Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Macam pantun pulak.

This is my conversation with my assistant this morning...

Isn't it just like a riddle?
Who is on leave????
The one who is updating blog at this hour lah...opps.

Gonna miss this....

He dropped a bombshell on Monday afternoon.

Even though ....
he is quite slow in doing work
sometimes he forget my instructions
Sometimes he send email to other party without my consent
Sometimes I catch him playing computer games
Once he carelessly leaked confidential data to a customer
The office looks like a shipwrecks

He is my kaunter pertanyaan.
He is my alarm clock.
He is my printer and photocopy machine
He is my despatch boy
he eases my work.
Sometimes he offers himself to help me whenever I super busy unless I divide myself into two parts.

I am still in the process of learning, adjusting...
And now I have to go thru all the process all over again....

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