Thursday, January 31, 2019

Aku dan hand sanitizier

Semalam aku ada temujanji ketiga di hospital
A bit frustrated when the doc seemed reluctant to listen to my eyes pain complaint
And did not ask me any question about it
Anyway let us forget about it

Bukan I je sorang pesakit kan
Beggar can't be chooser
Byk komplen kalu sila p hospital swasta kan
Setakat jumpa pakar sekejap
Buat blood test
Masuk camera dlm hidung
Menggigil nak bayar RM800

Yang warded tak sampai seminggu
Buat test itu ini
Dengar pun nangis RM19 ribu
So senyap sudah

Anyway semasa menunggu di farmasi...
Pakcik: Nak nak..apatuh? Dok perati...ingat syampu
Me: Hand sanitizer...pembersih tangan
Pakcik: Owh! Senanglah nak basuh tangan...bunuh kuman. Nanti nak cari jugaklah
Me: Ada jual di pekan...di farmasi

Bila pakcik tu ulang beberapa kali nak cari/beli...
Tak faham2 jugakkah?
Common sense kot...
Lantas ku cabut tali silikonnya
Dan serahkan my hand sanitizer to him
He seems surprise and excited
Dia tak tahu camna nak sangkut tali silikon di begnya..I pun buatkanlah
Alhamdulillah! I am happy with my action and his reaction
Alhamdulillah! I managed to make someone else happy just by giving a very small thing....

Petang tu pi Guardian
beli lah lagi...RM6.00 je kot

Tapi nak gelak juga bila I noticed something
Bukannya original scent but the cammomile scent...
Harap pakcik tu tak digelar pakcik bunga

Sunday, January 27, 2019

A productive weekend ....

On saturday
I planned to do my office work
But ended up doing my creative work
Copy, cut, check online, edit, draw, color
Alhamdulillah all three were completed by 9pm

Eh! Need to act fast
Have to do something
Raised certain issue...
While explaining higlight who should be the priority
So that the unshameful colleague realise her mistake
I should check next week whether she gonna change it or not...

Here was my lunch....

Laksa berdiri 😂😂😂😂

For dinner I just cooked telur kicap and reheat ikan lunak...


Sempat jugaklah tonton telefilem Nabila@Kupu2....Sinar
Not bad...

On Sunday morning
5.30am my eyes were wide open 😅
Tunggu je la subuh...
After Subuh
Bukan nak buat keroje
Tapi pi tidoq 😂😂😂

Dah brekky
Buat checking work

At noon
Baru terhegeh handwashing piles of shawls 😅
Jenuh menyental n memulas
Padan muka
Dah settle cepat2 jemur kain

Nearly 2pm
Barulah nk masak
Tiba2 ayam goreng kunyit bertukar jadi tomyam 😂😂😂

Sedapnya mkn bersama crispy omelete...

Sambil2 tu tengok Nona  TV3
Wah! Ada Terapi Seni bergerak untuk menyelami perasan pesakit...
Melukis, mewarna dan menconteng merupakan ruang untuk ekspresi perasan yg tersirat
Eh! Cik Puan NurBahiyah pula

Tinggi, Ramping, Cantik, Anggun dan Manis orangnya...
Tapi dimanakah Cik Puan Juita Aisyah???
Lama dia menghilang...

Then sambung my checking work
Alhamdulillah done by 5.30pm

Jomlah keluar
Pi cari syampu dan madu
Tapi tak jadi pulak
Pi speedmart je
Dan terbeli

Sampai rumah
Kenalah bersihkan porch
Ternampak pulak mother in law tounge plant yg tumbang...
Perlu cantas, ikat dan replant
Dah alang-alang tu cuci je la porch tu
Hah! Azan maghrib dan dilaungkan masih terkial2 menyental...

Here was my dinner

And my snack 😍😍

At night
Long list of things to do...
Drying clothes
Washing dirty dishes
Another checking work
I ended up watching Nana dan Jam Atok
And updating this blog 😅😅😅

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Friday is memorizing n eating day

On friday morning
After several attempts
Finally I memorized one surah
Only short surah
But you know...
It is hard to memorize anything at this age 😅

I got a meeting at 10am
To edit and finalized on something
As expected someone acted annoyingly
No matter how good you are
No matter how correct you are
That strict voice tone was so unrespectful
Especially to senior...

