Thursday, March 21, 2019


Seriously I don't understand
The person in charge has made a reminder
Priority for those who has less customers
And do not hold any high position
Unfortunately there exist selfish people
Who didnt meet the criteria and just ignore it
Consequently, the one who suppose to join that is left out...
Due to that someone in average mode have willingly to back off...
But still that selfish people just ignore it

I wonder why certain people is like that
Dont care about orher people
Take other people rights
Isn't it when you are at the top
you suppose to give back?
Help people to be as good as you are?

The same goes about people who always preaches about being a beneficial person...
Unfortunately she does not walk her talk
Willing to rent her property to those who normally we rejected...
I wonder how she gonna 'clean' her property later?
Even I am ok with it as long as they did not disturb me
But others feel unconfortable
Why did she rent it to them in the first place?
Why she has no sensitivity at all?
Why did she rent it when knowing the neighbours feel uncomfortable?
For the sake of the money?

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