Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dikejar dan Mengejar

Hari Isnin
Pagi2 lagi dah baca dokumen
Preparing for the presentation

Tapi bila sampai
Ada orang lagi lewat from me
Dah la masing2 ketua...
Really spoilt my day
Dah la monday blues
Bila tiba their presentation turn..
Material, effort n attitude fail

Then I was CHASED by the clerk
I need to do the evaluation for an application
It was already overdue...
What? Within one week notice
This is my first time doing it
What to comment?
Read, understand and refer here n there
Hah! Hadaplah dari 12.30 to 4pm...

While I was really focus doing the evaluation
My ex-customer dropped by
Hmm...there goes my plan...
Anyway I managed to submit the evaluation by 7pm

At night
My senior colleague invited me to join her project team..
Why not? was my current obsession...

Online shopping
The parcel just arrived on that day
Tqvm abg posmen for your consideration

On Tuesday
I CHASED a staf at a unit
About schedule changing as customer request
But as usual this kinda people never read their email...
We have to be their PA to remind them
So fishy...
What are they doing?
They got a particular unit
Unnecessary unit
Because their work is only on certain time basis ie a week in two months
Not daily...

Then I CHASED people for our work trip
- City Council
- private company/estate officer
As expected definitely there are differences when communicating with these two parties...
Which one is easier to find their main contact number online?
Which one easily to contact without trying so many times?
Without waiting our call to be answered by the operator?
Without waiting our call to be pick up once it's been transfered  ?
Without searching the staff directory?
Without trying so many times to call all three number listed?
Who is patiently answer all our questions?
Who willingly share relevant info without we asking?
Who end the call when we ask her to repeat the address postcode?
Kak I tau you lapar...tapi belum pukul 1pm pun kan...means waktu keroje ya kak.

Once done with this chasing people mission
I focused on preparing the paper work for our work trip. Alhamdulillah done by 7pm. Only need to finalize the committee members and the participants.

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