Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Detox diet gaya Soo Winchi

Berminat pula dengan detox Soo Winchi
2. Kopi
3. Orange
4. Telur rebus
5. Kacang kuda

1. No sugar
2. Boleh tambah spices or milk
3. Boleh tambah sayur
4. 2-3 meals a day
5. Amalkan SEMINGGU sahaja
6. May lose 3-4kg

Tapi orange n telur are not my favourite food

Pagi semalam
terasa nak buat that tea mixture
Jenuh nak menelannya
Tapi confirmlah tak ngam bila dijodohkan dengan cekodok penyek

So detox plan failed 😅
Tapi awat my tea mixture tak sepekat Soo Winchi tea??

Then inform tenants about
- unit checking
- deposit returning
- moving out confirmation

Once arrived at office
Long list of things to do
Whatever it is do the urgent one
-accept new task as an evaluator
-prepare new warning letters
- check booking space approval

But in the afternoon
Many unexpected things happened
I planned to provide food for my customers this weekend
Unfortunately the caterer have baking class 😰
I planned to try out the popular current technology in our line of work
But the loading time was so slow 😭😭....

Here was my lunch menu ...kerisi sambal hijau+veges+bean sprouts

Then, my colleague came and showed her version of document
Need that for reference to be coordinated in checking my customers' docs...
Alhamdulillah I managed to complete my checking task in the late afternoon...
And wrote down relevant data...

Then only I noticed certain distribution figures need to be changed...
Otherwise I am gonna in trouble later...
It was not easy to ensure that the figures are balanced and relevant with other infos..

In between all tasks
I have to remind person in charge about customers certificate
Ponin acik eh...
7pm cecopeklah balik

Here were my dinner
Fried mushroom and tomyam 😍😍😍

Takkanlah tak rehatkan
Kan ku kejar cinta kamu tu wajib...

Dah lewat malam
Baru terhegeh2 nak explore the popular technology
Terkial2 la masuk itu ini
Dah la guna handphone je
Alhamdulillah...done by 1.30am 😍

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