2015

MAGiC moment in a row

I tried to find a suitable caterer for my project yesterday. Alhamdulillah, I found one. It seems like MAGiC when suddenly the caterer said that she have been thinking about it for quite sometime. Alhamdulillah I found someone with the same intention. We agreed to discuss further next monday.

Later off I went to a food court. The cheapest food at the first stall is RM3/pack. But, I don't think many people like that menu. Their fried rice costs RM4.50/pack which out of my budget for several packs. The owner even said the price is fixed even for many packs. I cant hide my dissappoinment the moment I heard that. As I about to walk to the parking lot, I suddenly turned back and went to another stall. The price for fried rice at the second stall is RM4. My respond to the owner..owh 4 ringgit ek, takpelah. To my surprise, she replied...budget adik berapa? Kami boleh buat. And quickly I said...Rm3 boleh. Definitely she said YES. Alhamdulillah.... the second MAGIC. Allah eased my second intention. In fact these are Rizq for the second stall to get nearly RM100 in just 30 minutes. This is the MAGIC fried rice.

My second pitt stop was the supermarket looking for less than RM2.50 bun. Previously, I saw various brand of bun packs cost around RM2.85-RM3.50 at the mini market nearby my house. It would be good if there is any bun pack that costs below RM2 at the supermarket. I feel like to pinch myself when I saw these buns packs costed only RM1.90 each.

They are on discount, the normal price is RM2.35. Alhamdulillah, Allah answered my prayer....Well, that was my third MAGIC of the day....Yes, I did check the expiry date...definitely not tommorow but on 2nd Jan.

Nikmat tuhan yang manakah kita nak dustakan?

Happy holidays guys....
This is scheduled publish post...
I guess at this hour I just reached my hometown.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cuti tak cuti

Salam Maulidur Rasul
Selamat bercuti

Kisah semalam...

- sent email to the clerk explaining about my temporary staff evaluation
- informed my assistant about my leave
-asking a favor from a customer for my WC project

- informed the second boss3 about the fund collection
- sorted/updated the performance index form
- Sent email to staff requesting info for this PI
- informed staff about HR latest info
- combined the review infos and submitted to officer in charge.
- submitted the staff info n customer projection
- Prepared data for customer's justification and submitted to the second boss1
- updating claim letter
- asking around about customers involvement

- a bit annoyed when someone requesting me doing something that need nearly 2 hours drive just for his sake. Did he think that I got nothing to do. If he need my help, he should make an effort and stop mak8ng excuses. Dah beri betis nk peha. If you can't afford something, then be patient and make a saving.
- suddenly I got like athma sign such as shortness of breath and coughing. Is it due to mango pickles???
- nak release stress pi cuci rambut n head/shoulder massage. Apa? Cuci rambut pun RM25.
- then shopping these for my WC project

- I had grilled chicken for dinner

- Then I prepared the mini packs for WC project
- Next sibuk pulak contact someone to find suitable caterer....
- too tired to finish my work that long overdue...
-kalau gini.... better tak cuti.......

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Macam pantun pulak.

This is my conversation with my assistant this morning...

Isn't it just like a riddle?
Who is on leave????
The one who is updating blog at this hour lah...opps.

Gonna miss this....

He dropped a bombshell on Monday afternoon.

Even though ....
he is quite slow in doing work
sometimes he forget my instructions
Sometimes he send email to other party without my consent
Sometimes I catch him playing computer games
Once he carelessly leaked confidential data to a customer
The office looks like a shipwrecks

He is my kaunter pertanyaan.
He is my alarm clock.
He is my printer and photocopy machine
He is my despatch boy
he eases my work.
Sometimes he offers himself to help me whenever I super busy unless I divide myself into two parts.

I am still in the process of learning, adjusting...
And now I have to go thru all the process all over again....

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The drawback of being single

The advantages of being single I can do whatever I like, whenever I feel like to do it and wherever I want.

The drawback of being single, whenever something terrible happens to people under my responsibility

  • I am not strong enough to visit all by myself
  • I have no one to accompany me to visit
  • I have to wait for any update anxiously at home 
  • I feel useless....

No matter how sad I am
I know Allah is always with us.
May Allah have mercy on his soul, grant him jannah and grant his family strength and patience thru this difficult time.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Meeting dan Shooting

Panggil I datang meeting
Lepas tu tanya mana my assistant
Konon dia yg patut buat kerja tu
Habis tu awat panggil I

Panggil I datang meeting
Bila I tanya
Beri jawapan mengelirukan

Panggil I datang meeting
Bila I beri cadangan
Masing-masing buat tak dengar

Panggil I datang meeting
Bila them nampak clueless
I pi ambil buku panduan untuk rujuk dan bantu
Tapi them kata nanti nak rujuk orang yg pakar
Tak semesti kalau bukan bidang I,  I tak tahu lansung.

Panggil I datang meeting
Nak tahu respons penilai
Bila I sampaikan
Katanya jangan dilayan
Habih tu buat apa panggil penilai

Panggil I datang meeting
Konon nak everything done by 21 Dec.
So patut hantar bahan ptg 17 dec
Kenapa hantar bahan 18 Dec petang
Ko yang lambat buat kerja, pulak tu expect orang buat kerja weekend
Ko yang nak cuti panjang, tapi nyusahkan orang.

