Sunday, October 11, 2015

Paratha dan sambal ikan masin.

Here is my brekky this morning...instant paratha, sambal ikan masin and leftover kuah kari yg dh 3 minggu hehehe...

Harini konon nk basuh baju, kemas rumah, prepare things to do list and budget planning. Tapi the first one je yg I buat. Yg lain tu sampai ke senja tak buat. I dok mkn/tv/tido/internet.

I guess I am just too tired this week that I am really need a good and long rest...

It was really a hectic weekdays since monday...

Morning-meeting, noon-customer evaluation 1, late noon-evaluation 2.

My day started at 3am by replying my boss email and send reminder email to customer,update material for customer.
Noon-contacting relevant party regarding certain customer who wants exempted from certain redundant courses and about the procedure in dealing with the international customer, remind a staff about her low perfomance-my big boss ask me to do so huhuhu, distribute budget for renovation task to staf, collect all queries from customer and email to my boss, contacting the officer who is in charged with problemetic customers etc.
-ptg-have a look at the potential house.

-morning-asking/searching for potential house,
start with the customer evaluation.
-noon-had to go back home due to migraine.
-night-checking customers' main evaluation.

attending two meeting in the morning with the unit and department, fire incident, handling asian customers in the afternoon and preparing the slide for the boss till dusk. Seram I sensorang di ofis waktu maghrib. Tegak bulu roma semasa berjalan menutup pintu hujung koridor.

Meeting about senior customers project and preparing material for relevant colleagues,pick up my parcel and rushing with evaluation due date.

Finishing all evaluation.
Alhamdulillah by 4pm the last piece is done and by 6pm everything is settled.

Hah!saja catat journal hahaha...senang nk check for future purposes.
Ada yg baca sampai sini????

Fenin pulak bila dengar si rappers dalam konsert AF dok ulang byk kali dan lama pulak tu...."nampak lawa, nampak lawa dia pakai ..."

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