Thursday, December 10, 2015

Minggu akur sahaja

Due to hectic and stressful week, today I makan besar....nasi ayam kg for lunch, banana fritters for afternoon tea and these for dinner....

I had meetings with customer on Monday and Tuesday morning. However, I had to attend two days workshop as well...So, pandai-pandailah bahagikan MASA dan BADAN. I was a bit upset when people came to the workshop just to eat and not to support the program as well as participate in the discussion....In fact certain people requested for a workshop certificate and demanded us to provide it immediately on the same day just because they wont be around next week.

Despite having tight schedule, I was in a dilemma after receiving a call from the boss on Tuesday. The cross between my principe, following the rule and obeying the boss. To make matter worse I even got into another dilemma which was the cross between symphaty to a friend and upholding an integrity.

On wednesday, I had meeting with the boss in the morning, busy preparing the material for my customer in the afternoon and night.

And today, I started my day early in the morning by revising material for senior customer evaluation. Alhamdulillah by 1pm everything was done. Touching moment to see the customer suddenly turned from blank, about to cry, rubbing his face and went speechless once he heard the result. Congratulation my friend. I am really proud of you. Yes!!! Never ever give up.

There were few things that came to my interest. The weird thing when the inexperience evaluator who is yours trully had more comments compared to the experienced evaluator.  When the observer disagree with my main concern. When the second evaluator commented
Senang nak cari salah
Macam bangunan
Susah nak bina
Senang nak runtuhkan
Dalam sekelip mata

Not to mention when the chairperson asked challenging question at the very beginning. Towards the end of the discussoon I was starving really hungry and tried to control my disco tummy not to be heard by others. As a result I couldn't focus on the discussion anymore and preferred to just keep quiet so that it ended early. Due to that, it was not surprising when later the boss specially mentioned that I contributed to ease the evaluation process eventhough it was not my intention hahaha.

Since I was in a good mood, I planned to treat a few staff with banana fritters during tea time.  Once I reached the office foyer, I saw several lawn mower guys lying exaustingly on the coridor or on the shaded lawn. Out of sudden I just grabbed few pieces of banana fritters and gave it to them. It was priceless to see their surprise and grateful expression... I am happy to see other people happy.

Few minutes later, I was a bit dissapointed to learnt that actually both evaluators are actually the customer's acquaintances. Okay. Do Not think too much. Let it be...assume that he gained a provision.

Right after that, somebody from other unit seems like to persuade me to accept their customer's application. He chose to be in this situation, he chose to send late why do we have to entertain this kind of people. And we should remember, once we gave this extra special treatment to this kind of people, others will demand the same too. So will they learnt anything from their mistakes and do not care attitude? In fact, do we want to overrule just for the sake of this kind of overrule? Do we have to let our work plan be haywired just for the sake of one person?

Later, my good mood spoilt even more once the second boss told me that other department requires my unit service. I tried to refuse since I knew that my unit is overload. In fact it is my responsibilty to protect and fight for my staff right. Unfortunately, the big boss stressed on that we should help others. Okay...fine... Just keep quiet,  do not reply their whatsapp messages anymore and face it when the time comes. Better walk away from the argument knowing that the boss never took NO as answer. At least I have tried to convince him and stated my points.

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