Monday, October 5, 2015

Menu sihat

Semalam, terdetik di hati to eat healthy food. So, I had leftover roasted lamb and sautee soft tofu for lunch. Then, I had jacob hifi biscuits and hot milo for dinner. I think my first day of healthy meal went quite well....

This morning I packed veges, beancurd and kuah pecal for lunch at office

as well as infused water.

But...guess what I had for lunch???
Nasi lemak.
Yes! Nasi lemak...the late morning meeting meal.

I was in hurry to go to office and I ended up leaving my lunch pack at home. That is why the carrot seems really dry...I just snapped the photo once I got home this evening.

My second day of healthy meal turned 360 degrees by buying these for my dinner....

Tu namanya hati tak cukup kuat dan hangat2 tahi ayam huhuhu....

Oklah now dah 8.30 pm...nak tido kejap. Sat gi bangun semula nk buat keroje. Harini memang penat, dengan mtg, melayan customer yang tersalah date perjumpaan dan mengejar deadline data penilaian pelanggan...

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