Thursday, January 10, 2019

I am a happy tech user

On wednesday morning
My audience quiet surprise and excited with the tech that I used
Of course there was a connection prob at first
Just as what I expected
Alhamdullillah finally it worked well...
Siap ambil gambar tu once they got the rewards

Then I received return letter
Seriously third attempt also fail
Hmm...I know my customer trick
Then I called him wonder where he is
Warned him what is the consequence
He said wanna discuss with his family
After 2 months he wanna discuss with your family?
What he has being doing previously?
What were our meeting on August 2018 all about?
As expected he claimed he didnt receive any letter...
But hello he received the copy that sent via whatsapp 😀😀😀...

Due to his case
I have to prepare a report
And sent it to the coordinator and the boss
As precaution for any prob later

Here was my lunch...ayam penyet

So spicy sambal 😭😭😭

Then I prepared tech material the for other audience...
This time quite tedious...
Need to print screen, modify images before can be uploaded
Alhamdulillah done by 2pm

Around 3pm...
I have to evaluated certain docs
No matter how tired I am
No matter how blurry my vision is
I have to be strong and complete it...
Alhamdullilah done after 75 mins

Then I got 5pm program
Alhamdulillah everything went well
Just as what I hope for
Happy to see the excited and competitive audiences
The good things was they shared their reward..

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