Saturday, January 26, 2019

Friday is memorizing n eating day

On friday morning
After several attempts
Finally I memorized one surah
Only short surah
But you know...
It is hard to memorize anything at this age 😅

I got a meeting at 10am
To edit and finalized on something
As expected someone acted annoyingly
No matter how good you are
No matter how correct you are
That strict voice tone was so unrespectful
Especially to senior...

When I voice out on someone's work
The good thing she checked it
But guess what?
So synical words...
Pandainya si polan buat sendiri...
Si polan tu hanya buat 1/50 from what I did
And you tend to closed eyes on what I did?

When I expressed my concern on protection issue
That we should be careful with it
She thought I want her to do the task
Hello sis!
Dont you know the difference between raise our concern and ask people to do it?
Eh! Kata hebat sangat 😂😂😂

As expected another someone seemed to conquer everything
And forgot who the main player here
But I was ok with it
After my contribution was almost 70% of it
Whatever it was
Our mission was accomplished...

Here were my lunch and kuih for afternoon break...

What Sugar?
What Carbo?
What High calories?

Actually my break only to eat
Not to rest whatsoever
Even though lunch break on friday is two hours...

Guess what I found online?
That annoying colleague
Claimed that she is one of the main player in our work ...
Hello! There is a difference between a player and a compiler...

Around 3pm
I printed the transport slip
Alhamdulillah I met the despatch
And he was about to go to that unit

Then I got a phone call a company
Pulak dah...
Nak surat pulak
So I rushed to prepare the letter
Got my boss signature
Scanned it
And sent it to them via email

After 4pm
I called one department at the city council
All four numbers in the directory were unaswered
The same goes to the operator
I even called the secretary office
Still the same
Finally someone at the mayor office answered
But of course he did not know about that department 😰

I left office after 6pm
Opps...I accidently interupt a video shooting
Wow! Romantic genre...

I bought this...

Oh! NO...
Nasi lemak again....

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