Saturday, December 29, 2018

Very helpful senior

Hari khamis
No matter how nak pi kerja awal
Pi lewat jugak 😅

Sampai ofis ...
cepat2 hntr evaluation docs to clerk
Really relief when a task is completed and submitted

Terharu juga atas kebaikan senior colleague
My customer said certain people did not respond to her when she made enquiry about a material
So I asked my senior about it since she has worked with that kinda material previously
However, she need time to find it in her other laptop.

Surprisingly she made effort to find it in the internet and sent it to me
Unfortunately we already have it and just want the BM version.
Anyway I told her may be it for the best
So that my customer can learn by herself to go through all process
Instead of using other people material

Guess what?
That morning my senior sent the BM version
So you see how kind my senior is
Willing to help others
No matter how busy she is

I feel guilty for troubling her
Luckily she said that she has to use the second laptop for keying purpose
So kinda kill two birds with a stone

Then off I went to buy lunch
I just stayed at home and focused in checking senior customer document
It is so confusing, till I got migraine attack 😅
My plan to complete checking it by 4pm gone ashtray 😭😰💆

Luckily boss senyap je
Tak jadilah tu nak discuss
Otherwise lagilah serabut

Later I went to office
Then went to the nearest shoplot to my work place
Thinking of buying roti nan
But I made a detour to Malay restaurant 😅

Ok...laksa satu
Tak nak air ke?
Lai ci kang satu
Satay ada, tak nak ke?
Owh ada ya? Nak 10 lah.
Eh! Cendawan goreng ada ke?
Nak satu.

So you see I am an easy customer

But that night I had cendawan goreng and laici kang only

Eh! 2 satay as well 😅😅

Dah kenyang makan...
Maka hadaplah document semula ....
Kira dah habislah mlm tu
Cuma ada satu elemen kecik je tak larat nk tgk dah .....

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