When I voice out on someone's work
The good thing she checked it
But guess what?
So synical words...
Pandainya si polan buat sendiri...
Si polan tu hanya buat 1/50 from what I did
And you tend to closed eyes on what I did?

When I expressed my concern on protection issue
That we should be careful with it
She thought I want her to do the task
Hello sis!
Dont you know the difference between raise our concern and ask people to do it?
Eh! Kata hebat sangat 😂😂😂

As expected another someone seemed to conquer everything
And forgot who the main player here
But I was ok with it
After my contribution was almost 70% of it
Whatever it was
Our mission was accomplished...

Here were my lunch and kuih for afternoon break...

What Sugar?
What Carbo?
What High calories?

Actually my break only to eat
Not to rest whatsoever
Even though lunch break on friday is two hours...

Guess what I found online?
That annoying colleague
Claimed that she is one of the main player in our work ...
Hello! There is a difference between a player and a compiler...

Around 3pm
I printed the transport slip
Alhamdulillah I met the despatch
And he was about to go to that unit

Then I got a phone call a company
Pulak dah...
Nak surat pulak
So I rushed to prepare the letter
Got my boss signature
Scanned it
And sent it to them via email

After 4pm
I called one department at the city council
All four numbers in the directory were unaswered
The same goes to the operator
I even called the secretary office
Still the same
Finally someone at the mayor office answered
But of course he did not know about that department 😰

I left office after 6pm
Opps...I accidently interupt a video shooting
Wow! Romantic genre...

I bought this...

Oh! NO...
Nasi lemak again....

Friday, January 18, 2019

Therapy in Jungle House ...

Last Wednesday
I made a booking for therapy session in Jungle House
This is due to shoulder, back and underarm pain
Min deposit payment is RM50

I went there yesterday
First I have to register here

Do you see that tree with unique roots?
In her IG Bonda said it costed RM7500

Upon full payment is made
I received the receipt, free meal cupon, feedback form and this free carf....

Then I waited for the pick up to bring me up the hill...
It can accomodate about 7-8 people
It was full during my session
Even on weekdays
Certain people come for the therapy session
But certain just came here to eat ....
Quite nervous to see the steep and snakey road...

Then, I got down here...

And registered to staff under this traditional and full of art house...
Then another staff showed my way to the therapy room ....
Wow!!! Really love to see this beautiful area

Here is my therapy room...

After 2 hours my therapy session was done...
So back to the main building...

Walked to the Warong...

Gave the free meal cupon at the cashier.
I got free sachet of kopi ratu

If we want to order other dishes and drinks we should do it here.
Then gave the cupon to the kitchen staff and tell our table's number.

But for grilled food, bakso etc we should order here

And payment should be made at the small counter behind the pole...

Here was my lunch...

The free meal for that day is gulai timun n fried fish....
Here is the popular dish here...Ikan lunak

RM23 for one set...
Definitely I can only ate one piece and packed away the leftover..

This special fish are marinated with spices and steamed in custom made pressure cooker...
Then it should be pan grilled's tender just like its name and the bone seems does not exist ... it softened during the steaming process...
Taste wise...not bad..
I had high expectation about this fish coz got good review...but only to find it overated
When my family/friend asked how does it taste like...
I said just like fried fish 😃😁😊
Cannot be a food reviewer 😅😅
Yup I know...I am bad food taste tester
After all I guess it based on people preferences
Anyway that air asam really enhanced the flavour of the fish

I took away soto and cendol too...
Definitely I bought frozen ikan lunak for family and friend...

The packs that I bought range from RM12-RM18 depend on the weight...
And air asam is RM1/pack...
Once back at home, store all of it in the freezer.
That air asam... you just have to cut the plastic pack and only reheat the portion that you want only and keep the rest back in the freezer.

Overall, my experience there was GOOD...beautiful scenery and building, calm ambience, good food and polite staff...
And definitely WILL COME AGAIN. You guys should go there...
However, definitely there are room for improvement. Here are my frank comments. Certain of it I have written on the feed back form and returned to them.

1. late reply of whatsapp message from both phone numbers
- these comments come from other customer as well in the IG....

