Friday, January 4, 2019

Mission to find cream rolls

On Thursday
I was quite late to office
On last minute thought I changed a lil bit figure in the evaluation form
Yup still huge gap
But intrepretation wise is better

Guess what I spent nearly 4 hours searching for somwthing on the internet using my laptop.
Even though I use various keywords I still can't find it.
I wonder why 😭
How I got it on previous nite using my handphone?
I really stress about this

So better take a break n had lunch...RM3.50 only 😅

Then, continue with the searching task.
Finally I thot of checking my phone history
It seemed that the topic is totally different...
Whatever it is I should be thankful...
Alhamdulillah ....I found it
Good starting point as a reference and should be creative on how to blend it with my customers' project

I learnt my lesson
Whatever it is always remember our creator
Ask for Allah's forgiveness
And seek for Allah's help

Anyway this is my last minute project together with my colleague....
Our mission to find roll creams

Susah okay to find assorted flavours
I almost gave up...
Alhamdulillah I found the choc flavour rolls at the third shop 😅
Wonder why I didnt see them first...
Feel happy coz mission accomplished and I was being fair to all three shops 😁😁....

Here was my dinner and supper

I need energy to continue with customers' project document....
Ke tambah kalori 😂😂😂
Not only searching the internet to find any relevant source,  I had to watch video and write all infos as well...
By 1.30am I was too sleepy to do anything ...

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