Saturday, December 22, 2018

After have been quiet for nearly a month, Yes...I am still alife 😁.
As usual life has been up and down

The first and second week of december were really hectic. Particularly, from 4th to 13th December

Due to last minute plan, I have to clean and tidy up my house for two days in a row to be ready for my family visit despite my busy work schedule. On tuesday night I even had to spent time to study the public transport path and schedule and later suggested to them a few options 😅. It's been a long time since I did that while I was staying in OZ 😊.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up really early to continue with the house tydying. Then I rushed for 8am meeting. But before that I need to photocopy the evaluation forms. Once done with the meeting, I have to prepare the evaluation form for another meeting. Then, around 12pm I rushed to buy food and went back home to proceed with the tidying task. Then I went to pick up my family at the train station.

Once settled with everything, I finished up the second evaluation form. But of course with constant interuption of my cheeky lil nephew. He even asked me to buy toys for him 😅. Then off I went for the meeting. Luckily the meeting ended early, so I managed to drop by at the shop to buy cakes for my nieces and toys for my nephew.

And definitely pizza was the simplest, fastest and the most favourite menu for our dinner 😂😂😂...

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