2. Inconsistent response
- the second staff just asked me to check their website. Unfortunately I had difficulty to view the web during using my phone
- the first staff asked me to send name and email to her
(I actually contacted the later first, but she only replied on the next day)

3. No corfimation of booking
- once deposit payment is made I have to fill in the online form for booking verification. But I did not receive any verification
- When I asked the staff via WA, she just asked me to send the proof of payment. But still there was no further feed back
- So I had to send another message on the morning of therapy day. Still no reply
- When I arrived at the registration counter, seems like the booking is not centralized. The staff at the counter had trouble to find my name untill the one who handle my booking came

4. Different therapist from the one stated in the booking email
- At first I was quite dissapointed to see the ypung therapist
- Moreover when I heard her friend supported her and said...takpe belajar
- Aik! Ko charged RM250/2 hours but give me inexperience therapist???
- Alhamdulillah, my therapist seems ok but I prefer the old one compared to the young one
- But she did not ask me what I have been suffering. How to focus on the pain part? So, I had to told her about my problems.

5. Uncomfortable when the therapist stayed in the room when I want to change my clothes to therapy cloth
- luckily she did not stay when I was wearing my clothes back 😅

6. Not suitable questionaire
- Lack of confidential coz we have to write down our name n email address
- How to answer item like Therapist saya kerap berbual? The scale consists of Tak memuaskan to Sangat memuaskan....

7. The cleaning staff at the Warong seems unobservant or her mind is somewhere else
- While I was waiting for ikan lunak, and have yet to eat my other food,  she came to collect my plate without asking ...
- Luckily I managed to stop her 😅😅😅...
- seriously? Didnt she see that the plate and bowl are full with rice and gulai respectively? 😅😅😅
- one more thing I do not like when she put the dirty dishes container on the table...unhygienic...

Kinda proud with my self
While other people went there with family/friends
I went there all by myself...
Yup!!!) me and myself 😅
Totally alone ...
When driving, therapy session and eating
I survived
Mission accomplished

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dikejar dan Mengejar

Hari Isnin
Pagi2 lagi dah baca dokumen
Preparing for the presentation

Tapi bila sampai
Ada orang lagi lewat from me
Dah la masing2 ketua...
Really spoilt my day
Dah la monday blues
Bila tiba their presentation turn..
Material, effort n attitude fail

Then I was CHASED by the clerk
I need to do the evaluation for an application
It was already overdue...
What? Within one week notice
This is my first time doing it
What to comment?
Read, understand and refer here n there
Hah! Hadaplah dari 12.30 to 4pm...

While I was really focus doing the evaluation
My ex-customer dropped by
Hmm...there goes my plan...
Anyway I managed to submit the evaluation by 7pm

At night
My senior colleague invited me to join her project team..
Why not? was my current obsession...

Online shopping
The parcel just arrived on that day
Tqvm abg posmen for your consideration

On Tuesday
I CHASED a staf at a unit
About schedule changing as customer request
But as usual this kinda people never read their email...
We have to be their PA to remind them
So fishy...
What are they doing?
They got a particular unit
Unnecessary unit
Because their work is only on certain time basis ie a week in two months
Not daily...

Then I CHASED people for our work trip
- City Council
- private company/estate officer
As expected definitely there are differences when communicating with these two parties...
Which one is easier to find their main contact number online?
Which one easily to contact without trying so many times?
Without waiting our call to be answered by the operator?
Without waiting our call to be pick up once it's been transfered  ?
Without searching the staff directory?
Without trying so many times to call all three number listed?
Who is patiently answer all our questions?
Who willingly share relevant info without we asking?
Who end the call when we ask her to repeat the address postcode?
Kak I tau you lapar...tapi belum pukul 1pm pun kan...means waktu keroje ya kak.

Once done with this chasing people mission
I focused on preparing the paper work for our work trip. Alhamdulillah done by 7pm. Only need to finalize the committee members and the participants.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Nekad berdetoks diet gaya Soo Winci

I really determined to start this Soo Winci detox diet on Monday. For my brekky and lunch ....

But I had half portion of it for brekky.  And for dinner I had 2 spoon of chickpeas only. Yup no eggs...Believe struggle is real when trying to bite into the egg and swallow it. The same goes for Tuesday brekky and lunch. Luckily the result kept me motivated.
- I lost 0.4 kg from 61.3kg on Monday to 60.9kg on Tuesday morning.
- that kinda brekky made me feel full till lunch hour

And here was my dinner 😂😂😂

Mee kari wantan gitu...
Determination has gone astray 😅😅😅...
Hangat-hangat tahi ayam je...
1.5 hari je bertahan 😰😰

Tu la selagi tak kuat
Selagi susah nak kawal diri
Selagi tak ubah mind set
Ginilah jadinya...

