Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bila ditarik satu nikmat

I have been suffering from pain at A PART OF MY RIGHT ARM for more than ten years...
But it just COMES and GOES
And I feel like there is a LUMP/SWELLING as well

In 2010
I made a check up at a private hospital
The consultant confirmed that there is NO CANCER MASS ...

In December 2017
I went for a Malay Massage
The lady said that the swelling may lead to STROKE

In July 2018
When I had an hospital appointment for my headache
The doctor also check the so called swelling
But she said there is NOTHING

However in Disember 2018
My WHOLE ARM feels painful
And I had problem to move my arm to the back
I just went for a THAI massage

In January 2019
I went for a massage at Batang Kali
This time I told the therapist about my painful arm
So she focused on massaging the swelling
Even though the swelling was reduced
But still I can feel the pain

In 4 February 2019
My condition getting worse
Arm, shoulder and back pain
I can't any longer hook or zip my clothes in the back
I went for a Thai massage again
The lady spent longer time on the swelling
The result was just the same...

On 18 February 2019
I went to see my panel doctor
She admitted that my right part is harder and bigger than the left part
It seems like a mushy fat that pushing the muscle
Not a cancer mass
Not even due to infection coz no redness
Anyway, I better see a specialist to confirm
So she diagnosed as muscular pain and prescribed me with nerves vitamin and pain killer ... neurovit and fenagesic 500

When I told my colleague...
Mungkin Cyst katanya 😅
When I googled
It more like carpal tunnel syndrome
Or polymastia 😰

Then I went back to my hometown
Since I worried my pain may due to something else
So on 23 Feb 2019
I went to see ustaz@Darul Syifa
Alhamdulillah nothing
But ustaz asked me to exercise regularly

When I was back at my hometown again
I lost my voice
Due to that I went to see the doc on 11 March 2019
I complained about my painful arm as well
And definitely about shoulder, back and neck pain
However that is not the doctor's area of expertise
So I asked for reference letter to get the diagnosis
Here what she precribed for my arm and throat...
Suniton paracetamol, mucoxin and Lozenges.

On 12 March 2019
I went to see an orthopaedic
He asked whether there is any numbness
Definitely no...
I had to undergo a physical check up and an x-ray...
Hmm....frozen shoulder?
Accordingly I have to take the medication to relax my muscles...koyok 🤣🤣, myonal and cerebrex

And undergo physiotherapy session
Here was my first session for one hour...
Arm exercises, vibration and ultrasound....

However, if both treatments do not work
He will give me injections

Unfortunately, for two nights I was surfering with back pain, whole arm pain, arm pit pain, palm numbness and burning. I can't even sleep even though the the medicine suppose to cause drowsiness.

But the comsultant noticed the SWELLING
So he suggested to me to go for another check up....

On 14 March 2019
I went to see my workplace's doc
As expected she said nothing there
I requested for reference letter...
In her notes...
no swelling/mass
But there is a MILD TENDER
So I better see the pathologist
And get the report

I even noticed that this week I had difficulty in tying my hairs...
Anyway, Alhamdulillah less pain....


Peringatan, Ujian atau Balasan

Thursday, March 21, 2019

When people leave me ...

When I met one of the staff here
I said I feel sad...

Last year
One of the staff that quite close to me
were transfered to another department
This year
my close friend will be leaving
So I remind that staff
If she wanna move some where else she should tell me earlier

Her words really touched me
She won't apply for any exchange
Unless she is transferred

Just leave this emotional mode...

Here was my lunch today...

I feel a bit haywire
So I cant clear my office table ...
Just submitted my MC and other supporting doc to cancel my leave to the clerk...
Owh..I traced out the last 5 years email
And asked about the appreciation token...
They might overlooked my name 
Or I am not eligible to get it due to my absent...
Whatever it is they should be fair to all
I spent most of the time to contact and set appointments with customers from various level for next week...

I learnt something today as well...
If you have ANY DOUBT on something:
- to find any previous related info/doc
- to ask around to get the clear pics of the situation
- to confirm it with whoever person in charge 
- about what people might think of your action

I left office after 7.30pm
So should take my medication 
And get to bed early....

Dapat apa yang dihajatkan sekaligus

Last month ...
while chit chatting with my friend
No matter how happy she was
But she could not deny the fact that she is worrying
When she got everything that she wished for so long on 3 SUCCESSIVE years....
In 2017 she met her spouse
In 2018 she welcomed her first bundle of joy
In 2019 she got better job offer

Again I heard the same line
But definitely from other person
with different stories

After what she have been through
This year her wishes were granted at A TIME
A funding for her project
Good customer

I learnt many things here

Got nothing is a test
Got everything is also a test
Sadness is a test
Happiness is also a test
Failure is a test
Successful is also a test

Never ever give up
Keep on making effort
Keep on praying
Keep on believing
The most important thing is be grateful...
And never ever be arrogant whenever you are at the top


Seriously I don't understand
The person in charge has made a reminder
Priority for those who has less customers
And do not hold any high position
Unfortunately there exist selfish people
Who didnt meet the criteria and just ignore it
Consequently, the one who suppose to join that is left out...
Due to that someone in average mode have willingly to back off...
But still that selfish people just ignore it

I wonder why certain people is like that
Dont care about orher people
Take other people rights
Isn't it when you are at the top
you suppose to give back?
Help people to be as good as you are?

The same goes about people who always preaches about being a beneficial person...
Unfortunately she does not walk her talk
Willing to rent her property to those who normally we rejected...
I wonder how she gonna 'clean' her property later?
Even I am ok with it as long as they did not disturb me
But others feel unconfortable
Why did she rent it to them in the first place?
Why she has no sensitivity at all?
Why did she rent it when knowing the neighbours feel uncomfortable?
For the sake of the money?

