Sunday, August 16, 2015

we will support you lah konon

One issue after another. How can I think fast in a very short time for an issue that involve many people? Luckily my x-boss and big boss suggested few options. Unfortunately, someone was being difficult on my decision last wednesday. I was struggling to convince her and patiently listening to her nagging and argument for more than half an hour.
You cant do that
You should have told me earlier
I have already in my mind that I will deal with that project.
I want this
I want that
I am suppose to deal with 6 to 7 hours only
Owh you cant really follow that
Why not this person
Why not others
It will wasting my expertise
Give it to junior
Can you see my point or not
It will bla bla....
It will sacrifice the quality

What a contrast of what she said last time...."I will support you. Yolah tu...The higher title you got, the more demanded you will be. The more money you gain, the less work you want to do. If you really concern about wasting your expertise, why bother to request for more part time job. Yes...the more part time job, the more money you will get huh...That high payment is never enough huh...

I attend a program yesterday. Instead of just being a guest in the morning, suddenly I have to involve with the activity in the afternoon. Why? Because there is someone who are selfish enough not to contact the commitee of her absent. Later I found out the so called emergency is just a small matter. And me have to rearrange with my weekend plan. It is not that I am not sincere for replacing her, in fact I was happy to see our customer had fun but I cant tolerate with people who are not only irresponsible but burden other people as well. It is funny when a person who often calls other people having hati hitam had this kind of attitude ....

Update 17 ogos:
Last week someone offered to do a task by sharing it with someone else since she got no project next month. But today it turned to be the opposite. As common courtesy I asked her whether she still willing to do it. I was really shocked when she said NO. When I explained to her the situation and about her getting a lil extra 1.5hour work, she argued about doing work for other people. Then I suggested other option if she thinks that it hard for her then the task can be shared by 3 people. She became more difficult and stressed on that we should practise the sharing concept too for other task next year. She said she does not mind to do it as long as it a fair division. So next time jangan tawarkan diri kalau tak boleh commit and berkira. Ko buat orang takpe, tapi org tak boleh buat benda yg sama. What i really regret the most is when people do not respect me....

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