So makan je lah benda lain kan
Asalkan sihat dan seimbang

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Si Peminggir, Si Pengambil Kesempatan dan Si Angkuh

Bila kita dah komplen
Dah suarakan ketidakadilan
Dah suarakan ingin cari pengalaman juga
Tapi pagi tadi
Si senior tetap libatkan orang yg sama
Terasa ingin tukar tempat kerja
Bersabarlah duhai hati

Bila HOU tak tau apa
Kalut bila kena beri respon
Maka semalam kita pun tolonglah
Suggest juga pi lawat lokasi
Pastikan semuanya selari

Bila ada adhoc meeting
Terpaksa tinggalkan kerja sendiri
Tak sempat disiapkan
Akibatnya kos untuk program esok pagi
Terpaksa ditanggung sendiri

Bila kita baru je lepas solat
HOU dah ketuk bilik
Nak juga jumpa
So hadaplah tanpa mekap

Bila HOU tak buat pun ada yg dicadang
Tapi tetap nak cari kita juga
Takkah buang masa kita?
Apapun hadap je lah

Bila HOU tanya kita macam2
Walaupun bengang
Layankan je la
Beri idea juga

Bila meeting
Macam dia tahu everything
Macam dia punya idea
Padahal 90% dari kita
Orang lain mana tau

Bila si perasan muda dan hebat
Tiba2 konon tak tahu pasal ruang
Pelik pulak...selama ni her people guna apa? ada isu pulak
Dengan angkuhnya dan nada menjengkelkan
So dia tak benarkan her people guna
Isu takut hilanglah
Confidential lah...
Maka, yg berselerak tu her peoplelah
Hmm ...awat kami tak tahu

Kalau nak guna elok2 lah
Kan ada rekod
So perlu bertanggungjawab
Hmm...pulak dah
Tak nak bebudaknya kena tuduh pulak

Then kalau ada masalah
Hmm...awat bebudak tu tak cakap
Korang pun awat senyap
Berjuanglah di medan mesyuarat sorang lagi menyampuk
Dah 4 tahun...
Lama tu beb
Hmm...awat ko pun tak cakap
Masa tu aku ada
Kalau tahu
Boleh je settlekan awal temberanglah
Lantikan ko pun paling maksimum pun baru lebihkurang 3 tahun 😂😂😂

Jangan dengar cerita sebelah pihak
Perlu siasat
Tanya bekas pengurus ruang
Ok je...

Tanya pula bekas budak2 dia
Memang guna je ruang tu
So apa yg nak dipertikai lagi

Bila HOU arahkan mereka
I pun hantar gambar lokasi
Untuk mudahkan mereka buat kerja
I hantar juga plan customers
Tapi tersilap antara tahun lepas dan tahun ini
I pun minta maaf
Hmm...tiada respon

Amboi bukan main korang ya
Adab entah ke mana
Mentang-mentanglah sekarang I rakyat marhaen
Takpelah sedekad lagi kot
You will be in my shoes
All the best then 😉

Thursday, January 10, 2019

I am a happy tech user

On wednesday morning
My audience quiet surprise and excited with the tech that I used
Of course there was a connection prob at first
Just as what I expected
Alhamdullillah finally it worked well...
Siap ambil gambar tu once they got the rewards

Then I received return letter
Seriously third attempt also fail
Hmm...I know my customer trick
Then I called him wonder where he is
Warned him what is the consequence
He said wanna discuss with his family
After 2 months he wanna discuss with your family?
What he has being doing previously?
What were our meeting on August 2018 all about?
As expected he claimed he didnt receive any letter...
But hello he received the copy that sent via whatsapp 😀😀😀...

Due to his case
I have to prepare a report
And sent it to the coordinator and the boss
As precaution for any prob later

Here was my lunch...ayam penyet

So spicy sambal 😭😭😭

Then I prepared tech material the for other audience...
This time quite tedious...
Need to print screen, modify images before can be uploaded
Alhamdulillah done by 2pm

Around 3pm...
I have to evaluated certain docs
No matter how tired I am
No matter how blurry my vision is
I have to be strong and complete it...
Alhamdullilah done after 75 mins

Then I got 5pm program
Alhamdulillah everything went well
Just as what I hope for
Happy to see the excited and competitive audiences
The good things was they shared their reward..