Friday, March 8, 2019


Pagi tadi
Entah apa yg I buat
Sesudahnya pi kerja around 10am

My customer dh tanya where am I
Ye la appointment at 10am
Padanlah muka I kan
Suppose set the good example
But I did the opposite

I love to talk snd listen to my customer
Asking about her overseas training
What she did?
What did she learn?
Still wanna proceed with the same line
or wanna change...
Asking about her future plan
Surprisingly she already have a vision
she is thinking about Japan
What a spirit...
Anyway, I did remind her on several matters
...her project with my colleague
....about attitude...
In this line she should be strong
Not frequently make complaint for every single thing...
Finally here are what I got from her 😍

Then I was in document checking mode
My boss texted me asking about our customer request
To use my team product to one of the top organization
And stopped after 12.45pm to buy lunch
Here was my lunch...

At about 3pm I attended briefing session by the big boss
But need to leave early to monitor my junior customers
At about 5pm me and my partner gave our customers second chance
However sad to say...
Four of my customers left early...
You see this kinda people
We wanna help them
Unfortunately they don't want to be helped
Suddenly two of them turned up
Sedar diri pun ...

I went back to office around 5.30pm
My senior customer is waiting for me
I totally forgot about our appointment
Suddenly one of my junior customer came
Apologising for leaving early
Due to not feeling well...
Hmm it just an excuse
 I just rejected her request
When we gave her second chance
She ignored it
Now she is pleading
As she just left my office
I called her back
And gave her the third chance

Then I continued with my doc checking task
At about 6.45pm
My partner called me
She sound panic
I tried to calm down
And asked my partner to pray for it
Around 7pm we rushed back to that place
It was there
Allah has answered our prayer
Maka, nikmat tuhan yg manakah yg didustakan?
Allah telah lindungi kami
Adakah ini ganjaran atas pertolongan dan pertimbangan kami pada hari imi??

Friday, March 1, 2019

Siapa yang dengki?

Hari ini...
Bila keluar nak beli food
Terdengar kecoh2... 
Mesyuarat luar pintu 😅😅

Alkisah group perasan hebat
Hamboi ke main ya masing2
Mengadu domba pada si senior
Konon mereka kena bash semasa pitching
Yg lawaknya bukan mereka yg buat pitching
Their pengikut yg buat
Apa masalahnya?
Kenapa nak sentap lebih2? 
Si pengikut ok je...
Terasa tu normal la
But be profesional and accept it
Komen utk penambahbaikan

Lantas yg dituduh pun benganglah
Sebak pun ya
Dia Tak bash pun 
Hanya tanya siapakah yg dipetik 
Tapi pengikut tak tahu
 Hanya nyatakan kriteria yg perlu ada untuk tahap itu
 So belum layak lagi
 Tapi yg perasan hebat kata dah ada perancangan Habis kenapa tiada dalam dokumen

Malah yg bertanggungjawab menguruskan dah menyoal siasat...
Diakui oleh yg hadir di hari kejadian
Tiada unsur bashing pun... 

Pulak tu dikatanya itu skop mereka
Merekalah yg tahu 
Orang lain menyibuk kenapa
Orang lain bukan tahu
Hebatnya kamu

I tadah telinga je la ...

Tapi I hangin bila dikata golongan kami dengki
Yalah mereka ada pengikut yg ramai
Hello! Nak dengki apanya... 
Kami tak kejar apa pun
Insya Allah bila sampai masanya akan dapat jua
Kome nak berlari ke terbang ke ...
Suka hatilah...
 Tapi jgn tuduh2
Kami pun tak larat nak handle ramai2
Ko larat ko terima la banyak2
Tapi jgn complain
Jgn pandang hina pd org lain
Tapi fikirlah hadnya juga
Kuantiti vs kualiti
Tapi jgn tamak
Sampai lupa org lain

Lagi hangin bila dikata kami ni takde keroje
Kalau I bengang normallah
Kalau yg dituduh suka bash meletop pun tak hairan
Tapi bila yg penyabar n cool pun melenting
Just because kami tak share apa yg kami buat
Tak bermakna kami takde keroje
Takkan nak jadi macam kome
Apa yg dibuat, semua nak update dlm group

Perlukah kami buat announcement?
Boss dok tanya hal keroje till 12am
Boss dok mesej awal pagi suruh check report
Boss dok kejar till lewat petang
Boss dok call waktu cuti
Boss dok tanya itu ini waktu I shopping memanglah kome byk keroje
Dah kome dan kroni bolot semua
Then jangan mengeluh
Kalau tak sanggup kenapa terima

Punyalah tamak
Sampai org lain takde peluang
Nak buat something new
Dan get new experience

Rata2 berkata they look down on us
Ya la we got nothing
Especially no big project like them
Merekalah yg hebat

Eh! Tak cukup dengan itu
Terbongkar mereka ni tak telus
Pilih kalangan kroni utk sesi pitching juga
Takpun pilih bukan kroni tapi yg lembut2...
I yg mmg sama skop tak dilibatkan
Taulah...I kan strict
Pulak tu tak melalui ketua
Malah dokumen oleh pengikut mereka almost the same
Except location...
Hebat sangat tu 😀

 Malah sanggup menipu juga
 Cakap dgn boss orang lain  tak berminat join program
 Hanya kroni yg minat
 Masalahnya...tak tanya lansung
 Walhal senior/mantan dah remind libatkan semua

So now ...
Siapa dengki dengan siapa???
Siapa yg tamak?
Siapa yg menidakkan hak orang lain?