Friday, November 13, 2015

If you want it just take it

On thursday, the coordinator told me that one of our colleague asked her to tell me to allocate less customer for certain project. We both totally didn't understand why she made a fuss about that because she knew that the number of new customers is just half of what we have predicted.

In fact we couldn't see why she raised up the issue about another colleague who got one project with less customer. We can't control the number of the customer. Yes we know that currently she has to handle two projects, but did she forget that last time she got one project as well with less customer in compared to others. Isn't it fair and square?

And this morning the coordinator forwarded her message to me...asking the coordinator to discuss with me about another two colleagues projects. And with special note not be discussed in the meeting. Hello!!! Yes, they are handling just one project but the number of customer is huge. She suggested that these two colleagues take over the first colleague project so that the first colleague can handle other project next year. Thanks but no thanks for spending so much of your time thinking about that. After all we definitely got a committee on work planning. Hmmm...if only it just as simple as it sound. This new arrangement will definitely involve many customers, colleagues and departments as well as lots of procedures.

Did she expect me to go into all the troubles in my current super hectic and tiring work schedule just for the sake of her alone???
Why she wants to interfere with my work?
She knew that I have to accept it, not willingly accept it.
Why did she quit from her post if she does not want to be left out?
Why she didn't attend the first meeting?
Why she didn't tell me so directly?
Why currently she bothers about our colleagues project?
Why she did not make a complain and fight for others when them were dealing with many projects and many customers?

These really show how selfish she is, only think about herself and never care about others.
We have tried to provide the best plan and fair to all colleague...But sometimes we cannot control the unexpected thing and satisfy all colleague. Why cant she accept it? It is not the end of the world. Certain colleague had gone thru it. Sooner or later others will face the same thing too.
In fact it can be clearly seen that she is actually has a disatisfaction toward the first colleague. this really about work or personal matter?
Just because someone did not help her once, she has forgotten all the good deed to her.
She kinda close with one of the another two colleagues. Surprisingly she dare to backstab her just for her own sake....True friend wont let her friend go through the same thing as her.....

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