Friday, November 13, 2015

Tak boleh tidur

I got meeting on thursday meeting. Tapi nampak sangat orang tak dengar apa yang I cakap coz lepas tu they bincang that topik. In my opinion each committee member (cm) should handle one activity and each activity should involve people outside the commitee so that the cm wont feel like a heavy burden to him/her. But they want fixed post for all activities.

Second, that committe has many task descriptions. But they want one part of the committee to handle all tasks even though they are not related. Again, they won't listen to me. Hmm buat je lah apa korang suka.

Third, everybody became so calculative and demanding. Whenever I ask them for a favor, they demand for official letter. The funny thing is when they were in my post, they never gave any official letter for certain small task.

Fourth, I just like orang suruhan to everyone. I don't mind jadi kuli boss, tapi ni jadi kuli kerani, pegawai dan colleague juga. They have a copy of a form, so if they want more forms they can photocopy it by themselves. But it did'nt happen like that. One of them interupted my meeting with my customer just to make a complain about that. I have to leave my customer, took the form from them and photocopy it for them. And them it struck my mind...I am the boss, how come my colleague instructs me to do thing that actually she can easily do it by herself instead of making a fuss and came to my office. Then, i just asked the clerk to get more copies of the form and distribute to them.

Fifth,  orang macam nak ajar saya. You kena buat tu, you kena buat ni, you kena buat cepat, you kena start dari sekarang. Hello, you all tahu I sangat busy but you keep on disturbing me. Don't you know what is urgent, what is important??? Yang bulan ni byk nk settle, kenapa risaukan sangat event yg akan berlaku hujung tahun depan. Ya, tahun depan!!!! Bila I cakap perlu tunggu info dari department, they cakap tak perlu coz mmg dah tahu. Bila I tanya how they handle the previous event, apa prosedurnya. you know what they said???? Tak ingatlah.......

Sixth, orang tak percayakan saya. Katanya nak handle that event perlu orang yg kuat. I pun tak hadaplah. I pun tahu kemampuan I. I pun dah ada someone in mind to lead that event. Tapi perlukah highlight benda tu di hujung meeting???? Tu hari khamis. Sebelum ni orang lain pun pernah cakap macam tu.

It was so dissapointing, confusing and maybe funny too. Inilah orang2 yg kata I am eligible for my current post, they will support me...they know I can do it.......
Hmm...dari layak menjadi 'tak kuat'??? or oppose????

Senang cerita orang tak hormat I.
Pendek cerita orang rasa mereka lagi hebat.
Bak kata my x-boss...takpa, saya nak tengok masa depa jadi ketua nanti.

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