Monday, December 31, 2018

New fan of LOTR

What a title 😂😂😂...
Last Saturday I recorded the trilogy films...Lord of the rings.

I watched two of them for the first time on Saturday evening and night and the last one on Sunday morning. When I searched the internet the first, second and third movie was released on december 2001, 2002 and 2003, respectively.

What I have been doing for these 17 years?
Why didnt I watch these movies?
These are the most beautiful and greatest epic fantasy movies that I have ever seen.
I am still can't move on from this three characters...the determined Frodo, the powerful Aragon and the calm Legolas.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Very helpful senior

Hari khamis
No matter how nak pi kerja awal
Pi lewat jugak 😅

Sampai ofis ...
cepat2 hntr evaluation docs to clerk
Really relief when a task is completed and submitted

Terharu juga atas kebaikan senior colleague
My customer said certain people did not respond to her when she made enquiry about a material
So I asked my senior about it since she has worked with that kinda material previously
However, she need time to find it in her other laptop.

Surprisingly she made effort to find it in the internet and sent it to me
Unfortunately we already have it and just want the BM version.
Anyway I told her may be it for the best
So that my customer can learn by herself to go through all process
Instead of using other people material

Guess what?
That morning my senior sent the BM version
So you see how kind my senior is
Willing to help others
No matter how busy she is

I feel guilty for troubling her
Luckily she said that she has to use the second laptop for keying purpose
So kinda kill two birds with a stone

Then off I went to buy lunch
I just stayed at home and focused in checking senior customer document
It is so confusing, till I got migraine attack 😅
My plan to complete checking it by 4pm gone ashtray 😭😰💆

Luckily boss senyap je
Tak jadilah tu nak discuss
Otherwise lagilah serabut

Later I went to office
Then went to the nearest shoplot to my work place
Thinking of buying roti nan
But I made a detour to Malay restaurant 😅

Ok...laksa satu
Tak nak air ke?
Lai ci kang satu
Satay ada, tak nak ke?
Owh ada ya? Nak 10 lah.
Eh! Cendawan goreng ada ke?
Nak satu.

So you see I am an easy customer

But that night I had cendawan goreng and laici kang only

Eh! 2 satay as well 😅😅

Dah kenyang makan...
Maka hadaplah document semula ....
Kira dah habislah mlm tu
Cuma ada satu elemen kecik je tak larat nk tgk dah .....

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Tomyam brocoli

Setelah 4 hari berehat sakan...
This morning...
Barulah kelam kabut jemur dan lipat kain
Dan kemas dapur sikit juga 😅

Akibatnya lewat pi office
Tapi sunyi sepi you
Our unit office pun golap gulita

Buat keroje sikit
Updated my document
Labelkan image...
Susahnya nak update dlm software
Nak tindan guna text box microsoft word tak boleh pulak...
Siap kena google cara 😅😅😅
Have to change the color of the object to lighter color as well...
Checked comments my colleagues as well
Dah la dua2 ni cerewet dan OCD
Bila print ada warna image yg tak nmpk beza 😭
Kena ubah lagi...
Bukan senang nk ubah pun
Pulak tu many objects 😰...
Hadap je la...

Then pi lunch sensorang
Tak sangka pula bila makan kedai ni murah
Biasa lebih rm7.50
Habih tu biasa ambil ikan bakar kan
Kali ni Rm4.50 for rice+gulai nenas ikan masin+sayur bende+sambal paru

Then pi town
Pi link Tabung Haji with my Rimau card 😁
TH mmg dah link with Bank Islam
But this one senang nak transfer duit
Dah gaji/claim masuk akaun rimau kan
What a relief once I transfered my claim money to TH...
Takut terpakai je..
Dah guna duit TH beli laptop
So perlulah ganti with any resource available 😁

Next pi ambil baju yg ditempah
4 pasang je yg dah siap
2 pasang lagi kain belum disembat
Bila check kad rupanya suppose ambil 28 dis overexcited pulak 😅😅😅...

Total upah jahit for 6 pasang baju rm346
Kurung Pahang kain cotton RM56
Kurung Pahang kain crepe RM60
Kurung Pesak RM59
Utk I yg kedekut ni I rasa mahal la
Tapi apa pilihan yg I ada?
bila badan dah gems perlulah buat baju baru 😅...
Beli siap ada je la yg tak kena...

Bila balik rumah
Suddenly I was not feeling well
I got migraine attack and mild fever 😰
Setakat minum air jambu di kala panas terik
Boleh jadi gitu pula
Telan panadol n rehatlah...

Then off I went to office
Baiki another document pulak
Ada object yg looks weird.
Siap google nak pastikan yg betul
Jenuh nak baiki
Pulak tu masalah printing from letter to A4
Alhamdulillah finally it was done
Unfortunately it cant be submitted
The boss is on leave

Talking about my boss...
When the big boss asked him to prepare a paper work
He asked me about it
I guess it just for huge budget
He asked me to help him as well tommorow 😅
Kesian juga my boss
He is on leave for family matters
But has to submit the paperwork on friday
Luckily I canceled my plan to take leave tommorow
So bolehlah tolong my boss
Tu la kan keroje sendiri bertimbun
Tapi bila boss minta tolong perlulah diutamakan juga

Owh! Before going back
I typed a leaking report letter
I should teach this people a lesson
Don't play2 with me huh... was my quick meal for dinner

Tomyam brocoli
Just dumped everything in the leftover tomyam soup 😂😂😂
Sodap di makan panas2 ketiko di luar hujan...

Ok rehat jap...
Sat gi sambung with the report letter...

Saturday, December 22, 2018

After have been quiet for nearly a month, Yes...I am still alife 😁.
As usual life has been up and down

The first and second week of december were really hectic. Particularly, from 4th to 13th December

Due to last minute plan, I have to clean and tidy up my house for two days in a row to be ready for my family visit despite my busy work schedule. On tuesday night I even had to spent time to study the public transport path and schedule and later suggested to them a few options 😅. It's been a long time since I did that while I was staying in OZ 😊.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up really early to continue with the house tydying. Then I rushed for 8am meeting. But before that I need to photocopy the evaluation forms. Once done with the meeting, I have to prepare the evaluation form for another meeting. Then, around 12pm I rushed to buy food and went back home to proceed with the tidying task. Then I went to pick up my family at the train station.

Once settled with everything, I finished up the second evaluation form. But of course with constant interuption of my cheeky lil nephew. He even asked me to buy toys for him 😅. Then off I went for the meeting. Luckily the meeting ended early, so I managed to drop by at the shop to buy cakes for my nieces and toys for my nephew.

And definitely pizza was the simplest, fastest and the most favourite menu for our dinner 😂😂😂...