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Detox diet gaya Soo Winchi

Berminat pula dengan detox Soo Winchi
2. Kopi
3. Orange
4. Telur rebus
5. Kacang kuda

1. No sugar
2. Boleh tambah spices or milk
3. Boleh tambah sayur
4. 2-3 meals a day
5. Amalkan SEMINGGU sahaja
6. May lose 3-4kg

Tapi orange n telur are not my favourite food

Pagi semalam
terasa nak buat that tea mixture
Jenuh nak menelannya
Tapi confirmlah tak ngam bila dijodohkan dengan cekodok penyek

So detox plan failed 😅
Tapi awat my tea mixture tak sepekat Soo Winchi tea??

Then inform tenants about
- unit checking
- deposit returning
- moving out confirmation

Once arrived at office
Long list of things to do
Whatever it is do the urgent one
-accept new task as an evaluator
-prepare new warning letters
- check booking space approval

But in the afternoon
Many unexpected things happened
I planned to provide food for my customers this weekend
Unfortunately the caterer have baking class 😰
I planned to try out the popular current technology in our line of work
But the loading time was so slow 😭😭....

Here was my lunch menu ...kerisi sambal hijau+veges+bean sprouts

Then, my colleague came and showed her version of document
Need that for reference to be coordinated in checking my customers' docs...
Alhamdulillah I managed to complete my checking task in the late afternoon...
And wrote down relevant data...

Then only I noticed certain distribution figures need to be changed...
Otherwise I am gonna in trouble later...
It was not easy to ensure that the figures are balanced and relevant with other infos..

In between all tasks
I have to remind person in charge about customers certificate
Ponin acik eh...
7pm cecopeklah balik

Here were my dinner
Fried mushroom and tomyam 😍😍😍

Takkanlah tak rehatkan
Kan ku kejar cinta kamu tu wajib...

Dah lewat malam
Baru terhegeh2 nak explore the popular technology
Terkial2 la masuk itu ini
Dah la guna handphone je
Alhamdulillah...done by 1.30am 😍

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Walk the talk....

On friday
No matter how I wanna attend an event as early as I can...
I ended up to come late...

When I was at the main office
My colleague accidently spilt out something about their so called group plan
Not a single one of them opposed to that idea
Be it the senior or experience colleagues as well as the one in top position
To someone who busy with the quote together we are stronger...
Come on...
Please walk the talk
I am really upset with all these craps
They seems to make our unit split apart

Once back in office
I hurried to search for several relevant team feedback in the internet and improve the one that I have been using for many years...
I only stopped working for a while to had quick lunch....

As I was about to send the customers doc to my colleague, I came out with the idea of adding movie inspired images....
Once again, internet is my saviour...
Alhamdulillah  I managed to submit everything to her by 2pm

Then, continue with other task
Yup...definitely we have to follow the rule
Can't avoid from preparing reminder letter for those who against it....

By 4pm I was too tired
And got blurry vision
Really need a rest....
But pile of work to do...
So just went to the toilet and washed my face 😅 ....

Then continue with the rule monitoring task...
Really tedious task and wasting my time...
😠😠 😠
I only left office after 6pm..
Went to pick up my baju kurong
And bought these...

Friday, January 4, 2019

Mission to find cream rolls

On Thursday
I was quite late to office
On last minute thought I changed a lil bit figure in the evaluation form
Yup still huge gap
But intrepretation wise is better

Guess what I spent nearly 4 hours searching for somwthing on the internet using my laptop.
Even though I use various keywords I still can't find it.
I wonder why 😭
How I got it on previous nite using my handphone?
I really stress about this

So better take a break n had lunch...RM3.50 only 😅

Then, continue with the searching task.
Finally I thot of checking my phone history
It seemed that the topic is totally different...
Whatever it is I should be thankful...
Alhamdulillah ....I found it
Good starting point as a reference and should be creative on how to blend it with my customers' project

I learnt my lesson
Whatever it is always remember our creator
Ask for Allah's forgiveness
And seek for Allah's help

Anyway this is my last minute project together with my colleague....
Our mission to find roll creams

Susah okay to find assorted flavours
I almost gave up...
Alhamdulillah I found the choc flavour rolls at the third shop 😅
Wonder why I didnt see them first...
Feel happy coz mission accomplished and I was being fair to all three shops 😁😁....

Here was my dinner and supper

I need energy to continue with customers' project document....
Ke tambah kalori 😂😂😂
Not only searching the internet to find any relevant source,  I had to watch video and write all infos as well...
By 1.30am I was too sleepy to do anything ...