Panggil kami shooting pagi
Bila kami sampai, buat tak tahu
Bila kami tinggalkan, tak panggil
Bila kami datang semula, buat muka

Ok...ok...stop with the mumbling and nagging
Jom pizza nite

And let's celebrate our family latest bundle of joy. Comelnya budak tecit....
Bilalah dapat jumpa
Bilalah dapat gomol
Bilalah dapat my own
Be patient, keep on praying
But how...
The candidate for the father not appear yet 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Konon dah insaf

Haritu my old friend kata I TEMBAM.
Then the nursery owner kata I DEBAB.
Katanya I happy sangatlah sampai jadi gitu.
I kata psl stress lah mkn byk
Last thursday, visitor from other organization kata  I BERISI.
katanya takkan stress kerja kot. Badan berisi, happylah tuh...

So siapa tak rasa tercabar.
Terasa ingin berubah.

Tapi balik senja tu pi beli pepsi.
Jumaat ptg for dinner beli set burger, chips and softdrink.
Hari sabtu pi pasar malam, beli nasi lemak, ketupat+lemang+rendang, cendawan goreng n kepek.

Today, konon nk pi jogging.
Tapi 8.45 am masih terbaring....

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bila mengharap penghargaan...

Sometimes a bit sad when people never acknowledge what you had done for them. But when other people done something for them they really appreciated it and announced it in a split second. That is why we need to reflect, we done something because we really want to do it and do it sincerely or because we expect appreciation and compliment from others.

Sometimes a bit upset to learnt that someone got material from others and put her name as the first author and commercialized it even though her task was only combining the material. Had she get the agreement and approval from those who really put on effort on the materials??? Why she never think of it? Where is her common sense? Shame on you...All this while I am really impressed with I lose my respect for her.

Talking about materials that is why I am really particular about it and a bit reluctant to share mine with others to avoid thing like this to happen. You are the one who really put effort on it,  had to work late at night, sacrifice your weekend, and push yourself to the limit despite having headache...and yet people easily apologised for distributing the soft copy of your work to others. The worst scenario definitely when someone else claimed that she is the the main contributor..

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Minggu akur sahaja

Due to hectic and stressful week, today I makan besar....nasi ayam kg for lunch, banana fritters for afternoon tea and these for dinner....

I had meetings with customer on Monday and Tuesday morning. However, I had to attend two days workshop as well...So, pandai-pandailah bahagikan MASA dan BADAN. I was a bit upset when people came to the workshop just to eat and not to support the program as well as participate in the discussion....In fact certain people requested for a workshop certificate and demanded us to provide it immediately on the same day just because they wont be around next week.

Despite having tight schedule, I was in a dilemma after receiving a call from the boss on Tuesday. The cross between my principe, following the rule and obeying the boss. To make matter worse I even got into another dilemma which was the cross between symphaty to a friend and upholding an integrity.

On wednesday, I had meeting with the boss in the morning, busy preparing the material for my customer in the afternoon and night.

And today, I started my day early in the morning by revising material for senior customer evaluation. Alhamdulillah by 1pm everything was done. Touching moment to see the customer suddenly turned from blank, about to cry, rubbing his face and went speechless once he heard the result. Congratulation my friend. I am really proud of you. Yes!!! Never ever give up.

There were few things that came to my interest. The weird thing when the inexperience evaluator who is yours trully had more comments compared to the experienced evaluator.  When the observer disagree with my main concern. When the second evaluator commented
Senang nak cari salah
Macam bangunan
Susah nak bina
Senang nak runtuhkan
Dalam sekelip mata

Not to mention when the chairperson asked challenging question at the very beginning. Towards the end of the discussoon I was starving really hungry and tried to control my disco tummy not to be heard by others. As a result I couldn't focus on the discussion anymore and preferred to just keep quiet so that it ended early. Due to that, it was not surprising when later the boss specially mentioned that I contributed to ease the evaluation process eventhough it was not my intention hahaha.

Since I was in a good mood, I planned to treat a few staff with banana fritters during tea time.  Once I reached the office foyer, I saw several lawn mower guys lying exaustingly on the coridor or on the shaded lawn. Out of sudden I just grabbed few pieces of banana fritters and gave it to them. It was priceless to see their surprise and grateful expression... I am happy to see other people happy.

Few minutes later, I was a bit dissapointed to learnt that actually both evaluators are actually the customer's acquaintances. Okay. Do Not think too much. Let it be...assume that he gained a provision.

Right after that, somebody from other unit seems like to persuade me to accept their customer's application. He chose to be in this situation, he chose to send late why do we have to entertain this kind of people. And we should remember, once we gave this extra special treatment to this kind of people, others will demand the same too. So will they learnt anything from their mistakes and do not care attitude? In fact, do we want to overrule just for the sake of this kind of overrule? Do we have to let our work plan be haywired just for the sake of one person?

Later, my good mood spoilt even more once the second boss told me that other department requires my unit service. I tried to refuse since I knew that my unit is overload. In fact it is my responsibilty to protect and fight for my staff right. Unfortunately, the big boss stressed on that we should help others. Okay...fine... Just keep quiet,  do not reply their whatsapp messages anymore and face it when the time comes. Better walk away from the argument knowing that the boss never took NO as answer. At least I have tried to convince him and stated my points.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tiada masa untuk famili...

I do not understand about certain people who suddenly mumbling in social media about does not have time with family...

Am I the one who supposed to be blamed?
Did my work plan affect your life?

In case you have forgotten, let us recall...
Who normally be the first to offer herself whenever there is PAID extra work?
Who chose to involve in many big and hectic projects?

If you chose to run for the job promotion
If you chose to get MORE money
If you chose to buy MORE houses
Then PLS STOP complaining
PLS STOP publitized that you are always the victim