Thursday, March 21, 2019

Dapat apa yang dihajatkan sekaligus

Last month ...
while chit chatting with my friend
No matter how happy she was
But she could not deny the fact that she is worrying
When she got everything that she wished for so long on 3 SUCCESSIVE years....
In 2017 she met her spouse
In 2018 she welcomed her first bundle of joy
In 2019 she got better job offer

Again I heard the same line
But definitely from other person
with different stories

After what she have been through
This year her wishes were granted at A TIME
A funding for her project
Good customer

I learnt many things here

Got nothing is a test
Got everything is also a test
Sadness is a test
Happiness is also a test
Failure is a test
Successful is also a test

Never ever give up
Keep on making effort
Keep on praying
Keep on believing
The most important thing is be grateful...
And never ever be arrogant whenever you are at the top

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