Friday, October 30, 2015

Antara quotation dan paperwork.

In dilema...
The customers has requested for a quotation but the boss asked for a paperwork.
How to prepare for a quotation?
I am not into this purchase/financial term let alone prepare it.

On wednesday, the boss instructed us to prepare and submit it on friday morning. But we just prepared for a very simple quotation and tentative on thursday.  I feel unease for the whole day once I read an email this morning. Please tell me who is not feeling guilty knowing that the boss done the work that are supposed to be done by you and he sent the complete paperwork via email to you at 4 am. YES!!!! 4am.....huhuhu feel like to bang my head against the wall. Tapi nanti benjol pulak, dahla dahi sulah isk isk isk.....

To make matter worst, ada makhluk sent email to all this late afternoon stating that me responsible for choosing people in a serial event on certain date. As a result certain people who definitely do not have any common sense contacted me during maghrib asking for an excuse from the event. It really really DISTURB ME. I guess I am not only following order from the boss, but the clerks and colleagues as well.

Now...I am a bit haywired when the second boss planning for a meeting on Nov and I just realised that my schedule is really packed till mid Nov that I have to find the representative to attend that meeting.

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